Which Social Media Platform Suits You?

Faced by the sheer variety of social media platforms many feel rightly traumatised. If an addition you are ‘forced’ to take the lead on social media, this can lead to further problems that we’ve covered in earlier posts. However, if you can find the social media platform that fits your personality and the way you think then you can succeed. However, it does not matter if you are suited to a platform if you cannot commit to regular and consistent posting; in that instance, you should not attempt the task as an unused professional profile can do untold damage to a brand.

These profiles are what make you a novice in handling social media platforms as they are difficult to manage for someone new to it due to the sheer number of platforms available and YouTube is fast becoming a popular hub to get viewership that you can read about at https://www.smm-world.com/buy-youtube-views.

In the previous post on creating content, we explored what type of content works best on what platform. We all have a particular thinking and learning style and classically they are separate into 3 main types, although there are more. The classic ones are:

Strongly, visual people will be drawn to platforms like Instagram and Pinterest or to visual content on Facebook and Google. However, they will struggle with Twitter and with text.

Auditory types will strongly favour text and will gravitate to Twitter. It is not random that journalists prefer Twitter and not just because it is an open and public platform.

With Kinaesthetics it is very much about the feel of things and it is interesting how platforms are developing on mobile phones and bringing a more physical experience to social media.

Key Questions you Need to Answer

  • Do you like reading? Are you critical about bad grammar?
  • Are you always taking selfies and find it easy to talk about yourself, but dry up when you have to do it for your company?
  • Do you find it easy to tweet corporate speak, but then find it difficult to simply be yourself?
  • Do you like browsing photos, but necessarily commenting?
  • Are you really only interesting in connecting with other businesses and want to keep your private life, well, private?

The more text oriented you are, the better the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn will work for you.

If you want to maintain privacy and just keep it strictly professional, LinkedIn is the right choice.

If you are strongly visual and love taking selfies then Instagram, Snapchat and Vine are the way to go. However, if you are more of a consumer and collector and shopper then Pinterest will be more your thing.

For those who are actually representing their company or a client on social media, then you need to be able to create content. If you cannot create graphics/edit images then largely speaking you will struggle to create content for social media and it will tend to curate content instead of creating it, which is a problem if you want to grow a brand. You may be great at instagram, but you may stumble doing instagram for your company without going over foundational steps and asking foundational questions.

The bottom line: only start a platform if you can keep up with regular posts and choose a platform you are comfortable with.