Horse: A Bouncy Castle Aficionado or Novice?

The planet earth consists of two types of living beings: humans and animals. They are very different in their lifestyle and thought process while maintaining a fine gap of being similar and different at the same time.

Humans are also considered a more ‘knowledgeable’ variation of animals as they have the tendency to use their brains in a calculated and risk free manner and can communicate in the form of relevant speech to convey their emotions.

In stark contrast, animals communicate with each other and to humans through the sound of their voice that is unintelligible to normal people but deciphered easily by experts in the field.

There is a difference between being ‘well trained’ and ‘well educated’ and this is why humans owe their dominance over animals as they are from the latter brigade while animals are in the former.

Small children have toys to keep them company and in houses and amusement parks during outings. They tend to enjoy the rides of fun land more than the parents as it is their first hand exposure to the outside world while this is no new thrill for their mum and dad.

But animals cannot enjoy this aspect as they are trained to be domestic by humans and the wild ones have are dangerous and uncouth due to being untrained.

Lets take the example of a horse. Will it be able to enjoy the bouncy castle in a similar manner as humans do? No, because it is a four legged animal and one wrong step on any slippery slope incites him with a fear of falling down or even worse.

One unstable footing and slip up on the bouncy castle will be enough for him to try to escape from it and when unable to do so will resort to desperate measures.

Animals, in a desperate state of trying to achieve their goal or escaping, are the most dangerous and can provide harm to human life and property.