Why the Great Majority of People Can’t Make Money Online

Did you know that of every 100 people that start out to try and make money online only 10 or less might be able to succeed in doing that? Where did I get those statistics and why is that happening? Well, I will come to the part as to how I know the statistics. But for now, I will tell you why those people may not be able to make money online. Perhaps, they do not know that Portmoni and its likes can provide them with many helpful ideas as to how they can make money on the Internet.

Anyway, let us swiftly come back to the topic. To answer that first question is rather easy for me. James Scholes has a marketing website that shows other people how to make money online. I show them how to market their own business and write articles for money among others. I also list the companies I personally deal with to make money and write an email newsletter to help my readers. I don’t “sell” anything, but I do accept advertising on my website. Through my efforts, I have discovered that even though I get hundreds of people signing up and receiving my newsletters, only 50% of them open the newsletters. I get very few people to unsubscribe but with only a 50% open rate that means they are not reading what I have to say. I have also found out that when I suggest a free program to join in order to make money and show proof that I have earned money using that method, I only see one or two people sign up. So statistic wise, many people are interested but very few follow through.

Why is there a reluctance to follow through on much of what I show people? That part comes down to the type of people that my website seems to attract. They are the type that wants to get going on earning money online but for some odd reason are reluctant to start or need someone to hold their hands every step of the way. It is a fact that those types of people will never be in charge of their own business because they lack the incentive to follow through on what they have started.

If you look at the business world around you offline then you will see the same thing. The type of people that have the incentive to make money will still be making money. People who wish they were earning money by having their own business or earning on-line will be just doing that – wishing. The bottom line is that only 10% of the population has the incentive to follow through on what they started. Of those who do manage to start making money online, some of them give up doing so in under a year, because to them the amount is not “worth their while.”

To make money online, it takes a person with perseverance, the will to go on, and a touch of creativity. Do you have all of that? If you do then you might just be in that minority.