Learn How To Keep The Sewing Machine Clean

When buying a sewing machine, one wants their investment to be well worth. For that, one must also ensure its durability and safety for a long haul. But naturally, dealing with its functional problems every now and then is unavoidable, and honestly, a bit annoying. It takes your valuable time and costs money for its repair.

Though there are certain ways in which one could easily keep the machine functioning smoothly without a hassle. Regular cleaning and proper care is very important to ensure its long life. It depends on how often one is using the machine.

So here are some guidelines on how to clean a sewing machine.

  • After completing each task, wipe over the machine and cover it to keep it from the dust.
  • Use a brush to wipe the dust off of the sewing machine regularly.
  • Use a clean clothe to begin with.
  • Take care while cleaning when handling the parts.
  • Read the directions in the manual carefully.
  • Clean the needle thoroughly and replace it if needed.
  • If the manual recommends lubrication, only then use it, otherwise not.
  • After using proper lubricant, use a soft fabric to soak up the remaining oil so that when using the machine the next time, it doesn’t stay greasy and stain the clothes.
  • If the problem in sewing persists, look for the tips in the handbook.
  • If after trying out everything in the manual, one still faces problems in sewing smoothly, take it to a technician to get the best possible help.

Follow these guidelines and they would definitely help keeping the sewing machine functioning. Just like maintaining a car, having serviced your best sewing machine for jeans that you bought to impress a date should definitely be well worth the effort.