How To Potty Train Your Chihuahua Using Three Best Tips

To choose a type of dog breed to take home to, can be a difficult process. You may have had some type in mind, but as you reach the shelter or store, a lot of others may also catch your attention. Chihuahuas are a very renowned breed of dogs and are popular due to their small size. While bringing one home, you must make sure to be thorough of the basics to be trained.

  • Why is it so?

There are speculations that sometimes Chihuahuas are hard to train due to their small size it is hard to spot them in and around the house and premises. The breed is efficiently smart and trainable by adopting various methods to make your experience easier.  When it comes to their size, they might be a bit harder to house train than others but with regular practice, they will definitely pick up the pace easily.

  • Process

First and foremost plan to start with would be to take your dog outside often for walks and potty training. This gives your pet enough time to get familiar with the potty location and its surroundings. You can also accompany them with a lease and make sure they get adjusted to the space allocated for their daily routine.

Taking them outside after waking up and after having meals will give them an idea about when to go outside. Using commands while training is also another hack that can be effectively used.

There are a lot of sites with information available on examples showing how to proceed further. If you feel this is useful for your pet-parent life, you can claim your free sample here. Once the training is done, you will be able to see the drastic difference in the doings of your pet.