World of Warcraft, What’s the Fascination?

I’m not what you’d call a hardcore gamer, not even a gamer for that matter. I’m the woman that moans, whines and shouts at her husband to get his backside of the sofa as I attempt to peel away the XBOX control from his hands.

That is…until I downloaded the World of Warcraft trial.

I had decided it would be a good idea to see what all the fuss was about. After all, I’d given my friend enough grief about him being a gaming geek and thought it would be best to try it before I continued to mock him further.

I didn’t expect to find the game so addictive that I actually ended up paying the monthly subscription. I downloaded the game which, all in all, took around eight hours and my computer is above average. I didn’t realize just how much effort had been put into the thing. Even down to the minor details, the game is perfected immaculately.

In comparison with direct competitor Final Fantasy, WOW takes the lead in every sense of the word. I could not find any fault with the game whatsoever. Sure you get the odd nutball who thinks your character looks hot and that it would be cool if you would agree to date his online character, at first this a little creepy but you learn to avoid the hardcore weirdoes.

The game itself is simple, you complete tasks and work your way through the different levels until you reach elite status. There are endless tasks and if you get stuck on one of them you can move on to the next until you’re a little stronger or find someone else to help you.

There are various characters available for you to choose from and they are fully customizable to suit your preferences. You can also choose whether or not you want to be a ‘baddy’ or a ‘goodie’ (Horde or Alliance).

There are, I have noticed, some rather strange sites that sell WOW gold for real money! What surprises me more is that people will actually pay for it!

I don’t entirely know why World of Warcraft is so addictive (yes, there are many who even put up gamer posters of WoW in their rooms!) but I know that for a non-gamer it has me hooked with the endless adventures available. You can also upgrade the package you already have installed because Blizzard is constantly releasing new ‘patches’ for the game and add-ons to unlock new features and abilities.

Your character will develop skills and abilities based on his/her kind. For instance, Rogue’s can develop pickpocket and stealth skills because they are viewed as sneaky breeds.

A night elf will develop skills and abilities which are more magically focused and you can build up the strength levels as you play.

The sheer amount of space this game holds is unreal. You can travel throughout the countries by Griffin, train and many other means that I have yet to discover. It’s fun to meet people from other countries and as bizarre as this may sound the topic of conversation between me, a girl from Leeds, a guy from Norway and another guy from Massachusetts was politics. We got in rather deep about completely irrelevant stuff and they were only too happy to help me understand more complex parts of the game that I was yet to accomplish.

They have cool features on there that allows you to buy and sell items that you have picked up or require and cannot find using the auction house in each town/city. You can leave your valuables in a safe in the bank and they will hold anything of value, not just gold. There are post boxes everywhere that enable you to send and receive mail amongst other players so if they want to send you an item or money they can do it easily.

Hunter characters can train pets which is quite amusing at times and very useful for defeating stronger enemies. You can set the game to any mode you want, for instance, you can have straight role-played or PVP (player vs. player) which is quite scary if you’re relatively new!

I would say if you haven’t played the game but want to see what the fascination is then gone for it. It doesn’t cost anything for 30 days and you might actually enjoy it. I absolutely love it and to my dear friend that suffered months of intolerable abuse from me, I apologize, you were right all along. For those that are already into Worlds of Warcraft, they can check 2048 cupcakes unblocked for more amazing games with interactive gameplay and awesome adventure stuff.