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Once you pass out from school, you enter college and that is the last time where you get to have the time of your life with bunking classes, hanging out with friends, smoking and drinking, with little to no study and somehow just passing out with a degree.

That is where the happy days end and the real period of struggle begins as every person finds out to his/her cost. It is now that they come to know that life is not the bed of roses that they had enjoyed in their childhood.

Once you finally get a job after running from pillar to post, with months of fruitless toil and a lot of recommendations, you start feeling worn out and find that it is beyond your capacity.

Luckily, after some initial hiccups, you start getting used to it and after a certain period, you become an expert in the field and start enjoying work life.

With greater success comes more power and with it come more responsibilities and burden, you start travelling far and wide to make from one city to another at frequent intervals with the airport and plane becoming a sort of second home.

When coming to a new city, begins the hunt for motels/lodges to spend days during your stay.

Consumer Epic website can help you out as it gives valuable information in this regard along with product reviews.

Here are 6 tips to help you choose a good motel:

  • Research for the best motel list online and choose as per preference
  • The basic amenities like food, water, room etc. are a must
  • The motel should have its own official website with all the details
  • The lodge should establish its location so that it can be tracked
  • You can browse reviews on websites like make my trip and consumer epic
  • Make sure the motel is up to date and in sync with current times

If you’re a creative writer with aspirations of blogging, maybe its time to combine your efforts and launch your very own fictional blog. Fictional journals have become a niche topic in the novel markets, but today’s contemporary times call for something a little different; a fictional blog can be a chronicle, journal, and or just a log of a character you’ve developed. Your audience can tune in to find out more about your character and explore their world from a fresh perspective!

Many writers choose to write a fictional blog as an outlet for character development; it’s easy to understand why blogging can be so valuable. Imagine creating a fan base of your fictional character, and then turning the stories into full-fledged novels. Before you begin with your fictional blog you can take help from google search bot to get you more audiences. This way you will get a huge reader base as you start with your blog.

A fictional blog can set the stage for a brand new opportunity in fiction writing and character development. Let your creative writing skills turn full force with these tips on writing a fictional blog:

  1. Host on an attractive blog site. Top picks include or Pick something that complements your character’s personality and style.
  2. Outline your story. Just as you would map out your storyline for a short story or novel, it’s important that you have some general direction for your blog. Here you’ll need to develop a core plot or theme, basically a story arc about what will happen to your character and the situations and events that will comprise their days.
  3. Choose a character that speaks to your personality. Remember, you’ll be the one nurturing and developing their role, persona, and general outlook. This is your chance to create something unique to you, and it will be much easier to write with an authentic voice.
  4. Know your market. Developing readership may involve some research for similar blogs or websites; promoting your blog through different channels (MySpace included), will help you draw the right fan base. You can find out about online communities, blog networks, and fiction enthusiasts on networks such as Google Groups.
  5. Work on creating a fictional world. Your fictional blog is a window; a window into a world you are creating through the art of storytelling. Use as many writing and visual tools as possible that help you create the image, and let the blog posts flow. Consistency will give you an opportunity to really create the setting for your entire piece.
  6. Learn to create a strong point of view sequence. This is an essential component of your fiction blog, and will keep your readers absorbed for months and months. This may take time to develop, and depending on your character development skills, it can be challenging. Once you capture this voice it will be much easier to move through each posting with ease.

A fictional blog can be a great outlet to flex those creative muscles! Adopting or creating a character, and then developing their journal and perspective might just be your next opportunity in creative writing.

An effective fitness plan is 30 percent exercise and 70 percent diet. If you want to work out like an Olympic class athlete, then you need to eat like one. At five meals a day (smaller portions of course) comprised of nutritional foods, the price tag can become very steep very quickly. As a college student, I don’t have a lot of money to throw around so I’ve developed a few tips and tricks that I’d like to share with you. These will help you stay healthy and work towards the body you want without breaking the bank. The following post is the appropriate explanation for the pertinent question what is crazy bulk ?

Stick to the basics – This is easily the most important piece of advice I can give you. A lot of snacks and processed foods look tempting, but offer little in the way of nutritional value. Eggs, whole wheat bread, milk, yogurt or cottage cheese (if you’re feeling brave) are great sources of protein and carbs, both of which are required to support the body of an active individual.



Get creative – Just because you’re sticking with the basics doesn’t mean your meals have to be bland and unsatisfying. Get creative with your recipes so that eating is more enjoyable and less of a chore. You don’t want to get burnt out on your new health oriented diet. A personal favorite of mine is omelets, egg white or otherwise. I enjoy experimenting with different types of cheese and fillings along with seasonings.

Stick to the outside – This was something I didn’t pick up on until I started consciously trying to bring down my grocery bill. The healthiest food in the store is located along the outer edge. Typically when you walk in and follow the perimeter you’ll see a produce section, dairy, meat, deli, and bakery. All of the essentials are there and you barely have to set foot down any of the aisles. The aisles are where they advertise all of the processed products from the big name companies. Barring the deli, all of the food along the edge is typically very affordable and easily falls into the realm of a student budget. This is also where you can find frozen foods that haven’t been pre-prepared; these are typically far less expensive than their ready-to-cook counterparts in the frozen food aisles.



Stay away from Supplements – As someone who uses them myself, supplements are nice to have but they come at a pretty hefty price. When money gets tight these are the first thing I cut from my regimen. They don’t typically accomplish anything that proper diet, rest and exercise can’t accomplish on their own. Though if you can afford it, I do recommend a multi-vitamin, you may not be getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need on a daily basis and this will help ensure that you stay healthy.

These are just a few of the rules that I follow when shopping on a student’s budget. Just because you have shallow pockets doesn’t mean that your health has to suffer. I hope that some of these tips can help shed light on a grocery budget that works for you. Work hard, Play harder, and eat right.

Summer break is coming soon and for working parents, the nightmare begins. Leaving your child home unattended is a scary thought to many parents but sometimes there doesn’t seem to be any options.
Here are some tips and ideas on how to get through summer break and keep your 12 to 14 year old safe.

Make rules and stand by them. A young teen is likely to sleep away half the day if no one is there to insist that they get out of bed. Have a pre-determined, reasonable time that you and your teen agree upon that he or she is to contact you whether by phone or text. If they do not get out of bed follow through with taking away privileges.

Assign chores for your teen to do during the day and if they are completed, give them an allowance that they can use for movies, roller skating or other activities with their friends.

Speak to the parents of your teens friends and see if there are any programs that you can sign them up for. See if between the two of you an arrangement can be made for carpooling. Getting your teen out of the house and involved in an activity will help to keep him/her out of trouble.

Know who your teens friends are and what their parents work schedules are like. If you feel strongly about not allowing your teen to either have friends over or be at a friend’s house when no parents are present, be firm about enforcing your rules.

Consider hiring a “buddy” for your pre or younger teen. A 16 or 17 year old who can hang out with your teen a few hours a day to swim together, go to a local park, mall or library can be a good influence and will keep your teen from just hanging in the house playing video games or surfing the Internet.

Try to take some time from work to do day trips with your teen. If you cannot get a weeks vacation or cannot afford to, maybe taking a day or two will fit better into your schedule and budget. Do something together that you both can enjoy. Offer to bring a friend along to make it more enjoyable.

Pre and young teens can often be self-absorbed and have a hard time understanding that parents do not have the luxury of a summer break. Allow your teen to have fun but keep in touch with any plans they might make. To avoid extra stress, confirm with your teen’s friends parent when they make plans to do things together. No teen is perfect and just as young children test their parents, teens test their parents by trying to get away with things from time to time. In order to keep your teen safe you need to keep in contact and ask questions.

You can provide a safe atmosphere for your teen over the summer while you are at work. The key is to insist upon communication and adhering to the house rules of behavior.

Parents are basically keeping their children in a daycare centre in order to prepare them when they go on to have children of their own someday and wear the mantle of parenthood with pride.

The traditional poker party with cigars, beers, and peanuts is out the window. The ladies love a good game of Texas Hold ‘Em just like the gents but we require a little refinement in the dining options. This ladies poker event will bring a little class and excitement to your girls only game night. This is quite a popular event among the ladies to host or be a part of Poker game night. But if you need to practice you skills and improve them before he real game you can visit xe88.

A classier poker night means a different sort of menu. While the basic peanut and pretzels menu takes a hiatus, doesn’t mean that the finger foods in general have to say “bye-bye”. Women have sophisticated palettes so our finger food has to mirror such. A bruschetta is also a crowd pleaser. It’s easy to make and it’s not so messy.

Basic Bruschetta

1 French Baguette or a similar Italian bread

6 whole canned tomatoes or fresh tomatoes (water your preference but will turn out differently

6 basil leaves

2 cloves garlic, peeled

olive oil

Slice baguette in to small bites pieces and coat one side with olive oil. Place slice bread in oven or grill olive oil side down until slightly golden and toasted. Chop tomatoes and basil and mix in bowl with about 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Once the baguette pieces are removed from the oven and rub both sides with garlic. Top each of the baguettes, olive oil side up, with the tomato and basil mixture. Remember there is freedom in recipe you use. To add a little flair add a little mozzarella, shredded on the top of whole under the tomato mixture.

Scallops Wrapped in Bacon

Large Scallops

Thinly sliced bacon

Olive oil


Wrap each scallop with a slice of bacon and hold in place with a toothpick. Place wrapped scallops on baking sheet a drizzle with olive oil. Place baking sheet in broiler for 10 to 20 minutes, turning each of the wrapped scallops at least once. Wrapped scallops are ready when bacon is fully cooked. For added spice, offer a Chipotle Dip. Takes 1/2 cup mayonnaise and 2 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce and blend with 1 tablespoon of the adobo sauce from the chipotle peppers. Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce can be found in a can at your local grocery store, Goya is an excellent brand. Make sure all the ingredients are blended until the are smooth dip. If you want a more simple recipe, try purchasing Irvine Spices Specialty Chipotle Chile Powder and mix with mayonnaise to taste.

While food is very important to any event, the drinks can make or break any special night. Cosmopolitans and Martinis should definitely be the drinks of the evening. The basic Cosmo contains: 2 ounce vodka, 1 ounce triple sec, 1 ounce lime juice, 1 ounce cranberry juice. Shake all ingredients with ice in a shaker and strain into a glass. Garnish the drink with a lime wedge or orange peel. The Classic Martini goes hand and hand with our party’s theme. If it’s good enough for James Bond, it’s good enough for upscale poker party. The recipe includes: 2 1/2 ounce gin and 1/2 ounce dry vermouth. Stir ingredients glass, unless requested otherwise serve with ice in a chilled glass. Add an olive or a twist of lemon for garnish. If the classic martini doesn’t fit your girls try the Apple Martini: 2 ounces Sour Apple Schnapps, 1 ounce Vodka, 1 dash Sweet amp; Sour Mix. If your not in the mood to deal with mixing drinks all night and you’d much rather enjoy the party, you can still have a theme with you drinks. Keep away from beer, domestic or imported. If your not gong to make specialty drinks for the party, you should keep Red and White Wine handy for the evening. If your guests are liquor drinkers, keeping their favorites close would certainly be a hit. No one knows your girlfriends better than you.

The décor of our Ladies Only Poker Night will bring all of the elements of our party together. Remember when decorating for your party, Green felt for the table is a must but adding it to other areas of the room will definitely give it a casino feel. Extra chips to adorn the room, make sure they are clearly different from the chips you are playing with. Large Martini Glass vases are available in a variety of sizes you can use them as additional décor fill them with candle, chips, or dice for additional ambiance.

Customized poker chips and playing cards will add a creative feel to you décor and could double as favors for your guests. offers cool customized poker chips under there Vegas themed wedding favor selection and provides some “girlie” custom playing cards. Surf the net, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find.

These are just a few ideas to help spark your creativity in creating your poker party. Just remember the whole night is about bonding with your girls and having lots of fun. Whatever you eat or drink should be about what best represents you and your friends. Enjoy the night and prove to the boys that this one more thing we can do better than them.


The Eureka 3670G Boss Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a sub $100 vacuum and was meant for quick vacuuming around the house. The design may lead you to think that this is a bagless vacuum where in fact it is not. The vacuum is well built despite its low price.

Now, let’s discuss the good points of this vacuum cleaner, shall we?

– Good suction power

The Eureka 3670G vacuum cleaner has plenty of power to clean hard surface floors and also low pile carpeting. Even when the bag is almost full it still packs enough suction power. In terms of long standing duration, its only rival is the bosch staubsauger .

– Small and lightweight

Having a small and lightweight vacuum cleaner is very handy. You can clean plenty of rooms or even the whole house, while hand-carrying it with you, with small effort. And since it’s a small one you can easily store it in a small cupboard.

– Long power cord

It has 20-foot power cord so you can vacuum a large area without constantly plugging and unplugging the power. The power cord is not retractable which is not a surprise. I doubt there are vacuum cleaner on this price range with a retractable power cord is not exactly an easy task.

– No-hassle dirt bag

Changing the bag is very easy. The bags has flip cap made from cardboard which helps in keeping the dust from pouring out when you change it.

– Useful accessories

There are extra brushes plus a long handle to clean corners and high places. There are also blower port which comes handy for cleaning computer CPU casing and deluxe floor brush to clean bare floors.

– No excessive heat problem

When you use it for a while it does gets warm but still cool enough to carry on your hand.

Now that the good points are covered let’s move on to the bad ones.

– Not for carpet cleaning

The Eureka 3670G Boss Mighty Mite is certainly designed for vacuuming on hard surface floor. When you use it to suck the dirt from carpets it left too much dirt on the carpet.

– It’s loud

It won’t bang your eardrums but if your kids are taking a nap you may want to postpone vacuuming their room until they’re awake.

Non HEPA filter

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is a life saver for people with allergies. It makes sure the air remain dust free when you’re vacuuming the floor. Considering its low price it is really not a surprise if this vacuum cleaner isn’t equipped in HEPA filters.


If you have a small house or an apartment with hard floors or some light carpeting the Eureka 3670G Boss Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum is a good choice. It’s lightweight, hold enough suction power and great for spot cleaning.

If you are planning to start a business on roof repair Overland Park then you must follow commercial roofing because it generates more leads than residential. The commercial roofing business is profitable when you use the correct materials and have the correct legal papers. There are many things that you keep in mind if you want to prosper in this business.

The most important that matters in this business is what type of materials you are using for roofing. Most roofing companies use seven types of roofing materials but among them Thermoplastic Polyolefin and Tri- Thermal Roofing are the best. So use the best roofing material to reach out to more customers. Your workers must be well trained and certified because if they are not well trained your work will not be up to the demand of the customer and it will prove your company less efficient than your competitors.

You should also have insurance for every worker that works for your company when an accident happens in a work zone the work will have to face huge amounts of bills in hospitals and its where the worker insurance will show its importance. To make good progress and reputation in a small time in your roofing business you must have all the papers. In local permits, you must have the building permit, zoning, and planning. Your state’s Legal department will help you with all permits’ legal papers needed to run the business smoothly. You must also apply for the license and different certifications that you will require to start the business. You will be able to get all these papers from your state’s department of business regulation.  The state in which you live might require to obtain more papers than other states.

These are just some of the tips that you should follow if you want to run a profitable, stress-free commercial roofing business.

The planet earth consists of two types of living beings: humans and animals. They are very different in their lifestyle and thought process while maintaining a fine gap of being similar and different at the same time.

Humans are also considered a more ‘knowledgeable’ variation of animals as they have the tendency to use their brains in a calculated and risk free manner and can communicate in the form of relevant speech to convey their emotions.

In stark contrast, animals communicate with each other and to humans through the sound of their voice that is unintelligible to normal people but deciphered easily by experts in the field.

There is a difference between being ‘well trained’ and ‘well educated’ and this is why humans owe their dominance over animals as they are from the latter brigade while animals are in the former.

Small children have toys to keep them company and in houses and amusement parks during outings. They tend to enjoy the rides of fun land more than the parents as it is their first hand exposure to the outside world while this is no new thrill for their mum and dad.

But animals cannot enjoy this aspect as they are trained to be domestic by humans and the wild ones have are dangerous and uncouth due to being untrained.

Lets take the example of a horse. Will it be able to enjoy the bouncy castle in a similar manner as humans do? No, because it is a four legged animal and one wrong step on any slippery slope incites him with a fear of falling down or even worse.

One unstable footing and slip up on the bouncy castle will be enough for him to try to escape from it and when unable to do so will resort to desperate measures.

Animals, in a desperate state of trying to achieve their goal or escaping, are the most dangerous and can provide harm to human life and property.

Up until recently, the only way to download Nintendo DS demos is from certain download stations set up in retail stores. With the release of the Nintendo Channel on the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS gamers can now download Nintendo DS demos straight from their home. Here is a tutorial on how to download Nintendo DS demos on the Nintendo Wii.

Step One: Requirements

  • The following is needed in order to download Nintendo DS demos:
  • Nintendo Wii
  • The Nintendo Wii will have to transmit the Nintendo DS demos onto the Nintendo DS.
  • Wi-Fi
  • The Nintendo Wii will need to connect to the Internet in order to retrieve data to transmit Nintendo DS demos.

Step Two: Downloading the Nintendo Channel

From the Wii Menu, navigate over to the Wii Shop Channel. Click on it and then click “Start” to launch the channel.

Once in the Wii Shop Channel, click the Start Shopping Button and then navigate to the Wii Channels section. From there, scroll down to and select the Nintendo Channel. Click Download (don’t worry about losing your Wii Points, the channel is free). Click “OK” and then “Yes” to start the download. The Nintendo Channel has a download size of 123 Blocks; so make sure you have enough space for it.

Step Three: Navigating the Nintendo Channel

Head back to the Wii Menu and select the newly downloaded Nintendo Channel once it finished downloading. Go launch the Wii Shop Channel the same way you launch the Wii Shop Channel. A short video will being to play once the channel is ready.

Click on the “To Video List” button to close the video and bring up a menu. After that, choose the “Find Titles for You” option. You should see the “DS Download Service” section at the bottom of the list.

Enter that area to find a list of available Nintendo DS demos for download. Click on the one you want to download to the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii will then automatically prepare for the transmission.

Step Four: Transmitting the Nintendo DS Demo

Now turn on your Nintendo DS and select the “DS Download Play.” Press the A button to enter the mode and the Nintendo DS will automatically look for software to download.

If you already configured everything on the Nintendo Wii portion, the Nintendo DS will pick up the transmission from the Nintendo Channel. Press the A button to select the Nintendo DS demo and A again to download. Once the download is done, the demo will launch automatically.

Congratulations you can now wear your geek clothing and enjoy your Nintendo DS demos. Keep in mind that once you completely shut down the Nintendo DS, the demo will disappear and you will need to download it again.

There are many hot-button topics that are relevant to millions of people, have two starkly divided views, and each side is represented by a notable portion of the crowd. One of these issues is video game violence and, more specifically, its potential link to child behavior.

But why is this even a consideration? Yes, we know plenty of people under 18 years of age play video games and, yes, we realize that many of the available titles are violent in their storyline and gameplay. Why this matters, though, relates to three primary theoretical effects: Making violence seem appealing, decreasing the stigma attached to violent acts, and making acts of violence easily attainable.


Every video game in existence has some form of competitive engine, where certain results are rewarded and other are penalized. For some options, it may be a scoring system where a high score is indicative of success; for others, it may be a series of levels or achievements that must be achieved in a linear order, often with increasing difficulty.

The problem that many people see with video game violence is that, for what seems like the majority of titles, it is rewarded in the game world. There is, in fact, an entire genre called the first-person shooter that focuses on the ability to most efficiently and effectively kill other players from a first-person, weapon-holding view. These titles are, overall, wildly popular and reward the act of murder, often in gruesome or gun-related fashion. This can confuse a child, or even an impressionable young adult, into the subtle belief that violence is good and worthy of reward. Although they are often told otherwise by other people and the media, the fact is, what happens when video games become a more pervasive and trusted stimulant in their life than more positive sources?

Thing is, there are video games which minimize such reward effect to violent behaviors. Some DOTA experts, for example, offers dota 2 mmr boosting services. This lets player achieve wonderful boost without going through too much violent stuff.


Many statistics have been tossed into the fray by various groups in an effort to build a case against violence portrayed in media. Often, claims are made about the specific amount of violent acts viewed by children as they grow up, and the number of violent acts directly participated in through video games.

While the exact figures can be endlessly debated, common sense tells us that it does stand to reason that repeated exposure to an element reduces its ability to shock us, and thus determine a differing course of reactionary behavior. In other words, if a person grew up without ever seeing violence in video games, then suddenly watched a realistic on-screen murder for the first time in their teens, they would probably be horrified and turn away, not wishing to witness the brutality. But this is the exception nowadays, rather than the rule. In which case, does it not also stand to reason that a lack of repulsion to violent acts would increase the likelihood of real-life participation? If violence sickens an individual, they will be dissuaded from pursuing it. If, however, they are no longer sensitive to its negative effects, what incentive to they have to avoid what they view as a behavior that is rewarded?


Even within the issue are smaller, nested issues, such as the modern-day prevalence of teenage violence in certain areas, or the arguably overly widespread availability of handguns in America, or even the gradual erosion of morality in modern society. How these smaller issues tie into video game violence can be tricky or intractable at best, but these are the fronts on which the ethics war is fought: The elements of culture that allow a young video game player to go from merely viewing violent acts to enabling the possibility of living them out in the real world.

Regardless of any personal belief in the extent to which video games define child behavior, the gaming scene should be treated as any other, from a parental and development point of view: It should be examined case by case, child by child. Some children can enjoy an amount of violence in their mix of video games without any ill effects; with others, it is possible that they are more sensitive and susceptible to their actions being defined by their gaming experience. As the debate rages on, one concept should be agreed upon: Parents, and other figures in a child’s life, should be serving to provide children with positive aspects of their life, and wisely educate and influence them to becoming self-sufficient, independent, mature adults of their own.