Effective Ways To Expand Your Following On Instagram

With millions of users across the globe, it is no doubt that Instagram is the king of all social media platforms. As a result, a lot of people are using Instagram as venue to promote their businesses or brands. One of the key ways to be successful in this platform is to grow your following. With several competitors who are also on social media, it is important to take all the necessary actions to stay strong in the competition. So to help you out, here are some effective ways on how you can grow an authentic Instagram following in 2019.

Stay Current – Use Videos

One of the most popular and most used features of Instagram is the IG stories. There are more than 400 million active users of IG stories everyday. That said, if you want to grow your following, you must stay current and use videos as your main attraction. But in doing so, you need to be creative so you can be ahead of the competition.

Modern Images

Aside from videos, your photos are also a factor that Instagram followers consider when following a particular brand or page. Hence, it is advisable to always keep your images modern. You can conduct some research online on how to properly and creatively edit all if your photos before posting them on your page.

Post Regularly

Moreover, it is also advisable to keep your followers up to date with all of your posts. This means that you have to post regularly and t the right time. This will allow your followers to have something to look forward to in your Instagram page. You can also optimize or integrate momentology to add some music to your videos.

Utilize Analytics

Lastly, using analytics and research to see what your followers actually engage with will give you an idea on how to properly deal with your followers.