Cichlids: What Type Of Fishes Are These?

Cichlid fish are proof of the fascinating underwater world. They are colourful and are one of the biggest species of freshwater fish. They are mostly found in African and South American freshwater lakes. One of the facts that make them fascinating is their breeding method, which involves oral fertilisation of eggs. Other than this strange mating ritual, there are more interesting facts about them, and they are listed below:


Cichlids have a very big family that constitutes of many varieties of species. The variety ranges from 2,000 to 3,000. Currently, around 1,650 species have been scientifically identified and defined. They are the best fish species suitable for a nano African cichlid aquarium.


Their natural habitat is the freshwater lakes in Africa, Asia, and southern and central America. One of the lakes in Africa, called Lake Malawi, is filled with cichlids. They prefer staying close to the surface of lagoons, rivers, and lakes as there is plenty of sand and rock present.

Two sets of jaws

The cichlids have two sets of jaws, and both have different functionality. The out jaw is used to collect food, whilst the inner jaw is used to mash it. The cichlids have very high adaptability skills as it is an omnivore, meaning it can depend on a variety of food sources.


Cichlids do have some great size variation. The largest one is as long as one’s arm, and the smallest species of cichlids are the size of a thumbnail. So, it can be said that the largest cichlid fish is around 5,000 times longer and larger than the thumbnail-sized cichlid species.


The mouth breeding and mating is a fact that makes this fish very interesting. The whole mating process involves a lot of spinning, chasing, and dancing. And for fertilization, the female collects her eggs in the mouth, and the male releases the sperm over the eggs.

Adding cichlids to the aquarium will be a great addition as they are beautiful. You can also consider adding LED lighting to the aquarium to make the uniqueness of these fish stand out. However, you might have to do an led aquarium beleuchtung test (lighting test) to find those that suit your aquarium’s interior. In any case, the cichlids can be an interesting fish to learn about and have as a pet. And during the mating season, the process is very educational and unique to watch. The cichlids are evolutionary fishes, and the list provides the facts that make them so.