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Getting a well-muscled physique is a goal a lot of guys (and even some girls) aim for. In this article, I’m going to try and show you a few steps you need to take in order to build muscles quickly. It really doesn’t matter how skinny you think you are, because the fact is everybody, no matter how skinny, has muscles, and I’m going to try and show you the most important steps you need to take in order to grow your muscles into massive size.

Step 1: Eat The right Foods

Chucking out junk foods from your diet routine is a must if your are really serious about getting heavy muscles fast. The kind of foods you really need to feed your body are protein-rich foods like chicken, steak, and pork. Also make sure you eat lots of carbohydrates. Then last of all eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can, because they help to keep your body in prime condition.

When it comes to building muscle mass, carbohydrates and protein-rich foods are your body’s building blocks.

Step 2: Take Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements are great for helping to provide your body with the extra nutrients it needs in order to build muscle mass. In order to accelerate your muscle building progress and supply your body with the extra protein it needs, protein shakes are an excellent option, as they also help to repair torn muscles. Supplements like Testogen are also effective in providing support when building muscles. You may check Testogen review 2020 online for more information about the product. 

Step 3: Workout . . . Intensely

This one’s obvious, but some people seem to think that they can build muscle just by taking nutritional and muscle building supplements. In order to build muscle, you MUST work out heavily, its something you just can’t avoid. I mean you can take every single nutritional and muscle building supplement on the planet, but if you don’t actually carry out intense workouts, you are merely wasting your time.

A lot of guys want to burn fat, and build muscle, but are under the mistaken impression that if they’re ever going to successfully build muscle, they’ll either have to sign up at an expensive gym, or install a lot of fancy (and costly) fitness equipments in their home, the truth is actually very fat from that, because the fact is you do NOT have to sign up at a gym or buy any fancy equipment in order to start building muscle, of course working out at a gym is very helpful, but if you would prefer not to fork out cash for a gym membership, its not 100% essential.

In order to build massive muscles quickly without stepping a foot in the gym ,the kind of workouts you’ll need to carry out are Body Weight Exercises, as the name implies, Body weight Exercises are workouts where the only resistance to movement is supplied by the weight of the practitioner’s body. some Body weight workouts are even more effective than gym workouts, and if you carry out body weight exercises regularly and with intensity, you’ll end up with the kind of body most guys who go to the gym only dream of.

Here are a couple of body weight exercises you can carry out from the privacy and comfort of your room.

One Leg Balance Squat – 2 minutes or more Squat-Thrusts – 10 reps Chair Dips – As Many as You Can Push-Ups – 10 reps Mountain Climbers 20-40 seconds

If you need detailed descriptions of these workouts visit the following page.

P.S. One of the best books on how to build massive muscles using body-weight exercises only I’ve ever come across is The Naked Warrior by Pavel Tsasouline, a former Russian special forces fitness instructor.

Step 4: Rest

You may or may not know this, but muscle growth actually occurs when you’re resting, so overworking your muscles without giving them a brief resting period is actually counterproductive, and might even lead to injury since your muscles will be overstrained.

So there you have it, a few effective tips to help you build massive muscles fast.So what are you waiting for, try them out and very soon you’ll start seeing changes in your physique.

We live in a strange world where everybody is out to outdo each other at every step and prove themselves as the best. They are quite right in a way as everyone craves attention and a need to be noticed and appreciated by one and all.

But the problem is that many people take the shortcut route to reach their goals instead of working with dedication and commitment and this is where they lag far behind their more able and hardworking contemporaries.

Competition exists in every field but when it comes to good looks, boys and girls fight it out hard not only to look more handsome or beautiful, but when they hear their friend/colleague getting more praises and accolades on their looks, it acts like a trigger which motivates them to work more.

Bodybuilding is one way to get a combination of good looks with a chiseled body but is it safer? Is exercising enough to get that bulky and muscular frame?

People today are extremely lazy and don’t do much to try out hard so they resort to shortcuts like medicines and steroids. But are they safe? Do they come without side effects?

Steroids are the biggest enemies of bodybuilders who want a good body in a short time with little hardwork but they end up biting off more than they can chew.

Truths and myths on steroid:

  • While they are quite effective for a massive body frame, the side effects in the bargain are severe like low sperm count and gradual impotency

  • Drugs along with being severe are quite life threatening and no one knows it better than wwe wrestlers
  • Legal steroids are quite safe to a certain extent as they are licensed and made up of more natural products with testomax being the #1 rated steroid alternatives in Canada from Crazybulk.
  • A myth about steroid is that it is the only thing that works in bodybuilding whereas following a strict diet regime can do wonders that no steroid can.
  • Steroids are considered safe for people in their 20s but that’s not the case where there have been numerous reports of deaths due to overdose

Social media is the use of online communication tools. Through the Internet, social media is a tool that allows businesses to create personal space. Social media allows a business to have a presence online, form a connection to an online community, communicate on certain topics, voice their opinions with people who have common interests. Businesses can create information about their products or services through social media without spending a lot of money.

Social media uses Web 2.0 technologies that allow businesses to communicate in real time. Businesses will be able to post and receive messages within minutes. Social media can be in the form of a wiki page, Facebook page, Twitter or LinkedIn account. For premium purchase, a person needs to Buy Premium Instagram Likes for the profile of the business person. There will be plenty of benefits on the increase of the sale of the products. Proper information should be available about the charges of the followers from reputed sites. 


Social media allows a business to advertise their product or service for the entire Internet community to see. Social media helps businesses reach many people in the online community. Based on how the businesses advertise themselves people will be able to view their social website on the local, state or international level. Businesses can use social media to let visitors know their website exist online and how their company function.

At a small price, businesses can use social media to promote their company. When businesses are involved in social media they are creating a façade of their product or service for the Internet community. Businesses are displaying their merchandise, promoting and displaying their product.

Consumer Connection

Social media allows businesses to connect to a broader audience in terms of how they market their product or service. Businesses can use social media to form partnerships with other businesses. Businesses will be able to place ads through websites that have common interests and send out instant messages about their product or service online to persuade customers to visit their website.

Businesses can create surveys and opinion polls, then display the data on their social media website. Pepsi has begun offering grants to individuals and organizations through their Pepsi Refresh Project. Pepsi lists the grants and ask people to vote. People can vote on a grant idea by signing into Face book or Yahoo. Based on the people’s vote Pepsi will donate money to these individuals or organizations.

Since social media is in real time and information can be retrieved within minutes businesses can see how well they are meeting customer needs. Customers can use social media to communicate directly with the business to express their concerns and make suggestions. Allstate insurance has a twitter account where customers are able to post messages about the company. Based on customer feedback Allstate insurance can change company policies or make adjustments to help meet customer needs.


Businesses can benefit through social media by being in touch with their customers on a daily basis to know how their product or service is doing in the market. Businesses will be able to make changes based on customer feedback. Businesses will also bare witness to how competitors are doing online with their social media outlet.

The addiction to video games is detrimental to a person’s health. Once you start loving and playing video games often, you will spend many hours in front of your computer screen or console. The addiction mainly happens because of multiplayer online games. These games provide a great way of socializing with other people, and players indulge in it neglecting their life. Also, casino games are so addictive and need money to be played if you are interested in such games to visit Https:// .

There are many reasons that cause video game addiction, and one must learn how to prevent it by knowing some tips and implementing them.


  1. Set time limit for every day play

Researchers and health experts suggest that children and adults must not spend more than 2 hours a day on a computer screen. Children who are struggling with playing games too much must try to set time limits for daily play.

  1. Avoid using gaming devices.

If you have a computer screen or console in your own bedroom, you might get tempted all day to play instead of studying or sleeping. It would be best if you made your room screen-free in order to avoid gaming addiction. Try to calm and comfort yourself by meditating and playing other indoor or outdoor games.

  1. Use apps that block your admittance to games

Whether you play on mobile or computer, you must install the browser extensions or apps that block your admittance to games after a particular time. There are some apps that only limit your access while some lock out your device after a set time. Also, you can track your usage of playing games and set time access according to it. It is good to look at the console for a specific period of time, say 2 or 3 hours.

By this time, you might know somebody who does some kind of yoga or you have comes across Yoga Burn 12 Week Challenge Review. Or better yet, YOU might have some specific yoga routine. A lot of people are getting into the habit because of the health benefits of yoga. It has slowly crawled its way to western culture. In particular, the yoga types practiced today in a lot of clubs, gyms, and available in videos are yoga postures or “asanas” that are from Hatha Yoga. But beyond the physical level, yoga is considered a way of living that unites mind, body, and soul.


The origin of the word yoga has a number of different meanings. Its Sanskrit root is “Yuj” which means “to unite”, “to control”, “to integrate” among others. The origins of Yoga can be traced in India and is associated with Buddhism and Hinduism meditative practices. What is now known as a classical science and philosophy of yoga as expounded by Indian sage by the name of Patanjali, who is known today as the compiler of Yoga sutras? While yoga is already considered as old as civilization, it still continues to evolve and is as relevant now and before.


As a tradition and philosophy, yoga is considered a key to personal growth and self-improvement. Hatha Yoga helps achieve a body and mind balanced through the physical poses or Asanas, breathing techniques, or pranayama and meditations. The popular Asanas are positions beneficial for toning muscles, lubricating joints, and massaging the body. There are poses that a beginner can easily learn and there are those that take longer to master.

Beyond improved flexibility, increased strength, and enhanced posture, yoga poses are also alternative cures to asthma, seizure, eating disorder, arthritis, and even bipolar disorder. In weight management, yoga poses can also lower cholesterol, burn calories, and even improve blood sugar levels. It also is considered effective for preventing heart disease and high blood pressure, especially if combined with a fiber-rich diet and aerobic exercise.

Certain yoga poses form part of therapies to strengthen the back, after a spinal injury. It can also help you sleep better.

Yoga meditations and breathing techniques help you commune with nature. It can be regarded as a way to maintain a balanced attitude that can help combat stress, depression, and anxiety of day to day living. In stress management, the precise movements of yoga draw your focus to relaxing situations and away from the chaos. And because yoga increases your stamina, you can cope up with the physical aspects of anxiety.

Yoga postures bring physical as well as mental stability, health, and vigor. But more than just stretching, Asanas are known to open energy channels and psychic centers of the body.

In different facets, yoga helps slow down the aging process. On the physical level, the benefits of flexibility, strength, and posture can do wonders for your skin, muscles, bones, and blood circulation. Overall, yoga can help achieve a strong healthy body that has an increased immune system to combat various diseases.

In a mental plane, achieving that inner peace can relieve a person of stress, depression, and anxiety which in turn can also translate to degenerative diseases

Growing trend

In today’s world, yoga is popularly considered as an exercise routine. There are a lot of yoga routines that fit almost anyone’s preference. There are even yoga poses for pregnant mothers, and there is no age limit for the practice. You can visit a yoga class to see for yourself the yoga concepts and techniques.

There are different classes designed to address different needs. There are those for building strength and endurance, for weight management, and those that aim to unite your body and spirit. Before you enroll yourself in a yoga class, make sure that yoga teachers are certified and that your chosen studio is reputable.

The last thing you need is to stress over your yoga program.

Below we have listed six helpful tips that our readers can use should they want to acquire and use bad credit-credit card s.

Six Tips on Getting Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Consider all the available bad credit credit card options. Before you apply for a particular card account, it is vital that you are knowledgeable about the different types of bad credit credit card s. You need to know what is actually offered in different card programs. Conduct your own online research of the features, terms and conditions you can expect from these cards. You also need to be well-aware of the differences between and among prepaid debit cards, prepaid credit cards, secured credit cards and other card options. This way, you can be guided in selecting the right card program that will suit your needs and that will meet your expectations.   

Consider all the possible methods through which you can get your desired credit card for bad credit. A lot of consumers are only familiar of the direct means of applying for credit card for bad credit programs. However, because of the rapid improvement in technology, there are card companies that are now accepting applications over the phone or through the internet.

This means that you can now choose however you would like to apply for your desired credit card, depending on your situation or work schedule. So, you can select to undergo the lengthy procedure of getting your card from credit unions or banks. Or you may opt to send your card application using your phone or your access to the internet and receive the speedy decision from your chosen card issuer.

Avoid card issuers that give out “too-good-to-be-true” promises. Never believe the seemingly excellent promises and too-good-to-be-true guarantees employed by many card companies. Remember that they only use these marketing gimmicks to attract more consumers to take whatever card programs they offer. And most of the time, they fail to deliver their outrageous offers and promises to their clients.        Get a bad credit-credit card only from reputable and legitimate card companies. Card applicants must also remind themselves to take credit cards for bad credit only from accredited or licensed card issuers. In so doing, they can protect themselves from the prevalent schemes and fraudulent activities used by scam artists to rip off inexperienced consumers.        Shop for card programs that will suit your budget and finances. People with bad credit and those who would like to establish their credit history must take their time in shopping and comparing different credit card for bad credit programs. They must settle only for the card program that carries the most affordable interest rate and fees, the most flexible payment terms and of course the least number of application requirements.

Resist the urge of taking more than two bad credit credit cards. It is never good to apply for more than two bad credit credit card. This is because making multiple card applications can produce a negative effect on your credit history. This activity can cause you to lose more points from your less than perfect credit rating, which will really damage your financial and credit prospects. So as much as possible, apply only for at most two bad credit-credit card s.

Apart from the aforementioned tips, it is always wise to buy cvv2 just to be on the safer side as a bad credit card tends to be a pain in the neck for people who cannot handle the monthly expenditures that it generates and leads to financial and emotional breakdown.

Many internet marketers take the time to create online sales letters and email campaigns, but then forget one important step: testing. All that hard work is useless if the main goal isn’t achieved. What’s the main goal? To convince as many readers as possible to click the buy now button.

One thing I’ve noticed time and again is that many internet marketers are snobbish. Wait now, let me explain. My primary occupation is as a ghostwriter, mostly for internet marketers and webmasters. When it comes to web usability, many internet marketers only care about the latest greatest technology. In other words, if you’re a user with an older or slower computer, then they don’t care about getting your business. For the internet marketers, the cpa marketing will be beneficial for the person. The cost per action will be advantageous for the businessperson. The use of the latest technology will be done with the help of Internet. The results will be effective for increasing the sale of the products or brand. 

It makes more sense to create websites, online sales letters, and email campaigns that just about anyone can understand and follow. You may need to clearly label links with a “click here” graphic. Or you may need to include download instructions for something as simple as a PDF file.

Is testing really important?

Yes, it is. If you want to succeed at internet marketing, you have to create with the end user in mind. The usability of a website plays a major role in buying decisions. An important thing to remember is that people have different levels of computer knowledge.

You may spend a few hours a day using your computer. Maybe you regularly check your email, create websites, use forums, and so on. However, there are millions of people who are only casual computer users. They check their emails once a day if at all, are not interested in creating websites, and spend less than two hours per day online.

When creating a website, sales letter, or email campaign, you should keep the casual computer user in mind. Just because they don’t spend a lot of time online, doesn’t mean they don’t spend money there. The US Census Bureau reported that US e-commerce sales for early 2007 was a whopping $31.5 billion. The amount goes even higher when you figure in non-US sources.

If you want your share of that $31.5 billion, then you have to be accessible. The casual computer user should be able to easily navigate your website, comprehend your message, follow your instructions, act on your call to action, and make the purchase. You can make the process much easier by testing before going live.

Email campaigns

Before launching your next big email campaign, check for usability. Remember, what’s easy to you may be hard for someone else. Get two or three casual computer users and let them test drive your campaign. Most families have a few people who are computer novices, so it shouldn’t be hard to find someone.

Send the testers to your capture page, and let them sign up to receive your email series. It’s important that they follow the steps the same as your visitors will. If any part of the process is unclear, then you’ll know it based on the testers.

Some questions to ask include:

  1. Are the instructions on the capture page clear?
  2. Are all links clearly marked?
  3. Do the testers know exactly what to expect?
  4. Do the testers know to expect a confirmation email? Was the confirmation received?
  5. Do the links in the confirmation email work? This includes the unsubscribe link.
  6. If you provided a download, are the download instructions stated clearly?
  7. Does the download link work properly?
  8. Were the messages in your series sent in the correct order? Were they sent at all?

These are only a few things to consider when testing the usability of your email campaign. Some of them may not apply to your situation. Or maybe you can think of a few more. Just remember to make things as easy as possible.

Online sales letters

Most internet marketers know the importance of a well written sales letter. Your sales letter can often determine if you have a $5000 month or a $50 month. This is another area in which usability testing is important. Once again, you’ll need two or three casual computer users to help you out. They’ll need to view your sales page from the point of view of prospective customers.

The first thing to do before unleashing your sales letter on the testers is get it proofread. Have someone carefully check for careless mistakes, like spelling errors, incorrect wording, weird paragraph breaks, and missing information. It’s not a good idea to proofread it yourself because you know what to expect. Even if a word is missing or spelled wrong, you may automatically see what you intended to write.

When the sales letter is solid, turn your attention to the actual website. Have your testers evaluate the sales letter and website. Some questions to answer include:

  1. Are the images appealing?
  2. Are there distracting elements that draw attention away from the message?
  3. Does the font look good on screen? Is it easy to read?
  4. Is the website easy to navigate?
  5. Is the purchase button operational and clearly visible?
  6. If it’s a digital product, does the download work correctly?
  7. Does the website display correctly on various browsers?

Using the results

Give yourself four stars and a pat on the back if there were no problems with your sales letter or email campaign. If there were problems, make sure to address them before moving forward. If the testers found problems, then other people will too. Remember, you want to get your information across as easily and quickly as possible.

The Witcher game series is ruling the gaming market along with witcher 3 mods all over the world. Based on the novel series the game has an amazing plot filled with action. A sequel to the witcher 2, the game revolves around the protagonist Geralt of Rivia, a mercenary monster slayer and his journey. If you are just starting with the game make sure to go through the basic mechanics and the free form practice first and if you have already played the previous releases, these tips will surely enhance your experience of the game.

  • Summoning the roach:

While you may be tempted to always summon your roach to travel but this may not always work in your favor. This is because of two reasons, one that the roach is slower than Geralt running, and secondly, it has poor navigation skills. Therefore, it is recommended to summon the roach only if the distance is more than the 2-300 paces and the path does not have a lot of hindrances.

  • Last longer in difficult levels:

During the game, healing your wounds first is essential before embarking on another quest. However, do not always use the replenishing items from the cache rather meditate more frequently but for short durations. This will heal the wounds and save the items for later use. 

  • Foreign currency utility:

Many-a-times, looting bodies will result in huge crates of foreign money, however, such money goes to the junk of the inventory. To access and convert the money, go to Novigrad, visit Vivaldi’s Bank and convert the currency into Crowns by choosing the conversion option through the banker. 

  • Alchemy:

As the name itself suggests, witchers are born alchemists. Therefore, to have an edge in the game always keep an eye on the various recipes available in the alchemy tab. You may find a lot of materials of usage in the loots which can be used later for the potions. Hence, master the art and reap the benefits throughout the game.

  • Combat:

During combat, apart from the weapons like swords and potions, combating includes dodging and rolling. It would be preferable to dodge and attack from behind. For Geralt, dodging means to make short and quick moves and rolling means to cover more ground but it would take a lot more time to get back on the feet so choose the movement carefully weighing all pros and cons. 

You should definitely Choose premium mini-split heat pumps to save on energy bills. Aside from the thrift spend, it is also highly-efficient and can save a lot of space in your home. It is most usual if you don’t live in a huge house like some people. Take a look at some of the best mini split heat pumps that we reviewed just for you.


This split heat pump was constructed using galvanized metal with electrostatic epoxy paint. These two ingredients help this air conditioner in terms of longevity. Some of the things that you will love about this split heat pump is that it comes with silence operation and self-clean features, along with refrigerant leak detection and louver memory function. 


This air conditioning unit specializes on ventilation, cooling, dehumidification, and heating. It has chassis electric heater function and is pre-charged with R104-A gas. This enables it to have a line set length of up to 25 feet. You need to watch out for the copper wiring since it freezes constantly. You would have defreeze it from time to time. 


This is a multi-purpose split heat pump system that was built for efficient and effective cooling as well as dehumidification of single zones. In case of outage failures, this air conditioner comes with an auto restart function. You can also expect to eradicate cold drafts with this technology since the fans literally won’t start running until the heat pump has completely warmed up. One downside, however, is that you cannot install this split system all on your own. You will need someone profession who can conduct the technical installation, most preferably a licensed HVAC technician.

Text on a web page would be boring if you could not make it blink or be of a crazy color. If you could not format text there would be no way to show the reader that you were angry or that there was a word or sentence that needed special attention. We don’t think about the formatting of our text or how often we use formatting to add emotion or importance to our typed words. Have you ever been accused of yelling at someone because you accidently left the caps button on when sending an email?

We are used to having buttons or other widgets that format text for us. However, in an HTML document all the red crazy font you try to add to the page will do nothing. This is where the sweet spot comes in. Do you need a website builder? Well, if the answer to that is yes, then you’ve just come to the right place because we’ll be talking about that here.

In an H1 tag, as with all text tags there is a spot between the element name and greater than sign that allows you to format your plain text into all sorts of text variations. Below is a graphic representation of this spot as denoted by the word sweet.


Of course if you copied and pasted that code with sweet in the code nothing would happen. However, this sweet spot can change everything about a line of text. The most commonly used formatting used is to denote text alignment. There are four options that can be used; right align, left align, centered or justified. You may be familiar with these alignment terms from using a Microsoft word type word processor. In order to align text we must use the align code. The align code is expressed like this…


To properly align the text you would replace the xxx with the words “left, right, center or justify.” this code works with all heading tags and paragraph text.

The next most popular formatting tool used in web design is font type. There are several ways you can change the font in a line of text. For this article I will only go over the basic style tag within the text tag itself. That may not have made any sense, but I promise you It will soon enough. First I will go over the style element of a text tag. To add any styling to a text tag you would add it into the tag’s sweet spot as shown below…


All text styling will go where the xxx is. In this case we would add the style element for font. You must make sure that the entire element is within the quotation marks or your site will have errors. Suppose you wanted the “Hello” text to be times new roman font. The tag would be written as shown below…


You can find a list of safe font names to use within the font element by clicking here.

You should read this, as you look at the greatest metal albums, what you’ll notice is that often, they are composed of eight to twelve songs that all sound relatively the same, but on repeated listens, each one becomes unique and stands out (the best examples of this are Immortal, Demilich, Massacra, the first Morbid Angel album, Graveland, and early Emperor). As a collection of baroque pieces or Gregorian chants, it all sounds like on the outside, but each individual piece varies greatly, at least to a trained ear.

This is because good metal, more so than other forms of popular music, is structural music with narrative song forms, meaning that the music is composed of a series of repeated phrases (riffs) that follow each other and interact with each other in ways you’ll never hear in a Britney Spears or Jay-Z song. It’s more complex not only musically, but artistically as well, due to the fact that some form of ideation or ideology often precedes the composition of the actual songs.

Metal isn’t really focused on sounding appealing to commercial tastes, and unlike certain odious trends, it is not about being “different” or “diverse” by throwing in a bunch of random elements, styles, or parts, and feeling smug and “open-minded” for doing so (examples of this? Between the Buried and Me, Opeth, Psyopus, Dream Theatre, Dillinger Escape Plan). Like classical music, it is more focused on actual composition, which is more mathematical/logical and simultaneously more emotional/artistic than most other forms of modern music, which are socially or financially motivated.

You could diagram it like this:

“Heavy” ideas, realistic values, or interesting observations — gt; Musical representation of that idea (or as close as you can get) — gt; Several ideas grouped in logical / emotionally powerful order — gt; Good metal, folk, classical, neoclassical music.

“What most people want to hear” — gt; Familiar musical ideas — gt; Verse-chorus-bridge format — gt; Pop music, hip hop, soul, emo, etc.

So if you want to write good metal songs, there are several basic traps to avoid. For one, music that has nothing to say won’t stand the test of time, no matter how virtuosic or well-put-together it maybe (I’m looking at you, Necrophagist!). Second, if you’re going to form a band, know that metal left behind the verse-chorus format over twenty years ago. And lastly, throwing everything and the kitchen sink into your songs doesn’t make your music smart or artistic, it usually just makes it distracting and ugly.

When you find what you want to say and the media / aesthetic in which you choose to say it, focus on writing the best material you can, composition-wise, and make the music you want to hear – it doesn’t matter if it”s cut from the same cloth as Bathory, or has the exact same product as Incantation. There is nothing wrong with an honest tribute (as long as it offers a new angle and isn’t just a blatant ripoff), and it is perfectly reasonable to stay within the orthodoxy of metal imagery, lyrical topics, and aesthetic values. Because if there’s poetry within them, your songs will be collectively an eternal meditation on the logical architecture of reality and the irrational language of emotion all at once.


What It Means

A serif is a part of a letter, a little flourish at the end of the main part of the letter that can make the shape of the glyph more beautiful and even more readable. More technically, a serif is a foot or cross-stroke at the end of a stem stroke. A serif (or seriffed) typeface is a group of letterforms that all share this property. The serifs are designed in roughly the same way so that the entire typeface has a consistent feeling. Serifs can be thin, wedge-shaped, rounded, arched, blunt, spiky, etc. These variations in serif execution give serif typefaces great variation in look-and-feel and appropriateness for different projects.

What It’s For

Traditionally, serif fonts have been used in print documents. Originally called humanist, these typefaces were breakthroughs in legibility (as opposed to the dense, calligraphy-like fonts used in earlier documents) during the relatively nascent days of the movable-type printing press. These typefaces often have long, colorful histories in printing and publishing, and many are revived for the electronic publishing age. In modernity, serif typefaces are considered best-used for large blocks of running text (again, especially in hard-copy print documents such as magazines, newspapers, and books), for any kind of correspondence, and for dignified ephemera such as business cards. Depending on font size and color, Action Fonts can also be great choices for Web use.

The most commonly used serif typeface for laypersons is probably Times New Roman; however, keeping in mind that every typeface is a choice, even laypersons should take the time to choose one or a few serif typefaces that express their personality and are appropriate for a variety of occasions, from business documents to personal correspondence. To put it another way, would you send in a completely bland, formulaic resume with blocks of text you know would be exactly the same as your competitors’? Then why would you allow yourself to blend in from the start by using the same, boring typeface? A small difference in type can make a large difference in a document’s uniqueness and unseen but deeply felt quality.

Best Free Typefaces

Those among us who are not professional designers need not have a great deal of money or expertise to make sensitive type choices. Free fonts are available everywhere online. Although there are several free-font clearinghouse websites, is very easy for most users to search and surf. Among the free serif fonts available here, two of the best are Day Roman and Roman Serif, both well-proportioned and good enough for almost any use. Browse through the Serif section, and be sure to insert your own sample text to get a better idea of how the font will work for you.

Best Non-Free Typefaces

However, as the grandaddies of modern typography, the classic serif fonts are inimitable and irreplaceable. Although a high-quality free serif is almost always a better choice than Times New Roman, none will likely approach the nuance, grace, and extraordinary provenance of such giants as Sabon, Caslon, Janson, and even well-connected newcomer Mrs. Eaves.

Off the Beaten Path

Now, removing my “type snob” hat, there are some less classical but still tasty and fresh faces available for free. Bodoni XT is a knockoff of a famous eponymous face and is loaded with personality, though probably best reserved for headlines, bullet points, or paragraph headers. Apple Garamond is a playful and slender typeface that stands apart from more traditional choices. Liberation Serif is a strong, solid face with thicker-than-usual, slightly blunted serifs. And any new, interesting typeface that comes out on the market is likely to spawn half a dozen free knockoffs of varying qualities.

The only precaution I can offer is to steer clear of anything that could be described as quirky, cute, fun, or decorative. Those faces are delightful and certainly have their place, but not in long blocks of running text or in correspondence. Decorative fonts are another article for another day.

For now, be sure to have at least one expressive but restrained typeface that would look just equally appropriate in a PowerPoint presentation for your employer, a recommendation letter for your niece, a thank you letter to your neighbor, or a personal calling card to give to anyone you meet. The face you choose will be as unique and as versatile as you are.

A quick note on how to download and install fonts

Downloadable free fonts usually come packaged in a ZIP file. Save this to a folder you will remember. Open the file, and drag the TrueType or Open Type files out. If you’re using a Mac, double click the files and click “Install Font.” If you’re using a PC, open the Control Panel, open Fonts, click File gt; Install New Font, then browse the directory. Find the folder with your typefaces, select the fonts you want to install and click “Install”. Remember to check the readme or .txt files with the face to ensure that your use will comply with the creator’s wishes.