The Empowered Woman Finds a New Place on the Web at

While blogging and social networking sites are banding together women in new ways, independent blogs and websites with an empowering message are becoming another attractive hotspot on the web. According to traffic rankings, sites such as BlogHer, the ‘#1 guide to blogs by women’ bring in an average of 35,000 visitors each day., a site filled with style news and designer information averages about 10,000 visitors per day, while iVillage, a portal site that features fashion and lifestyle trends averages about 2,000. While these are all entertaining and informative, women are finding plenty of success in empowerment and success-driven websites. Chickonomics looks to be the next one on the net-savvy woman’s radar. This can be just as big as Instagram DM when it comes to the number of visits per day and the rapid rise in its popularity. 

Chickonomics was launched by Chief Chick of Chickonomics Lisa Orrell after Chickonomics seminars took off in 2005. She has been mentoring hundreds of women in professional and personal development, coining the term ‘Chickonomics’ as:

‘the economic power and societal influence women have on the world today. And it celebrates how women use their power to redefine success, influence work environments, build businesses, make changes in the marketplace, and create better lives for themselves and others.’

It’s an ambitious effort to round up the strongest traits and characteristics of women all over the world, and the website is a place to engage in the Chickonomics Challenge and learn about fresh perspectives on women’s issues. Lisa hosts a podcast for all women where she conducts interviews on today’s lifestyle topics, while the Chickonomics blog features commentary on the politics and current events that affect women today. Uncensored, witty, and opinionated, the blog is just one attraction of this growing community; Millennial Chicks reports are published on the site on a regular basis, offering expert advice for younger generations.

For those interested in discussing issues in real-time, the Chickonomics Chat portal is designed to bring together all women who need to take a time out and share what’s on their mind. Subjects include business, marketing, fashion, sex, food, politics, and women’s issues at the global level. Lisa initiates each show with a different topic, and the ‘Chick Zone’ is designed to inspire and educate.

From a newsletter subscription to multimedia presentations, Chickonomics offers a fresh perspective on women’s issues; without the glitz, glamour and ‘fluff’ that takes center stage on many advertorial-driven websites geared towards women. Niche sites like these are just one example of women-centric websites and startup companies that can bring together women in new ways. Empowerment and success are not only in the male’s domain; educating and training women to bring out their strengths and talents becomes a reality with online networking options of the day. Chickonomics is a welcome addition on the web, providing tools and resources to connect women all over the world.