Planning Family Visits To The Doctor &Amp; Dentist

If you have a large family, planning visits to the doctor and dentist can be a real hassle. It becomes even more difficult when you have to schedule those appointments around school, work, soccer practice, dance lessons and math club. Often, planning family visits to the doctor and dentist are the best way to go.

First, purchase a small pocket calendar that is reserved specifically for doctor and dentist appointments. Make a list of all of the regular visits to the doctor and dentist that you will need to take – such as six-month visits to the dentist and yearly check-ups. Include visits to the optometrist, internist and any other doctor or healthcare worker that you must see on a regular basis.

Next, check your insurance plan to find out which doctors are covered in your geographical area. Some insurance plans make finding doctors and dentists a real challenge, while others will pay for you to see virtually any practician. Make a list of the doctors and dentists that are closest to your home, and find out which ones are accepting new patients.

From there, the best thing to do is to make sure that as many family members as possible are seeing the same doctors and dentists. This will be easier for dentists than doctors, since your children will likely need to see a pediatrician. However, there are many family practitioners whose offices are open to all members of the family.

Grab a copy of the school district calendar as well as schedules for extracurricular activities. Figure out which days are free to see the doctor and dentist and which days simply aren’t feasible. It helps to plan family visits to the doctor and dentist well in advance, so take time one day to plan for the entire year (except, of course, for random illnesses and injuries).

If possible, try to plan family visits to the doctor and dentist on the same day. For example, block out a period of two hours for a four-person family to visit the dentist, which will allow teeth cleanings for everyone in one trip. Most doctors’ and dentists’ offices have playrooms for children who are waiting on siblings, and as long as both parents are receiving treatment at the same time, an adult will be available to watch the children.

Sometimes it helps to get everything out of the way during the summer when children are no longer in school and have more free time. Obviously, visits to the doctor and dentist aren’t completely avoidable during the school months, but visits will be easier during the summer. You can also schedule visits during Winter, Spring or Thanksgiving vacations.

Once you’ve scheduled all of your family visits to the doctor and dentist, mark them on a large calendar in your kitchen or bedroom for easy reference. Circle them in red so you won’t forget, and family visits to the doctor and dentist will not longer be a problematic hassle.

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