Tiktok- Gen Next Obsession With Entertainment Apps

Now, this is going to be an interesting discussion, to say the least, because it is in the nature of the human psyche to look out for such news items that would pique their curiosity to the next level, and what better than entertainment to do so.

The social media revolution has its fair share of admirers and detractors in equal measure but the fact is that one simply cannot ignore its impact on the citizens of every nation across the globe, especially the younger generation folks. Especially those who may want to become influencers, who possibly might research how to buy TikTok likes or how to gain authentic traction on the new social media platform.

This is the era of smartphones and online apps where you can satisfy your thirst for entertainment and at the same time prove your worth in the larger circle that got suppressed by the professional life of jobs and businesses.

New Age Sensation

Tiktok is a word that needs no introduction for it has acquired the phenomenal status of a rare kind that no celebrity in existence has achieved and that too in such a short time which speaks volumes of its caliber. The very fact that there are already sites offering Free TikTok Followers to those looking to grow their profiles and influence on the app is also an indication of just how big of a deal Tiktok has become.

Its enormous impact on young minds can be gauged from the fact that Tiktok video download became the number one trend on Twitter within days of its launch and none more so than countries like India and United States, which led to other nations to follow suit.

Now the number of Tiktokers has reached the mammoth figure of 700 million with nearly 90% of them being in the age group of 12-26 years. In fact, there are even people who buy tiktok followers at tikdroid and other social growth companies in order to increase their TikTok followers. This reach of TikTok is a remarkable achievement that was both unseen and unheard of till now. A lot of influencers can also be found on tiktok promoting products and also making informational content. The platform can also be seen as a means of entertainment and getting fame. Many of such content creators even Buy tiktok verified badge so as to get more followers and increase their reach.

Apart from India being the number revenue market due to its large population, US accounts for nearly 70 million users in the 18 to 28 years age group which is both astonishing and alarming.

Tiktok has become more addictive than alcohol, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram put together and this has become a problem that needs to be looked into sooner than later.