Cricket World Cup Final Has India Triumph Over Sri Lanka

The Cricket World Cup 2011 final, with India against Sri Lanka, offered a massive ending. Since the final was held in Mumbai, India might have had an unfair advantage. Although Sri Lanka was a co-favorite of the tournament, it didn’t have the kind of home-field its opponents did. The Indians used a friendly crowd to overthrow three-time defending champion Australia, then defeated Pakistan in a heavily hyped semifinal.

Saturday’s championship could have easily been a letdown. Since the match was in Mumbai and followed the massive win over Pakistan, the hosts may have gotten overconfident. Although this was for all the marbles, the title game didn’t have the kind of stakes, and national pride, that the showdown with Pakistan had.

However, the Indians had come too far and waited too long to collapse at the end. Therefore, they set a championship match record with a run chase of 275 and prevailed by six wickets for their first title in 28 years. Watch the match highlight here at CPL live streaming 2020.

Having anyone other than Australia win the World Cup is rare enough. Yet the 2011 edition defied a lot of expectations, with the Aussies eliminated in the quarterfinals and with India and Pakistan going head-to-head in the semis. But this was a familiar position for Sri Lanka, as it made their second straight final appearance.

The Sri Lankans were actually the last team other than Australia to win it all, in 1996. Yet even though they didn’t face the Aussies this time, they faced a team that had an even more overwhelming advantage. This has been a dream tournament for the nation of India, and they weren’t about to have an ugly asterisk at the end.

The country also gave a big boost to TV ratings as well. Saturday’s match was the highest-rated program in India’s history and fueled a viewership of 67.6 million people worldwide, according to the Economic Times. Since rating records were broken throughout the tournament, it was fitting that they topped themselves again at the very end.

The World Cup was a big boost for cricket, as it captivated much of the world outside of America — especially in the Indian subcontinent. Now that the sport has a new champion, things may be more wide open in the future. Following the final, the winners hope to start a new dynasty of their own, while the losers hope that this is their last setback before they are finally breakthrough.