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Sheetrock in your house can be easily damaged by water. One of the sources of water can be from ice damming that occurs during the winter months in cold, snowy climates. The ice dam allows water to sit on the roof and slowly leak into the attic and walls.

Fix Water Damage Promptly

If you see water spots starting to form on your ceiling or walls, you will want to take action immediately. I have found that by the time you see the damaged sheetrock there might already be mold and roof damage that you can’t see. The insulation in the attic could be wet and compacted, which makes it less energy efficient.


Remove the Ice Dam

The first step to fixing the water damage will be to get rid of the ice dam. If you do not get rid of the ice dam you will continue to have water dripping in slowly and do more damage to your real estate. Read my article “How to Get Rid of an Ice Dam Without Damaging Your House” for more information on how to remove an ice dam safely.

Remove Water Damaged Sheetrock

You will want to remove the damaged sheetrock to expose the wood studs or rafters that are behind it. By removing the water damaged sheetrock you will be able to see the extent of the damage that the ice dam has caused.

I would not recommend painting over a water stain to hide it. Painting may be a temporary solution if you are not able to fix it right away, but eventually you will want to replace the sheetrock.

Assess the Damage

Now that the water damaged sheetrock is off, you can see what needs to be done. Take the time to look at the roof sheeting and trusses and note any mold or rot. Have a professional contractor fix any roof trusses or rafters that need to be repaired.

In the walls you might find wood studs that are completely rotten and need to be replaced. If the ice dam problem is new, or if it doesn’t happen frequently, you probably won’t have wood that is rotted yet. There is a good chance, however, that you will find mold.

Clean and Treat for Mold

To prevent mold from growing, use an anti-mold cleaning agent. However, if mold has already started growing, clean off all mold that you can access. Use soapy water to help get it off. After all of the visible mold is off, you should then tread the wood with an anti-mold cleaning agent. This will kill the mold spores and hopefully stop mold from coming back. Once you put the sheetrock back on you can no longer see the mold growing, and it could make the air in your home hazardous. Do it right the first time, and you will save time and money.

Once the wood is dry again you can put new sheetrock on. Go ahead and tape and texture like you normally would to match the existing sheetrock.

Prevent a Future Ice Dam

Now that the ice dam is gone and the sheetrock is fixed, you will want to prevent the ice dam from ever forming again. Read my article “How to Prevent an Ice Dam from Forming” to learn methods of preventing future ice dams. The water damage does not have to happen again.

It is quite difficult to handle one ice dam so you can imagine the problems that can be caused if one more pops up in its place so therefore it is better to prevent it from happening. Apart from the above article, you can also visit for some new tips.

Today’s youth are quite different from what they were many decades back, be it in lifestyle or thought process. In the old times, people tended to become responsible and serious the moment they would reach adolescence.

They respected their parents and elders and had humility and compassion in them and would help everyone out in times of need without the prodding or insistence of anyone and that is what they took pride in.

Gradually, change of times brought changes in the new generation kids as well as they turned out to be completely different (not exact opposite) than their older counterparts by being quite rebellious and outspoken in nature.

While it is true that they are far more intelligent and well aware of their surroundings and what they have in mind for the future, they would be quite haughty and arrogant by looking down upon their inferiors.

This may not reflect on their behavior in a positive way, but there is one area where it came in very handy. Today, when they are out for buying a house of their own, they want nothing less than the very best.

They get to choose the interior design of the house and they do it with elan, decorations and color décor aside, by being quite fond of the cowhide rug which only added to the attractiveness of the inside walls and floors.

When it comes to design, the black and white cowhide rug stands head and shoulders above all other designs as its quite stylish and easy on the eyes.

A cowhide rug as its anti allergenic, meaning that if you are allergic to animal skin, it won’t act as a deterrent as it is quite tough and resilient while being soft at the same time.

They are as good for wall hanging as they are as carpets on the floor and this is what attracts the attention of guests and they make positive remarks on your home décor skills.

It’s wise to find a refrigerator repair service in your local place. Expect convenience and quick turnaround time, since the technician or service center is near you. However, be sure to select a reliable one to avoid bigger worries after the service. This is to have your refrigerator professionally fixed, and avoid further downtime or expenses because of faulty services.

How to look for a Refrigerator Repair Service today

In finding a refrigerator technician, always prefer to get service from manufacturer. Know the brand of your unit, then see if its manufacturer has a service center near you. Official technicians have enough expertise in fixing specific units from their brand. Moreover, this is the best way to enjoy warranties if applicable, as well as making sure of genuine parts being used as replacements for your unit.

If there’s no service center of your unit’s brand locally, look for a third party technician instead. But make sure you’re hiring a reliable professional. You can begin by asking your friends and acquaintances if they know any reputable expert. Googling for the best repair service in your area is great as well, then see which option has the highest rates of positive reviews.

Note that positive feedback indicate happy clients from a service. However, read reviews to gauge their authenticity. Be sure you’re not following reviews which are made up by the company.

Then, communicate with the best options. Inquire about the services they offer, and tell them about your unit. Ask how they are planning to fix it up. If they explain things clearly to you, then they certainly know what they’re doing. Also, inquire about their rates, and if they need to source certain parts from some other place.

These notes would guide you to the best refrigerator repair service around. However, remember to take your time to carefully make the right choice. This helps in getting your refrigerator on good shape as soon as possible.

Black mold on a ceiling is unsightly. In addition to being unsightly, mold has been linked to health problems like cancer and upper respiratory disease. Mold located on the ceiling is hard to clean due to being above your head. Having to hold your arms up for a long period of time or else run up and down a ladder make cleaning the ceiling a major task.

However, this is not the case. Cleaning mold off a ceiling is an easy task that you can choose do that own or take help from someone. Before that you should learn the art of mold inspection so that you properly analyze the situation that is in front of you.

Having everything ready and close at hand before beginning will make the cleaning project go smoother. The supplies you need to gather before beginning this cleaning project are a bucket, bleach or borax, eye protection, gloves, a mask, and a mop. You will also need at least 2 gallons of hot water for washing and rinsing the molded area. Also, a sponge mop will break down quickly if dipped into a bleach solution so if you are using bleach use another style of mop.

Before mixing the cleaner and water you will need to put your protective gear on. The mask is optional if you are working in a well ventilated area, but it is highly recommended regardless. The eye protection and gloves are important because you will be working with chemicals and mold above your head and either one could drip down onto you.

Make sure the bucket is sitting on a flat surface before you fill it so it will not get knocked over. Pour one cup of bleach or borax – do not try to mix the two because you only need one – into the bucket and add one gallon of hot water. If your bucket is large and you want to make cleaner add double the amount of cleaner and water. You can use the mop to mix the cleaning solution so you do not need a stirring stick.

Get started by dipping the mop into the cleaning solution. Lift the mop out of the water and wring most of the excess water out of it. You will not want it to be too dry because the wetness of the cleaning solution is what breaks down the mold and prevents dry mold spores from drifting into the air.

Begin to rub the wet mop on the ceiling. If the ceiling has a pattern then you should follow the lines of the pattern. Getting the molded area clean might require two or three tries scrubbing with the mop. If it does not come clean the first time you ass over it wait about five minutes and try again.

When the ceiling is clean you can dump the bucket and fill it with clean hot water. Dip the mop into it and wipe the area with the clean water to rinse it off. Let the ceiling dry completely and look for ways to make sure the area does not become damp again. If the damp conditions are not eliminated, then new mold will grow. Consider things like a dehumidifier and ventilation improvements to accomplish this.

If you are trying to get your man to clean up you have several different options. Be sure, however, to let him use waschsauger and other cleaning tools to have an easier time convincing him.

One method is the positive approach, which is to make it appealing for him by telling him how much happier it makes you feel to have the house cleaned up. You might also let him know that you will partner with him on a special “cleaning day” where both of you pitch in to keep the house clean. You might also offer to make a special deal with him that you will make his favorite foods and prepare snacks for him while he is watching sporting events if he pitches in and cleans when there is nothing good on TV. All of these approaches are positives ones that try to make him understand that his life will be enhanced if he makes some effort to keep the house clean. There are some other ways to get him to help as well. You can offer to have an incentive program in place for him to keep things tidy.

Some examples could be that you will do certain aspects of the cleaning if your man does the others. One system that works well is if you find out which types of cleaning he does not like to do. If you agree to do those types of cleaning, then he will likely agree to do a lot of other types of cleaning up instead. For instance, if your man does not like to clean the bathroom or kitchen, you could agree to keep those rooms tidy if he does the same in living room and bedroom. Many people don’t like to mop floors and clean out the bathtub, so if you agree to do those things you might be surprised that he is perfectly willing to do the rest of the cleaning tasks around the house. The most important step in having your man clean up is to get him to start doing it one time.

After doing it once, he may discover that it was nowhere near as difficult to accomplish as he originally thought. By showing your man that cleaning up is an ongoing process, he may think twice about making a mess because he will know that he is going to be the one who has to clean it up later. Eventually it will be second nature to him that he should keep things clean, so that he will not later have to go through the annoyance and difficulty of cleaning everything at once.

By keeping things clean in the first place, he will eventually become a major partner in keeping the overall house clean. Following these tips are a sure way to get your man to clean up!

Stains on carpets are very difficult to remove if the stain has been setting in the fibers for a very long time. There are proper means of taking care of carpets that help to eliminate the sabotage of bacteria and germs that accumulate from carpet stains. Such stains can cause unpleasant odors as well as illness if they are not attended to as soon as possible. The best solution is to read a roundup of the best at-home cleaning machines to clean carpets today. However, you can remove old carpet stains while using various everyday household products. Rather than buying expensive cleaning solutions, you can save money when you clean your carpet using the following liquids.

– Water

Using clean water is the best solution for cleaning fresh carpet stains. Using warm to hot water and some rags or paper towels you can stay on your budge and still clean your carpet to satisfaction. Using water along with a cloth or paper towels you can absorb the moisture and any small particles. Keep in mind that this method is not useful for old carpet stains, but it makes a great difference when there are new spills on your carpet. This is because old stains encourage the growth of germs and bacteria, which cause unpleasant odors.

– Ammonia

Ammonia is another effective solution for stain removal without having to use toxins to clean carpeting. Mix 1-tablespoon ammonia with ½-cup water. Using ammonia can be too harsh and cause damage to carpets. Blot the mixed solution onto the stain and let it set for a few minutes. Using a sponge and clean water, blot the area again. The ammonia will loosen the stain and the sponge will absorb it from off of your carpet.

– Vinegar

Vinegar is fine as a cooking aid; however, it is also very useful for carpet cleaning. You can use this condiment for cleaning carpet stains. Keep in mind that you should not use it at full strength and you should only use vinegar. Mix together 1/3-cup white vinegar and 2/3-cup water and shake. Blot this solution on the stain. This mixture works well when you are removing beer stains and its odor. Using a sponge and clean water, blot the area again in order to absorb the liquid and stain from your carpet.

– Rubbing Alcohol

You can use this simple household product in full strength to clean carpet stains. You can remove those stubborn sticky stains such as ink stain in carpets while using rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol can work for you while you are removing the stickiness of ink by simply wiping it away. You can also use rubbing alcohol for bloodstain removal from carpets; however, you may have to use some clean water to blot away the residue left behind to make it look as good as new.

You can easily solve carpet-cleaning emergencies by using these simple household liquids. These are great ideas when you have not the time to run to the local market to make a commercial purchase while a stain continues to set into your beautiful carpet.

Once you pass out from school, you enter college and that is the last time where you get to have the time of your life with bunking classes, hanging out with friends, smoking and drinking, with little to no study and somehow just passing out with a degree.

That is where the happy days end and the real period of struggle begins as every person finds out to his/her cost. It is now that they come to know that life is not the bed of roses that they had enjoyed in their childhood.

Once you finally get a job after running from pillar to post, with months of fruitless toil and a lot of recommendations, you start feeling worn out and find that it is beyond your capacity.

Luckily, after some initial hiccups, you start getting used to it and after a certain period, you become an expert in the field and start enjoying work life.

With greater success comes more power and with it come more responsibilities and burden, you start travelling far and wide to make from one city to another at frequent intervals with the airport and plane becoming a sort of second home.

When coming to a new city, begins the hunt for motels/lodges to spend days during your stay.

Consumer Epic website can help you out as it gives valuable information in this regard along with product reviews.

Here are 6 tips to help you choose a good motel:

  • Research for the best motel list online and choose as per preference
  • The basic amenities like food, water, room etc. are a must
  • The motel should have its own official website with all the details
  • The lodge should establish its location so that it can be tracked
  • You can browse reviews on websites like make my trip and consumer epic
  • Make sure the motel is up to date and in sync with current times

If you are planning to start a business on roof repair Overland Park then you must follow commercial roofing because it generates more leads than residential. The commercial roofing business is profitable when you use the correct materials and have the correct legal papers. There are many things that you keep in mind if you want to prosper in this business.

The most important that matters in this business is what type of materials you are using for roofing. Most roofing companies use seven types of roofing materials but among them Thermoplastic Polyolefin and Tri- Thermal Roofing are the best. So use the best roofing material to reach out to more customers. Your workers must be well trained and certified because if they are not well trained your work will not be up to the demand of the customer and it will prove your company less efficient than your competitors.

You should also have insurance for every worker that works for your company when an accident happens in a work zone the work will have to face huge amounts of bills in hospitals and its where the worker insurance will show its importance. To make good progress and reputation in a small time in your roofing business you must have all the papers. In local permits, you must have the building permit, zoning, and planning. Your state’s Legal department will help you with all permits’ legal papers needed to run the business smoothly. You must also apply for the license and different certifications that you will require to start the business. You will be able to get all these papers from your state’s department of business regulation.  The state in which you live might require to obtain more papers than other states.

These are just some of the tips that you should follow if you want to run a profitable, stress-free commercial roofing business.

Since your bed is a place where you spend a great deal of your time, it’s only natural that something may spill and stain your mattress at some point. Some common mattress stains come from drink and food spills, human or pet urine, and older mattresses may even have mildew stains. Remember, you can only flip the mattress over once before the problem is back. Try some of these simple spot remedies to remove stubborn stains from your mattress.

General Stains

For most general stains or unknown stains, use a citrus based cleaning product. This cleaning product should not contain any bleach as it will take the color out of the fabric. Allow the product to soak into the stain for about 10 minutes. Use an old rag and blot the area to absorb the liquid. Allow the area to dry and the stain should be gone! Place a dryer sheet under the sheet to remove any odors and give your mattress a fresh scent.

Mold  & Mildew Stains

Removing mold and mildew stains from a mattress can be very difficult. If they have been lingering on the mattress for a long period of time and soak deep into the bed, it can be almost impossible. Begin by finding the source of the problem. What caused the mold or mildew to appear in the first place? The most common reason is moisturize in the air. This problem can be fixed by placing a humidifier, air conditioner, or heater to remove the dampness from the air.

Another option to removing mold and mildew from mattresses is to allow the captain’s bed to soak in the sun. Scrap off any excess mold or mildew from the outside of the mattress and get a strong vacuum to remove any surface mold. Lay the mattress upright against the house or shed in direct sunlight. Allow the mattress to stay in the sun for about 3 to 4 hours. This will help to dry out the mattress and freshen the fabric.

Urine Stains

Human and pet stains are a very common source of mattress stains. Not only can urine stains discolor the fabric and cause bacteria to grow, but it can also cause a lingering odor. It’s best to get to the stain when it first occurs as it’s not penetrated into the fabric as much.

Begin by blotting up any excess urine on the surface of the mattress. Next, spray a cleaning product that is made for odor removal on soiled stains. Allow the stain to soak in the product for about 10 minutes. Blot up any excess product and allow the area to dry.

Another way to remove urine stains from a mattress is to saturate it with vinegar. Blot out the excess and allow the area to dry. Next, cover the area with baking soda to help neutralize the odor. Leave the baking soda on the area overnight and vacuum up the spot the next morning.

Food and Drink Stains

Food and drink stains may be able to be cleaned, but unfortunately, darker stains may leave a permanent colored surface stain. Remove the under stain by using a citrus product and allow it to sit on the area for 10 minutes. Use a cloth to push down on the stain and blot up the excess. Follow this by spraying vinegar on the stain. Repeat the process by blotting the area. Each time this is repeated, the color and stain should lift.


If you are looking for some easy home remedies to remove stains, consider some of the above. Some stains can be stubborn and down right difficult to remove. The most effective stain remover techniques I have used have worked well for my mattress.

Decoration of our house or bedroom is a vital aspect for anyone because after the tiring day at work when we return to our home and see these eye-catching and bright colors. We get a positive vibe and get the best kick possible.

 Advantages of painting the wall

  • Pocket-friendly

having a paint that has a durable life span is the best investment one can do. Therefore with the help of cost-effective paints, one can easily make sure that they have given their home uplift.

  • Longer life 

when it comes to a longer life span, then definitely it is the imp source when compared with other decorative materials. As many paint companies give the tag line that their product can stay for more than 15 years after the application of the paint on walls.

What are wallpapers: click here?

It is a decorative material which makes sure that we have the best creative walls and with the help of wallpaper. We can prevent our walls from moisture, humidity, and dust.

Plus points of installing wallpapers

  • Rich content

 When we talk about new and better styles of the wall and best ideas about the content. Then definitely, with the help of wallpaper, one can quickly improve their look of the house and fence. Although it is a bit expensive when it comes to enrichment, then no one can beat it.

  • Three dimensional 

 Only wallpaper can make our walls look like a 3D look alike. Therefore, with the help of wallpaper. One can quickly improve their glimpse of the house and room. Also, we can customize it according to our priority, and it is straightforward to remove. And when it comes to variety, then definitely, they are clear cut winners.