Motel- A Paradise For Loners

Once you pass out from school, you enter college and that is the last time where you get to have the time of your life with bunking classes, hanging out with friends, smoking and drinking, with little to no study and somehow just passing out with a degree.

That is where the happy days end and the real period of struggle begins as every person finds out to his/her cost. It is now that they come to know that life is not the bed of roses that they had enjoyed in their childhood.

Once you finally get a job after running from pillar to post, with months of fruitless toil and a lot of recommendations, you start feeling worn out and find that it is beyond your capacity.

Luckily, after some initial hiccups, you start getting used to it and after a certain period, you become an expert in the field and start enjoying work life.

With greater success comes more power and with it come more responsibilities and burden, you start travelling far and wide to make from one city to another at frequent intervals with the airport and plane becoming a sort of second home.

When coming to a new city, begins the hunt for motels/lodges to spend days during your stay.

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Here are 6 tips to help you choose a good motel:

  • Research for the best motel list online and choose as per preference
  • The basic amenities like food, water, room etc. are a must
  • The motel should have its own official website with all the details
  • The lodge should establish its location so that it can be tracked
  • You can browse reviews on websites like make my trip and consumer epic
  • Make sure the motel is up to date and in sync with current times