Pokemon Black and White Revealed!

In addition to the TV series, physical trading card game where players can trade cards from places like Pokeflip, and various other merchandise and content, we have had many Pokemon video games in the past. Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Platinum, and countless other spin offs and remakes. But now Nintendo has finally decided to go and make a 5th generation continuing the series. Pokemon Black and White. With random tool generator you can easily read about pokemon stats and abilities in pokemon black and white. Beside all this, you can get team names and random decision tool as well, which you can use to add more fun to your game.

This new series is said to improve upon the others graphically and add upon countless new Pokemon for you to find and catch. And while the names have just been revealed a couple of days ago, the official website for the games has just updated with the first pictures of the new games. They have also revealed some key details in what just to expect in the this new generation. The pictures that have been release can be seen here.

The first picture revealed is of the first new Pokemon, Zorua and Zoroark, duking it out in a battle. As we can see, we will now have full back sprites of Pokemon, as opposed to just seeing part of the upper body. In addition, the two sprites are not very crisp, suggesting that the camera is zooming and panning of them, which might mean we will have full fledged battle scenes. Also, we can see Zoroark using a move that is pretty graphically enhanced then what we are used to seeing.

In the second picture, we can see the new girl protagonist in a poke-center. The camera is panning to the side so we can see more 3D effects are being brought into the series. The poke-mart seems to be combined with the poke-center so now we won’t need to take more steps for our much need pokeballs. The GTS also appears to be there too, with the globe sticking out on the top floor. The last thing to notice in this picture is that there is now speech bubbles that show who is talking.

The third picture shows that we will have full fledged cites and buildings is these games. The skyscrapers look glorious and it appears that the poke-center is attached to one of the buildings. We can also see curved roads which might mean eight direction movement and a waterfall to the left, suggesting that the city is surrounded by water.

In the next photo we see the male protagonist in a cave type environment. What is interesting is that there appears to be floating rocks and big rocks giving off sparks. The character might be able to walk under the floating rocks or maybe a new HM that allows you to push them.

Next we see the male protagonist in his hometown. There is nice coloring in the grass and bumpy dirt roads that curve slightly.

The last picture shows a bridge leading into a big city with cars passing underneath. This is new to the games and makes it seem more modern. There also appears to be some object on the bridge that looks like a biker. Also the city in the background seems to be very big and might be the same one in the city picture.

These new games seem to bring a lot to the table and will definitely be a big improvement upon all the previous games. There is still much to be seen in these games and more information is bound to be revealed. What they will reveal, however, is left to the future.