Gift Ideas for Newlyweds! Have a look

Are your friends getting married, and you don’t want to give them a gift that you are pretty sure at least five other people are going to get them? Well, then surprise them with arrangements of great lancaster wedding djs dancing faculties. Or, maybe you just want to add something personal to the gifts that you selected from their registry. It is a great idea to get something different that they will treasure, signifing their love and the fact that you recognize that love. And for this, you can look at photo book ideas, unique photo book ideas, portraits of the couple, love poly game sets, and a host of other gift ideas.

If your friend is not into photography, you can also look for other couple gifts that are most likely customised according to the customer’s requirement. For instance, you can explore options like custom pillowcases, mug sets, or candles with their name engraved and a sweet love quote on them. Scented candles can make great wedding gifts for couples to romanticize their lives a little more. Moreover, you can read further to know what else you can gift newlyweds.

  1. His and Hers Pillowcase set. For less than $25, you can get your friends a ‘His and Hers’ pillowcase set. The names of the bride and groom are written on their pillow. The pillows are made of cotton and poly and come in the standard size of 30in x 20in. You could also look for personalized gifts with their pictures. For instance, you may get custom bedding options with their pictures on sites like Soufeel.
  2. Wed-tini Martini Glasses. At Eyes 4 Gifts, you can purchase your friends this lovely pair of wedding martini glasses. The pair is sold for $65 and are 7 ½ inches high. The bride glass will have a bouquet of red roses, her name and the wedding date and the groom’s glass will have a top hat, his name and the wedding date.
  3. Love Poly Game set. This lover’s version of monopoly is a great idea for a gift. You can find it at Love Poly and can purchase just the game card for $19.95, the full game for $59.95 or the deluxe version for $74.95. You are able to personalize this game by uploading the couple’s pictures to the board and cards and putting in their birthdates, favorite places, anniversaries and home towns. You can also come up with your own ideas or use the ideas suggested on the site. If you are not sure what to include in the game, you can also buy a gift certificate for the couple.
  4. Wedding Caricature or Photo. This would make a perfect picture for the newlyweds. You can either upload or send a picture of the couple and describe the scene you would like. Another idea is to get the picture framed or make it into a photo blanket that they can use. On the mat surrounding the picture, you can write words of encouragement and well wishes for the new couple.
  5. Soul Mate Puzzle. At Personalized Mall, you can purchase a great, personalized puzzle for $26.95. Send a picture of the couple and the will reproduce it on a white cardboard puzzle as well as on the gift tin that the puzzle will be stored in. You can also choose the title for the puzzle and have the couple’s names repeated over and over in the background of the picture.

I hope you enjoyed these unique and precious gift ideas. I wish your friends a long life of happiness and love.