Eureka 3670G Boss Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Eureka 3670G Boss Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a sub $100 vacuum and was meant for quick vacuuming around the house. The design may lead you to think that this is a bagless vacuum where in fact it is not. The vacuum is well built despite its low price.

Now, let’s discuss the good points of this vacuum cleaner, shall we?

– Good suction power

The Eureka 3670G vacuum cleaner has plenty of power to clean hard surface floors and also low pile carpeting. Even when the bag is almost full it still packs enough suction power. In terms of long standing duration, its only rival is the bosch staubsauger .

– Small and lightweight

Having a small and lightweight vacuum cleaner is very handy. You can clean plenty of rooms or even the whole house, while hand-carrying it with you, with small effort. And since it’s a small one you can easily store it in a small cupboard.

– Long power cord

It has 20-foot power cord so you can vacuum a large area without constantly plugging and unplugging the power. The power cord is not retractable which is not a surprise. I doubt there are vacuum cleaner on this price range with a retractable power cord is not exactly an easy task.

– No-hassle dirt bag

Changing the bag is very easy. The bags has flip cap made from cardboard which helps in keeping the dust from pouring out when you change it.

– Useful accessories

There are extra brushes plus a long handle to clean corners and high places. There are also blower port which comes handy for cleaning computer CPU casing and deluxe floor brush to clean bare floors.

– No excessive heat problem

When you use it for a while it does gets warm but still cool enough to carry on your hand.

Now that the good points are covered let’s move on to the bad ones.

– Not for carpet cleaning

The Eureka 3670G Boss Mighty Mite is certainly designed for vacuuming on hard surface floor. When you use it to suck the dirt from carpets it left too much dirt on the carpet.

– It’s loud

It won’t bang your eardrums but if your kids are taking a nap you may want to postpone vacuuming their room until they’re awake.

Non HEPA filter

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is a life saver for people with allergies. It makes sure the air remain dust free when you’re vacuuming the floor. Considering its low price it is really not a surprise if this vacuum cleaner isn’t equipped in HEPA filters.


If you have a small house or an apartment with hard floors or some light carpeting the Eureka 3670G Boss Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum is a good choice. It’s lightweight, hold enough suction power and great for spot cleaning.