Images that vanish, or do they? Snapchat

All social media platforms need a bit of caution and education before you embrace them completely.Always research a new platform, see how the current users use it, then go ahead and do a Google search to see if there is any negative publicity that might slop over onto your pristine brand.

Mudslinging is fast and furious in the social world, and choices can make a big difference in your credibility.Instantaneous sharing of imagesAbility to add captionsAbility to use filters on the imagesBe creative and draw on your imagesYou can send a single message to a group of people, perfect for pop-up business or event announcements.Teenagers LOVE snapchat for all their communicationsSnapchat began as a sexting app.

Grow your Instagram profile with as it will offer plenty of benefits to the people. The likes and comments on the profile will increase the interest of the customers to purchase the brand products. It will offer scope for growth and development of the brand. 

 Don’t believe me?Ok, this is a Barbie. Just do a Google search using sexy and you’ll see more body parts than you would want. Don’t do this at work.Snapchat had the frattiest creation in startup history with all the positive energy and negative connotations that implies.

A dispute over the origin of Snapchat has disappeared , like many negative stories on the internet.Realize that even if you want to have a story vanish, once it is published, it is public, without ability to unsay it.Which leads to some problems, Nude pictures, thought to be private, were hacked, leading to release due to third party add-ons.

These will come back to haunt the models in years to come. Inside Story – from those who created the app. 6 Things Everyone Should Know about SnapChat – cautionary tales about using SnapchatThe Demographics are the biggest reason, the average age of users is 18, 70% female in the 13-24 age range.No other platform impacts the teenage market with ease.Universal Studios purchased the first official ad spot on the network over the weekend of October 18-19, 2014

Using a Snapchat story, the ad for Ouija movie was seen by millions.The revamped Snapchat includes the ability to trade text messages and the ability to have a real-time video conversation, switching between those modes within the main Snapchat application.There is a bit of controversy about whether or not the ads are intrusive to the experience.Another change is Snapchat Stories which don’t disappear after a few seconds.

They can be watched again and again in a 24-hour period. Major advertisers — including McDonald’s, Audi, and Taco Bell — are prolific users of these stories.The ideal business use for Snapchat has a young demographic and a visually interesting product or service.All businesses can use Snapchat for countdowns, teasers, gradual reveals,issuing coupons on a Story, all driving users into their brick and mortar stores.