Things To Know When Moving Your Small Business

There are many small businesses in today’s world that are either based out of the owner’s home or out of a small business location. As your business grows or issues of a personal nature occur for the owner, the need to move or relocate your business may become necessary. Years ago, due to family changes, I had to move my business which was opened in Oregon and relocate and start new in Florida. While the move of inventory and supplies was one thing, the laws on business structure varied within each state, and I had to make numerous changes in order to get my business back up and running in the new location. I have learned that when moving a business, there are many factors that will come in to play before and after you move.

The first things you will have to take into consideration are where you are moving your business; is it going to be somewhere within the same city, the same state, or will you be starting up your business in a completely different state. If you are moving out of your current city limits or even out of state, the first thing you will need to find out is if the new location’s business laws and regulations are different then your current location. You could run into possible issues such as some state laws do not allow certain businesses to be home-based. I had owned a home-based gift basket business in Oregon, which was within the state business regulations, however, when moving to Florida, I learned that being home-based and offering prepackaged food was not allowed, so I had to find a retail location for my business.

If you are moving to a different city or state, you will also have to look into the different business licenses you will be required to obtain. Some states require only a state business registration, while others require both a state license and a city permit. Knowing what you need to obtain ahead of time will make for a much smoother transition to your new business location and allow for your business to open its doors much sooner.

Another thing to consider is if your business will still be able to provide services for your already established clients, or if you will essentially be starting fresh at your new location. If you operate a business where your physical location is not important (i.e. an internet based business or the ability to ship your products) and you will be able to retain your current customers, you should start making customers aware of your impending move with as much advanced notice as possible, especially if you are going to have to close business operations while you relocate. Adding a message to your website and marketing material advising customers of your new location and possible temporary closure should be done as soon as you become aware of the move. Giving this notice to customers and clients shows them that regardless of the move, you still appreciate their business and would like to keep them as customers after settling into your new business location.

If, however, the move of your business will no longer allow you to provide for your current clients, letting them know as soon as possible that you will no longer be open is a good idea. If there is another business in your old location that offers the same products or services you do, you may consider talking to that business owner and seeing if they would be interested in paying you for either your client list or a referral payment to you for any clients you refer to them. Even though you will no longer be able to provide services to your old customers, this will still show them that you did value them as customers, and who knows, maybe they know someone in the area you are moving to and can refer them to you.

Moving my business actually proved to be very beneficial in the long run, but had I known some of these issues ahead of time, it would have made the transition run a lot smoother. Moving a business can be very stressful in so many ways, but knowing these important issues and tips can make the transition so much easier and get you back on the road to a successful business in your new location.

To conclude, business, be it big or small, is not so simple and can become a headache for inexperienced people so youngsters are advised against treading on this path as you will need to work out innovative solutions at every step whenever it comes to solving out problems which are generally complicated in nature.