The Witcher 3: Top 5 Tips

The Witcher game series is ruling the gaming market along with witcher 3 mods all over the world. Based on the novel series the game has an amazing plot filled with action. A sequel to the witcher 2, the game revolves around the protagonist Geralt of Rivia, a mercenary monster slayer and his journey. If you are just starting with the game make sure to go through the basic mechanics and the free form practice first and if you have already played the previous releases, these tips will surely enhance your experience of the game.

  • Summoning the roach:

While you may be tempted to always summon your roach to travel but this may not always work in your favor. This is because of two reasons, one that the roach is slower than Geralt running, and secondly, it has poor navigation skills. Therefore, it is recommended to summon the roach only if the distance is more than the 2-300 paces and the path does not have a lot of hindrances.

  • Last longer in difficult levels:

During the game, healing your wounds first is essential before embarking on another quest. However, do not always use the replenishing items from the cache rather meditate more frequently but for short durations. This will heal the wounds and save the items for later use. 

  • Foreign currency utility:

Many-a-times, looting bodies will result in huge crates of foreign money, however, such money goes to the junk of the inventory. To access and convert the money, go to Novigrad, visit Vivaldi’s Bank and convert the currency into Crowns by choosing the conversion option through the banker. 

  • Alchemy:

As the name itself suggests, witchers are born alchemists. Therefore, to have an edge in the game always keep an eye on the various recipes available in the alchemy tab. You may find a lot of materials of usage in the loots which can be used later for the potions. Hence, master the art and reap the benefits throughout the game.

  • Combat:

During combat, apart from the weapons like swords and potions, combating includes dodging and rolling. It would be preferable to dodge and attack from behind. For Geralt, dodging means to make short and quick moves and rolling means to cover more ground but it would take a lot more time to get back on the feet so choose the movement carefully weighing all pros and cons.