Hanging Fireplace – Which Is The Ideal And Functional Fireplace Design?

Gathering around the fireplace on a chilly winter day with family is fun. The warmth, glow, and the wood-burning scent add coziness to the space.

Fireplaces are gathering spots, where families lounge around and spend quality time together talking, laughing, enjoying drinks, or watching TV.

Homeowners make sure that their new home-plan incorporates a fireplace in their design. Fireplaces are available in a variety of contemporary, modern, rustic, eclectic, and traditional styles.

For example, a corner fireplace maximizes the space in the living room. A hanging fireplace style offers a futuristic vibe. Two rooms can enjoy the two-sided fireplace, simultaneously.

Modern fireplaces have become more energy-efficient and are also designed keeping in mind the needs of new households. Now, they are not only used for warming up a house but also to elevate its overall aesthetic experience. Especially with the help of cleaner fuels like propane and the availability of propane tank installations by Kelly Propane and similar fuel delivery services, fireplaces now tend to add a new meaning to aesthetics and environmental conservation. Although, it is important to also know the different kinds of fireplaces for installation purposes. That is why, to explore the types and varieties of fireplaces for your home, getting in touch with The Fireplace Store might prove beneficial.

Things to consider for choosing the right fireplace

  • Type

Determine the kind of fireplace that is suitable for your home and family. Ask yourself some questions –

Is the unit for decorative purpose or primary heat source?

Is user-friendly and maintenance on top of your priority list?

What is kind of energy source you prefer?

Energy source

  • Gas fireplace

The pre-fabricated gas fireplaces offer a hearth flame and radiant heat without the troublesomeness of wood. In respect to venting you get options like direct-vent, vent-free, and insert models.

  • Electric fireplaces

The pre-designed electric fireplaces are aesthetic and small in size, so a great option for small rooms.

  • Wood-burning fireplace

The traditional type of fireplace which can be a great option for a cost-effective focal point in the home. Kiln-dried firewood (https://www.cuttingedgefirewood.com/kiln-dried-firewood/) can even cut down on your carbon emissions.

You get to choose construction materials for the fireplace including brick, stone, ceramic tile, and marble. Choose dark-colored materials, so that smoke stains are not visible.