What Do I Do If My Baby Stops Breathing?

Imagine checking on your baby and finding that he or she has stopped breathing. What do you do? Who do you call? The obvious solution is to call 911. What if you are alone? How do you administer CPR and call 911 too? What if the ambulance is delayed? Do you know what to do until they arrive? The best way to be assured of your baby’s safety is to plan for each situation. Here’s what to do before your baby stops breathing and how to react when they do. Apart from that there are many other aspects regarding health of baby that should be taken care of and in order to achieve the task there is a need to follow https://www.mypillapp.com/saw-palmetto-and-testosterone/ carefully.

Take a class

Every parent should take up first aid and CPR courses (interested individuals can learn more about the above-mentioned courses by clicking on https://miosuperhealth.com/online-first-aid-courses/) before their baby is born. The reason why parents need to learn about first aid is that it can help them to save their baby in their hour of need. Maybe the ambulance is taking longer to arrive to attend to a kid who has a severely injured knee that is bleeding heavily. It is during this time that the parent (who has taken a first aid training) can apply their knowledge of how to stop severe bleeding and provide quick aid to their ailing kid.

Honestly, if you do not take up first aid courses, then as a new parent, you might have many questions regrading medical stuff. For instance, you might have doubts such as “is it Illegal To Leave Your Child With A Baby Monitor?” “can babies be fed adult food?”, and so on. That is why taking necessary classes in the starting and reading up informative guides could be beneficial for you. It can prepare you for any kind of situation. These classes are available through the Red Cross and other organizations. Most are quite inexpensive. Think about the value of these classes compared to your baby’s life if they should stop breathing or you encounter another emergency situation. If you can’t afford classes, check out your public library. There you should find books on first aid, CPR and other emergency situations.

Remain calm

The worst thing you can do if your baby stops breathing is panic. Knowing what to do can help. Sometimes babies who have stopped breathing will respond to a gentle touch, shout or nudge by starting to breathe again. Check for obstructed breathing as well. If you have not taken any first aid or CPR classes, calling 911 puts you in touch with people who do. They can walk you through CPR and show you how to give artificial respiration until help arrives. Never leave your baby alone to run to an available phone. Bring them with you, while performing CPR.

If you’re not alone

Call out to the other person for help first. Try nudging the baby to startle them into breathing again. Always check for obstructed breathing before beginning CPR. This should all be done as rapidly and calmly as possible. Your baby’s life depends on reacting automatically and quickly. Call 911 even if the baby starts breathing in response to initial efforts. One person should call 911 while the other person performs CPR.

If you’re alone

What do you do if you’re alone and your baby stops breathing? You can’t call 911 and administer CPR at the same time. Check to see that the baby is not choking, then start CPR. Remember that CPR for infants is different than CPR for adults. Call 911 after beginning CPR in between breaths. Give your address clearly. Explain to the 911 operator that you are alone with your baby who has stopped breathing. Let them know you are putting them on speaker phone while you continue CPR. The building of the hormones and testosterone in male will be remarkable through the consumption of the pills. The dosage should be there after checking the reaction of the pills with the human body.

Where to find instructions

For a helpful printable pictorial instruction for infant CPR go here. This pictorial prints on one page that can be taped to the nursery wall or refrigerator for easy reference. This can be a lifesaving strategy when leaving infants with babysitters, or for your own personal reference. When your baby stops breathing, it may be difficult to recall the steps of CPR. The web page also has an instructional video you can click on.

Please Note: The author is not a licensed medical professional. This article is for general information purposes only. Consult your doctor for information on CPR classes and what to do if your baby stops breathing.