How To Maximize Your Event Turnout Using Social Media!

The wave of the future for everything from creating an image to promoting a business, Social Media has taken the world by storm. So why not use Social Media to your advantage by using it to promote your next big event? Though for this concern we can look up to for more information. Gone are the days of printing paper invites, stamping and mailing then having to wait days or weeks for an RSVP. Whether it’s a conference, birthday bash or a reunion, social media is a fast, convenient and almost always free way to immediately generate excitement and capture the attendees for your next big soiree. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

First things first. Think about what type of event you’re planning. What are the highlights? Why will it be so highly anticipated? Come up with a name and description that says “come hither” to your demographic.

Once you have that, you will need to create an event page. The usual suspects are Facebook or MySpace. But if you are looking for a way to sell tickets to your event along with your page, Eventbrite is a great tool as well. These customizable pages will enable you to generate buzz about your event through picture and/or video uploads, event emails and invites, live feed, important updates and will allow members to post their thoughts on the event too! Get creative with this. It’s your event, your page. You can make it as conservative or as edgy as you would like.

Next, check out Twitter. It’s very much a micro blogging service, letting you post tidbits of information, links to larger topics and a constant live stream of details regarding your event. Think of it this way. If Facebook is the meat of your social media meal, Twitter would be the side dish. The info is simple really. You provide the name of the event/business, a quick description of the event, the web url and the location. From there, you can search via keywords for people or businesses to follow that you think are relevant to your event type, topic, etc. You can also post your twitter “badge” on your website and promote people to follow you. Another option is to post on your Facebook page that your event is on Twitter, which means more exposure and more followers.

So how do I get people excited about attending the event now that I have all these fancy social media avenues? Start inviting people to “fan” your Facebook event page, post video updates, pictures and news about the event on the event wall and make sure to monitor and respond accordingly to those that make comments. On Twitter, search for people or key words pertaining to your events niche. For instance, if your event is related to natural health you might search for chiropractors, holistic medicine or homeopathy. Follow them and in return they just might follow you, starting your social media network. Then tweet about what is going on with your event or what you’re doing to prepare for it. For example, “At the caterer, deciding on what delish hors devours to serve at the 40th Anniversary! Bon app├ętit!”

If you are planning to host a large-scale event, share specifics about the arrangements such as stage design, concepts, lighting and stage preparations, video and audio technology such as amplifiers, DJ, mixing system, etc. You can also take help from AV production experts (through a website similar to, who can provide services like in-house audio-visual display interwoven with your management strategies. Moreover, an AV production company can assist in setting up speakers, amplifiers, LED projection screens, specialized lighting, etc., to enhance your event experience and generate more footfall.

Interaction is a key element of social media! Engage your fans and followers. Make them feel like they are a part of something. Show them what they might miss if they don’t attend the event. Cheers to having the best event ever!