Really Bad Reasons For Wanting To Get Married

“Yeah, yeah – singleness is a gift. But marriage is a greater gift! Don’t you want someone that’s going to be there for you all the time? How much longer do you think you can continue spending time alone? Don’t you want kids? They are the heritage of the Lord, after all! It isn’t good for man to be alone, two are better than one! The Bible says so!”

Sound familiar, single friends?

Even if it doesn’t, and even if you don’t find yourself feeling pressured by those around you to escape your oh-so-wretched solitary situation, there are pressures that rise up from within yourself.

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Gay Pride: The Pain Before the Pride.

Pride is sin, no matter what kind of form it takes. Gay pride included. What I don’t want to do in the things I’m about to write is give anyone the impression that I am in some way trying to soften the idea of the sinfulness of homosexuality or the blatant parading of it. Embracing a homosexual identity is sin — it’s in direct opposition to God’s will for us. And then to take it a step further and boldly proclaim and exclaim pride in that identity…well, that’s dangerous. Very dangerous. God is more patient than we often give Him credit for, but eventually that patience will come to an end and divine justice will come roaring in. There will be no more human pride — of any kind — parading about on that Day. Isaiah 13:11.

But what I want to do is take this from a little bit of a different angle than most people (in the blogosphere, anyway) are. I want to not only challenge the pride of gay people with the truth of the gospel, but also try to give (straight) people a little glimpse of what contributes to the making of a prideful gay. If you’re not gay, you won’t be able to empathize. But I would ask you to ask The Lord to help you sympathize.

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Social Media Friends: A Cheap Substitute

There’ s a lot of pros to social media. Facebook is great. I love that I can keep up with what is going on with my immediate family on a daily basis even though I live 6 hours away from them. Twitter is awesome. I basically use it as my news-source. There’s always a massive pool of articles and blogs to choose from. Instagram is…. well, instagram is pretty dumb. I deleted it last month.

But let’s think about the cons of social media.

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The Whole “God’s Got A Calling On My Life!” Thing

I dare you to try to find a legitimate Jesus-loving Christian under the age of 30 that doesn’t think they are the next best thing since the Apostle Paul. They’re going to change the world, don’t you know? They’re going to be a leading force for change in this generation, haven’t you heard? God has placed a call on their life and they know in their heart that He is going to do massive things through them! Cities are going to be turned upside down and evil industries are going to be turned inside out. Ministries are going to be birthed out of their God-given visions and their names will go down in the Christian-Hall-Of-Fame right beside Spurgeon, Lewis and Tozer. Because of what God’s going to do through them, the Church will never be the same!

….I hope you pick up on my sarcasm.

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Identity Crisis: Adam’s Transgender Children

I’ve seen a couple things floating around this week in the media. Laverne Cox, the famous transgender person that stars in the hit series Orange Is The New Black, made the cover of Time Magazine. A big first for the transgender community. Also, you may have seen The Whittington Family: Ryland’s Story, a 7 minute YouTube video about a little girl named Ryland who, with the support of her parents, is living her life as a boy.


While I do understand feeling “different” than most people in the sphere of sexuality, I don’t understand what people with gender identity issues experience. I’ve never wanted to be a girl. So I’m not going to be all like “I know what they’re going through”—because I don’t.


To suffer that sort of inward conflict has to be a level of misery off the charts. To feel a pull toward a completely different identity than the physical make up you exist in has to throw people into extreme levels of confusion and depression, especially if the only person that knows about the inward battle is themselves.

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5 Ways Some Conservatives Could Stop Being Jerks

1) Stop talking about how the “crazy liberals” are trying to destroy America.  Those “crazy liberals” live in America, so I sort of have a hard time believing that they are trying to sabotage their haven of safety, freedom and well-being. You can talk all day about how you think their views are destructive (and some of them are), but please, don’t blast your social media with how they are intentionally trying to destroy their own homeland.

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How Not to Talk to Your Kids About Sexuality and Sexual Orientation

Earlier today I came across an article  entitled “How to Talk to Your Kids About Sexuality and Sexual Orientation” on The Huffington Post by research psychologist and gender scholar, Dr. Peggy Drexler. While I appreciate Dr. Drexler’s desire to encourage parents to talk to their kids about sexuality before someone else does, I couldn’t be in more disagreement with the majority of the content that she encourages parents to present to their inquiring kids. I understand that Dr. Drexler is a highly educated person specializing in the areas of sexuality, and that in the world’s eyes — despite my own personal struggle with homosexual desire –my comments or rebuttals don’t carry an ounce of weight. But nonetheless, I’m going to comment and rebut.

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The Danger of Being a Bitter Single.

Being single in “the world” wasn’t so bad. I actually preferred it to being in a relationship — I was able to do what I wanted whenever I wanted with whoever I wanted. But now I’m a believer in Christ, and all the things that made singleness attractive to me before are things I try not to partake in anymore. Because… well…. they were all not-so-God-honoring activities.

Being single in the Church is extremely different — and extremely hard at times. I know that there’s a lot of people out there who can feel me on that. I am in a church where 80% of our membership is couples with kids. Obviously, the lifestyles of couples with kids are much busier than the lifestyles of singles. Which means that my community is pretty limited.

I think though, based on my own experience and the happenings in my own heart, that sometimes bitterness about singleness causes more problems than the singleness itself. There are many times when I’m feeling especially lonely or just swinging a little low emotionally that I look around at the people — the couples and families — I’m doing life with and enter into a little private hate-on-my-church party inside my heart.

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Gay NFL Players, Silly Stereotypes & Guys Who Should Chill Out With The Gay Jokes

Michael Sam goes down in history this weekend as the first openly gay player in NFL. I couldn’t care less about football — really, zero percent interest — but I can see how this is a massive deal for many NFL fans across the country. I wrote a blog last year when Sam first began to hit all of our news feeds and just shared how I thought that this would be great opportunity to engage our unbelieving friends (specifically the ones who love football) with the gospel. Moral controversy, especially sexual moral controversy, always gets people talking and I hope that Christians will take advantage of that and try to direct the conversations around them about Sam and his “gay-ness” to the gospel.

miechael sam

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The Insanity Of Emily Letts And Why We’re Just Like Her

I’m going to just be completely honest and lay it out there: I have not really cared about the issue of abortion. I understand that it is murder. But somehow that concept still hasn’t really grasped me in a real way. Sure I’ve joined the chorus of voices on facebook condemning it, from time to time. But I haven’t really ever been moved by the thought of abortion. I haven’t been burdened by it. I haven’t felt the weight of it. I haven’t prayed for people who have had abortions or are wanting to have abortions… ever.

But tonight as I read the words of Emily Letts, both an employee of an abortion clinic AND a mother who had her abortion video’d, my heart was moved. I was burdened. I felt the weight of it. I wanted to pray.

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