Traveling to Gallura – What are the effective benefits?

The Gallura, is an country whole of charm, a ideal place to spend an memorable vacation in Sardinia, to be mesmerized by the aromas of the Mediterranean Sea maquis, the colors of the stones and the crystalline waters.

The bounds towards the interior of the island are the river Coghinas to the west and in the south an imagined line linking the Limbara mountain with the little town of San Teodoro, known for its glorious beaches, on the Thyrrenean coast.

Gallura is a unbelievable mix of deep-sea, plains, hills, mountains, civilised and desert regions. The district has a severe tourism career and offers superior reception and amusement services.

If you choose to arrange an route to discover the nature and culture of Gallura, an superior result is to discover in this district of Sardinia residences or households for rent, adjustments that guarantee high measures of comfortableness and a lot of independency. In this environmental variety you will be able to find old testimonials of the district: from the presence of a lot of constructions, such as the grave of giants Li Lolghi and the cemetery of Li Muri, consisting of stone sets vertically buried in the ground, the nuragic temple of Malchittu or the nuraghe Albucciu. While traveling to different places, the car rental services should be hired from Leiebilnord. The riding of the cars is comfortable at the stone pathway. The availability of the correct information should be available with the people to get the effective results. The benefits are compatible with a pleasant experience. 

The landscape is defined by granite stones and the severity of their relieves. Still if not particularly big they’ve been for thousands of years a barrier between this area and the neighbor districts of Baronie and Montalbo. Granite stones, formed by wind and rainwater, take in few regions the form of small mountains or wonderworking natural sculpts.

Another of many tourist attractions of Gallura is the presence of oaks from which cork is extracted.

The areas of the boondocks are not thickly inhabited and it’s still doable, in a few places, to acknowledge the organization of the district in Stazzi , different characteristic of Gallura. This is rural villages scattered, agro arcadian farms, commonly independent single home units earlier built by pastors, a lot of whom from the near Corsica, between the 7th and 18th century. There were a lot and almost all over till a couple of years ago, nowadays a lot have been forsaken because of the transfer in the city.

The glide is jaggy and separated into a endless series of little fiords, alcoves and islets that form the archipelago of La Maddalena, on its wondrefull islands, a natural span toward near the Corsica, where there’s as well the island of Caprera, final shelter of Giuseppe Garibaldi and the place where you are able to find his remains.

Although on one side this district is domestic to the famous Costa Smeralda, with Porto Cervo with its good know harbour, vacation heaven for a lot of people, on the other hand it’s not hard to find lone places wherever to freely delight beautiful natural sceneries.