Tools And Resources To Boost Your Video Experience

YouTube is undoubtedly still on the top of the hierarchy when it comes to video sharing on the web that is why it makes sense to know what tools and resources you should use to enhance your video experience.

The following are just some of the numerous tools you can use to boost up your YouTube performance:

Adobe AIR Applications:

  • YouTube Video Widget – this application works online and offline. It is designed with mobile devices in mind. The widget downloads the videos to the local drive and then detects when the device is offline, then switches to play the locally stored copies.
  • My YouTube – it plays or downloads videos from YouTube, creates playlists, and manages collections.
  • DeskTube – a social YouTube viewer that allows users to send links to friends to open their DeskTube, tweet what videos they are watching, and many more.

Alternative Video Viewing Methods

  • AlarmTube – set a time for you to wake up and choose a video you want to see as you rise!
  • – you can watch three YouTube videos at the same time with this app!
  • – it is a customized YouTube browsing site built with the Nintendo Wii in mind.

FireFox Extensions

  • Ant Toolbar – the official toolbar includes a YouTube video downloader and a built in FLV player to play the videos downloaded right from there.
  • Fast Video Download – this app works with numerous video sites and will also add a download link under embedded YouTube videos you find in other sites.
  • Magic’s Video Downloader – assists with downloading FLV videos from approximately two dozen video sharing sites including Youtube.

Greasemonkey Scripts

  • BetterTube – this script is supported by more than fifty sites and it allows users to see embed-disabled videos and more.
  • Thumbs2Links – allows users to get direct links from any video index page and begin downloading videos without having to go to individual pages.
  • YouTube Cleaner – allows users to clean up the appearance of YouTube video pages by removing the related and promoted videos, comments, sharing information and footer. It restores everything if chosen to do so.

Search and Browsing Tools

  • TimeTube – allows users to enter few keywords and build a timeline of videos related to them.
  • – a Google Maps and YouTube mashup that allows users to browse by geographical location and narrow things down with keywords.

YouTube Download Sites

  • – a simple URL change is needed in order to grab any video from YouTube that users want in their collection
  • – allows users to download videos from YouTube and save them in different video formats.
  • – URLs of videos the users want to download are entered and downloaded right away.

Enjoy viewing videos from the internet! Enhance your video experience with these tools!

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