Moving Advice:  How to Lighten the Load

Moving is a daunting, exhausting, and sometimes expensive proposition. Besides trying to figure out if you should be hiring a local moving company, similar to these local movers in Tacoma (or another local company in your area), you also need to think about your valuables and what the best method of transportation could be for them. To save money and aggravation, you should be ruthless in getting rid of unneeded items.

Here are some things you can do to power through the clutter and get it out of your home before a move. Although, hiring junk removal philadelphia will save you some money as it comes to getting rid of items that you no longer need. Besides, these service providers will help you with cleaning so that you can spend more time moving your stuff efficiently. Here are some things you can do to power through the clutter and get it out of your home before a move.

  1. Eliminate books. Books are backbreakers. They are heavy and take up space. Plus, once you’ve read a book once, you are unlikely to re-read it for years. Paper books can easily be replaced by electronic books. E-books are much lighter and don’t attract silverfish.
  2. Shred paper. Personal papers are heavy and could be valuable to identity thieves. Shred as much old and outdated paper as possible. If you don’t need it for legal or tax purposes or to prove an academic achievement get rid of it. Scan and save documents to your computer and a backup storage device.
  3. Be ruthless with knick-knacks. A move is a good time to scrutinize all the little dust collectors in your home. Keep the meaningful ones and the ones that work well with your home decor. Pitch the rest. Little vases and glass knick-knacks are only a dollar or two at Goodwill.
  4. Eliminate duplicate items. Some things tend to accumulate in a home. When you have twelve tape measures, two dozen screwdrivers, five lint brushes, three shoe shine kits, and seven portable radios, you need to send some of them to Goodwill or Salvation Army.
  5. Eliminate seldom-used items. At some point, you need to get rid of things that you don’t use, display or enjoy. It’s tough because you might want to use something or preserve something like a “classic” but sometimes you just need to let someone else preserve it. eBay is a good way to get rid of valuable stuff and get cash to soothe your aching soul. eBay also lets you see that the classic thing you are keeping is only worth $20 or so.
  6. Eliminate items unlikely to survive a move. If something is fragile and likely to break catastrophically during a move. You should ditch it. Broken furniture and particleboard furniture generally falls into this category. If it is wobbly and rickety, pitch it.
  7. Eliminate items that you intend to and can afford to replace. The $10 office chair from Goodwill can be replaced by another $10 office chair from Goodwill. There is no need to take up valuable moving truck space.
  8. Eliminate items you don’t have room for in your new space. If the old couch doesn’t fit, you must get rid of it. There is no sense living in a space that is stuffed floor to ceiling like a warehouse.
  9. Transport high-value items yourself. Once you’ve gotten rid of the extra stuff, your focus will shift to moving items that you don’t want the movers to handle. You may want to move small valuable, portable, items on your own. For example, you may want to move any firearms, jewelry, and personal electronics in your own vehicle.
  10. Transport lightweight stuff ahead of moving day. If you are just making a local move in the same town, you may want to transport as much lightweight stuff as you can. It can minimize the amount of time your move takes the professional movers. Also, send your vehicles like a motorcycle or car beforehand. You can look for a specialised service for motorbike transport melbourne or elsewhere that can safely pick up and deliver your vehicle to your new location.

If you are moving your entire house at once, these tips may come in handy. Get rid of anything that is completely worn out as well. As a result, it would make room for other items. A new home necessitates a new look, so why would you want to keep the same old decor in your new home? To add a vintage touch, you could purchase vintage vases, antique silverware, or decor from stores similar to williamwalter. These tips will undoubtedly help you incorporate new items into your living room and make a statement.

When we move, we generally rent a 26-foot Penske truck. It is the biggest truck on the lot, but it can only hold so much. It helps to keep in mind that we only want to keep what we can fit in one truck.