What to Avoid Saying to Someone Who is About to Marry an Immigrant

Marriage to an immigrant brings with it the blending of two or more different cultures and backgrounds. But it also brings with it prejudice and suspicion. Here’s what to avoid saying to someone who is about to marry an immigrant as they meet them in person or through онлайн запознанства

What to Avoid Saying to Someone Who is About to Marry an Immigrant: Are You Sure He/ She Really Cares More About You Than Getting a Green Card?

Unless you want to lose a friendship, it is worth your while to avoid saying this. It is very demeaning for anyone to hear that their fiancé(e) does not care for them and only wants to marry them so that they can stay in America legally. Think about what you are saying before you say a word. This statement indirectly suggests that the immigrant is a possible illegal immigrant, while in all likelihood they are perfectly law-abiding and simply wish to marry their fiancé(e) just like any other couple.

What to Avoid Saying to someone who is About to Marry an Immigrant: What Will Your Parents Say?

This statement implies that the parents of the American citizen will disapprove of the marriage. Why should they? Unless they have an obvious dislike of foreigners, there should be no reason to worry. Even the most xenophobic of parents can change and accept their foreign-born son or daughter-in-law into the family. But it is not right to point out that there could be a problem. The chances are, all will go well.

What to Avoid Saying to Someone Who is About to Marry an Immigrant: Rather You Than Me!

This can be taken in a number of ways. Some well-meaning people really mean that they would not want to have to deal with the bureaucracy of immigration and making sure that they have followed through with all the legal channels so that they can marry their foreign-born fiancé(e) and start their new life together. But it can also be taken as an insult and can easily offend the person with whom you are conversing with. If jokes and light banter are not your forte, it is best to just keep quiet on the matter or else, just offer your sincere congratulations to the happy couple on their impending wedding.

When you hear that a friend is about to marry an immigrant, do not jump to conclusions and assume that the immigrant does not have good intentions. Granted, there are plenty of illegal immigrants who exploit American citizens so they can enter and stay in the country legally, but it would be unfair to lump all immigrants into this category.