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Ever since the first season of The Bachelor aired, television has been inundated with reality dating shows. For Love or Money, My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance, Elimidate, The Bachelorette, Joe Millionaire, and Outback Jack quickly followed in their predecessor’s footsteps. And let’s not forget the old standby Blind Date and the original dating show – The Dating Game. Dating, love, and even marriage is not just for two anymore; it has become a voyeuristic free-for-all. Viewers are drawn in not just by the ultra modern notion that love could be found anywhere, even behind a camera crew, but by the oh so stupid and tacky faux pas frequently made on such shows. I recall a woman on a recent season of The Bachelor who began discussing her soon to be dried up eggs (with The Bachelor, mind you) on the first or second episode. She not only freaked out The Bachelor, but many of the women as well. This is really why these shows are popular isn’t it? Well, why not take it up a notch, put the potential lovebirds in a very awkward and comedic situation-a bring your ex party. Additionally, you have apps like cyberflix tv with which you can watch these shows along with several other Tv shows for free.

What Is A Bring Your Ex Party?

Essentially, everyone who attends brings an ex or a current boyfriend or girlfriend that they’d like to throw over as nicely as possible. The idea behind the party is that your ex may find love among the other exes and possibly you too, or you may get to recycle a current love that isn’t working out without feeling quite as much guilt. You may remember the episode of Sex and the City in which Charlotte hosts a bring your ex party. The party didn’t fare too well for the Sex and the City gals but for reality TV it doesn’t have to. The beauty of this kind of show is in the mismatches, the dates that don’t know they’re being thrown over, and the jealous women whose gal pals are hitting on her ex. And then…there is always that chance that two poor reality TV victims could find love.

Why It Would Work

Have you ever wondered what your current better half’s ex is like? Have you ever broken up with someone and wondered if their next love will be anything like you, or nothing like you? Have you ever had a crush on someone else’s love, or someone else’s ex? Have you ever really wanted to break-up with someone but didn’t want to feel guilty about it? Chances are you can say yes to at least one of these questions and that’s exactly why it would work.

Situations That Could Arise At A Bring Your Ex Party

What if there’s an attraction between someone’s current but soon to be recycled love and someone else at the party? The soon to be thrown over date likely doesn’t know that he or she is being brought to the party to be dumped – would the attraction be acted on or would they fear being dubbed as cheaters?

And there is always the chance…that a sneaky woman would bring a guy that she’s really into just to see how faithful her catch would be swimming with the sharks. Of course this scenario also applies to sneaky guys out there who want to test the loyalty of their women. To cross the line or not to cross the line, that is the question.

Perfect Atmosphere For A Bring Your Ex Party

Ideally a show like this should be filmed in a large apartment with several rooms, maybe even a balcony or patio, providing private opportunities. Every week the show could be filmed in a different city for variety.

Possible Show Titles

Reality TV shows have to be careful not to be devious but the title also shouldn’t completely give away the premise or the jig is up. The show could be called something like Party On or Party Animals.

Stains on carpets are very difficult to remove if the stain has been setting in the fibers for a very long time. There are proper means of taking care of carpets that help to eliminate the sabotage of bacteria and germs that accumulate from carpet stains. Such stains can cause unpleasant odors as well as illness if they are not attended to as soon as possible. The best solution is to read a roundup of the best at-home cleaning machines to clean carpets today. However, you can remove old carpet stains while using various everyday household products. Rather than buying expensive cleaning solutions, you can save money when you clean your carpet using the following liquids.

– Water

Using clean water is the best solution for cleaning fresh carpet stains. Using warm to hot water and some rags or paper towels you can stay on your budge and still clean your carpet to satisfaction. Using water along with a cloth or paper towels you can absorb the moisture and any small particles. Keep in mind that this method is not useful for old carpet stains, but it makes a great difference when there are new spills on your carpet. This is because old stains encourage the growth of germs and bacteria, which cause unpleasant odors.

– Ammonia

Ammonia is another effective solution for stain removal without having to use toxins to clean carpeting. Mix 1-tablespoon ammonia with ½-cup water. Using ammonia can be too harsh and cause damage to carpets. Blot the mixed solution onto the stain and let it set for a few minutes. Using a sponge and clean water, blot the area again. The ammonia will loosen the stain and the sponge will absorb it from off of your carpet.

– Vinegar

Vinegar is fine as a cooking aid; however, it is also very useful for carpet cleaning. You can use this condiment for cleaning carpet stains. Keep in mind that you should not use it at full strength and you should only use vinegar. Mix together 1/3-cup white vinegar and 2/3-cup water and shake. Blot this solution on the stain. This mixture works well when you are removing beer stains and its odor. Using a sponge and clean water, blot the area again in order to absorb the liquid and stain from your carpet.

– Rubbing Alcohol

You can use this simple household product in full strength to clean carpet stains. You can remove those stubborn sticky stains such as ink stain in carpets while using rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol can work for you while you are removing the stickiness of ink by simply wiping it away. You can also use rubbing alcohol for bloodstain removal from carpets; however, you may have to use some clean water to blot away the residue left behind to make it look as good as new.

You can easily solve carpet-cleaning emergencies by using these simple household liquids. These are great ideas when you have not the time to run to the local market to make a commercial purchase while a stain continues to set into your beautiful carpet.

Are your friends getting married and you don’t want to give them a gift that you are pretty sure at least five other people are going to get them? Well then surprise them with arrangements of great lancaster wedding djs dancing faculties. Or, maybe you just want to add something personal to the gifts that you selected from their registry. It is a great idea to get something different that they will treasure; something that signifies their love and the fact that you recognize that love.

  1. His and Hers Pillowcase set. For less than $25 at Personalized Mall, you can get your friends a ‘His and Hers’ pillowcase set. The names of the bride and groom are written on their pillow. The pillows are made of cotton and poly and come in the standard size of 30in x 20in.
  2. Wed-tini Martini Glasses. At Eyes 4 Gifts, you can purchase your friends this lovely pair of wedding martini glasses. The pair is sold for $65 and are 7 ½ inches high. The bride glass will have a bouquet of red roses, her name and the wedding date and the groom’s glass will have a top hat, his name and the wedding date.
  3. Love Poly Game set. This lover’s version of monopoly is a great idea for a gift. You can find it at Love Poly and can purchase just the game card for $19.95, the full game for $59.95 or the deluxe version for $74.95. You are able to personalize this game by uploading the couple’s pictures to the board and cards and putting in their birthdates, favorite places, anniversaries and home towns. You can also come up with your own ideas or use the ideas suggested on the site. If you are not sure what to include in the game, you can also buy a gift certificate for the couple.
  4. Wedding Caricature. This will make a perfect picture for the newlyweds to hang on a wall in their new home. This gift is sold on Give A Caricature. Prices start at $175. You can either upload or send a picture of the couple and describe the scene you would like. The best idea is to get the picture framed. On the mat surrounding the picture, you can write words of encouragement and well wishes for the new couple.
  5. Soul Mate Puzzle. At Personalized Mall, you can purchase a great, personalized puzzle for $26.95. Send a picture of the couple and the will reproduce it on a white cardboard puzzle as well as on the gift tin that the puzzle will be stored in. You can also choose the title for the puzzle and have the couple’s names repeated over and over in the background of the picture.

I hope you enjoyed these unique and precious gift ideas. I wish your friends a long life of happiness and love.

Looking for a house is one but how if you were the one who wanted to sell a property? We wish it was easy to sell the house or condo all by yourself. However, it is actually much more complicated than that. You need to sell your house at the right price. You need to approach the right customers. You need to market the property just right. It’s not easy and it is most certainly not for someone who hasn’t any experience with real estate. With that, it is important to find the perfect agent for you. 

Ask For Referrals

You can easily look for realtors online. However, looking for someone with a good reputation and commission range can be a tricky one. It would be best to seek the services of someone who is connected to some of the people you know. This way, you know you can trust the person because doing something unprofessional would risk his integrity with your common acquaintance. 

Shortlist At Least Three Candidates

It can be a bit exciting to start working with a realtor and finally liquidate your home. However, it is vital that everything be done right. 

Do not rush the process. Go through each candidate and select three potential realtors you’d want to work with. 

Ask About His Credentials And Experience

If you want to sell your home for a good price, it probably would be a good idea to choose a realtor who already knows what he is doing. 

It wouldn’t do you good to hire a beginner if this is the case. It’s not enough to just ask a summary of what he can do. Perhaps, you can also ask him sell something to you. You can use a “pattaya condo for sale” as a subject line. Just look and see how good he is at sales and marketing. 


When giving an extra-special titanium ring jewelry gift, there are really only two options to choose from: a custom design or a designer design. If you’re a recipient, then you might react differently to each type of design (a designer design could show that you man made a thoughtful and stylish investment whereas a custom design could get a creative way to share your love).

Whether you’re giving a titanium ring in the near future, or planning to receive a titanium ring in the near future, here are some things to think about when it comes to making the right choice:

Find a Trusted Supplier

It is always essential that if you are purchasing an expensive gift, you find the right supplier. It doesn’t matter whether you are customizing your titanium ring or buying a pre-made titanium ring, you need to be able to trust that the quality and craftsmanship of the ring is top-notch.

Overall Look and Feel

The look and feel of the titanium ring is perhaps the most important consideration that you must make when choosing the right titanium ring for your needs. Some designer titanium rings have intricate designs that are loaded with meaning, such as traditional Celtic designs that relate back to ancient Irish folklore and culture.

If you were to choose a customized titanium ring design, chances are good that you would get the kind of specific style that you are looking for as well as the personalized meaning that the style might have to you and your sweetheart.

Before making your decision about designer titanium rings or customized titanium rings, it’s always beneficial to browse through the titanium ring options that are already out there and readily available. Browsing can help you get ideas and you never know when one of those ideas will lead to inspiration or when a particular titanium ring will jump out at you and become irresistible.

Consider the Meaning

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a titanium ring that you expect to last forever (such as a titanium engagement ring) is the meaning behind the design. If you decide to create a custom design, then you will be able to infuse the titanium ring with symbolism that is important to you and your significant other.

However, if you choose a designer style ring, then the design may already have symbolism. For example, a classic three stone ring might symbolize your past, present, and future with someone. The meaning of the design to you and your partner is perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to get a ring in the first place. Therefore, start a dialog about what kind of symbolism you might want in your new titanium ring. Together, you can come to a mutual understanding of what the ring means to the two of you. That understanding will likely help you make your purchasing choice. The choice of the person will be influenced through the reviews available at the site The customers can share their feedback at the site.

The finest of the finest options can be discovered in the modern world, allowing you to have the reliability of the networks and data. Keeping your data private over the internet is the primary thing to be practiced for you surely. Additionally, if you are operating an online-based business through an open network, then you need to get VPN services as soon as possible.

However, if you operate your data through androids, then you might be pondering about which one is a better option for you of VPN services to go along with. To know more about the secured data network of the VPN for androids in 2019, then continue reading the article mentioned below.

The finest VPN network for androids in 2019

Here, presenting you the top-rated options for VPN networks for androids, you can decide in between them that is the better option for you. So let us get started with the listing of the top VPN networks for androids.

  1.  Surfshark: This convenient option allows you to have better access to the internet. It also provides you the required privacy and safeguards your network connection. It also offers you a better speedy network allowing the page to take lesser time to load through the interface.
  2.  Hotspot shield: those looking for the fastest VPN servers that can optimally work for androids is the hotspot shield that is also the top options for the VPN networks. You can get unlimited access to the VPN network by using this particular network.
  3. Tor guard: you might find the name of the network bizarre, however; the services are more convenient in this case. You can acquire the benefit of the 50% discount with TorGuard coupon code multiple benefits. It would be many options for you to have direct access to the network using this particular network.

Summer break is coming soon and for working parents, the nightmare begins. Leaving your child home unattended is a scary thought to many parents but sometimes there doesn’t seem to be any options.
Here are some tips and ideas on how to get through summer break and keep your 12 to 14 year old safe.

Make rules and stand by them. A young teen is likely to sleep away half the day if no one is there to insist that they get out of bed. Have a pre-determined, reasonable time that you and your teen agree upon that he or she is to contact you whether by phone or text. If they do not get out of bed follow through with taking away privileges.

Assign chores for your teen to do during the day and if they are completed, give them an allowance that they can use for movies, roller skating or other activities with their friends.

Speak to the parents of your teens friends and see if there are any programs that you can sign them up for. See if between the two of you an arrangement can be made for carpooling. Getting your teen out of the house and involved in an activity will help to keep him/her out of trouble.

Know who your teens friends are and what their parents work schedules are like. If you feel strongly about not allowing your teen to either have friends over or be at a friend’s house when no parents are present, be firm about enforcing your rules.

Consider hiring a “buddy” for your pre or younger teen. A 16 or 17 year old who can hang out with your teen a few hours a day to swim together, go to a local park, mall or library can be a good influence and will keep your teen from just hanging in the house playing video games or surfing the Internet.

Try to take some time from work to do day trips with your teen. If you cannot get a weeks vacation or cannot afford to, maybe taking a day or two will fit better into your schedule and budget. Do something together that you both can enjoy. Offer to bring a friend along to make it more enjoyable.

Pre and young teens can often be self-absorbed and have a hard time understanding that parents do not have the luxury of a summer break. Allow your teen to have fun but keep in touch with any plans they might make. To avoid extra stress, confirm with your teen’s friends parent when they make plans to do things together. No teen is perfect and just as young children test their parents, teens test their parents by trying to get away with things from time to time. In order to keep your teen safe you need to keep in contact and ask questions.

You can provide a safe atmosphere for your teen over the summer while you are at work. The key is to insist upon communication and adhering to the house rules of behavior.

Parents are basically keeping their children in a daycare centre in order to prepare them when they go on to have children of their own someday and wear the mantle of parenthood with pride.

The Eureka 3670G Boss Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a sub $100 vacuum and was meant for quick vacuuming around the house. The design may lead you to think that this is a bagless vacuum where in fact it is not. The vacuum is well built despite its low price.

Now, let’s discuss the good points of this vacuum cleaner, shall we?

– Good suction power

The Eureka 3670G vacuum cleaner has plenty of power to clean hard surface floors and also low pile carpeting. Even when the bag is almost full it still packs enough suction power. In terms of long standing duration, its only rival is the bosch staubsauger .

– Small and lightweight

Having a small and lightweight vacuum cleaner is very handy. You can clean plenty of rooms or even the whole house, while hand-carrying it with you, with small effort. And since it’s a small one you can easily store it in a small cupboard.

– Long power cord

It has 20-foot power cord so you can vacuum a large area without constantly plugging and unplugging the power. The power cord is not retractable which is not a surprise. I doubt there are vacuum cleaner on this price range with a retractable power cord is not exactly an easy task.

– No-hassle dirt bag

Changing the bag is very easy. The bags has flip cap made from cardboard which helps in keeping the dust from pouring out when you change it.

– Useful accessories

There are extra brushes plus a long handle to clean corners and high places. There are also blower port which comes handy for cleaning computer CPU casing and deluxe floor brush to clean bare floors.

– No excessive heat problem

When you use it for a while it does gets warm but still cool enough to carry on your hand.

Now that the good points are covered let’s move on to the bad ones.

– Not for carpet cleaning

The Eureka 3670G Boss Mighty Mite is certainly designed for vacuuming on hard surface floor. When you use it to suck the dirt from carpets it left too much dirt on the carpet.

– It’s loud

It won’t bang your eardrums but if your kids are taking a nap you may want to postpone vacuuming their room until they’re awake.

Non HEPA filter

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is a life saver for people with allergies. It makes sure the air remain dust free when you’re vacuuming the floor. Considering its low price it is really not a surprise if this vacuum cleaner isn’t equipped in HEPA filters.


If you have a small house or an apartment with hard floors or some light carpeting the Eureka 3670G Boss Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum is a good choice. It’s lightweight, hold enough suction power and great for spot cleaning.

Up until recently, the only way to download Nintendo DS demos is from certain download stations set up in retail stores. With the release of the Nintendo Channel on the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS gamers can now download Nintendo DS demos straight from their home. Here is a tutorial on how to download Nintendo DS demos on the Nintendo Wii.

Step One: Requirements

  • The following is needed in order to download Nintendo DS demos:
  • Nintendo Wii
  • The Nintendo Wii will have to transmit the Nintendo DS demos onto the Nintendo DS.
  • Wi-Fi
  • The Nintendo Wii will need to connect to the Internet in order to retrieve data to transmit Nintendo DS demos.

Step Two: Downloading the Nintendo Channel

From the Wii Menu, navigate over to the Wii Shop Channel. Click on it and then click “Start” to launch the channel.

Once in the Wii Shop Channel, click the Start Shopping Button and then navigate to the Wii Channels section. From there, scroll down to and select the Nintendo Channel. Click Download (don’t worry about losing your Wii Points, the channel is free). Click “OK” and then “Yes” to start the download. The Nintendo Channel has a download size of 123 Blocks; so make sure you have enough space for it.

Step Three: Navigating the Nintendo Channel

Head back to the Wii Menu and select the newly downloaded Nintendo Channel once it finished downloading. Go launch the Wii Shop Channel the same way you launch the Wii Shop Channel. A short video will being to play once the channel is ready.

Click on the “To Video List” button to close the video and bring up a menu. After that, choose the “Find Titles for You” option. You should see the “DS Download Service” section at the bottom of the list.

Enter that area to find a list of available Nintendo DS demos for download. Click on the one you want to download to the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii will then automatically prepare for the transmission.

Step Four: Transmitting the Nintendo DS Demo

Now turn on your Nintendo DS and select the “DS Download Play.” Press the A button to enter the mode and the Nintendo DS will automatically look for software to download.

If you already configured everything on the Nintendo Wii portion, the Nintendo DS will pick up the transmission from the Nintendo Channel. Press the A button to select the Nintendo DS demo and A again to download. Once the download is done, the demo will launch automatically.

Congratulations you can now wear your geek clothing and enjoy your Nintendo DS demos. Keep in mind that once you completely shut down the Nintendo DS, the demo will disappear and you will need to download it again.

If you love playing with the woods, you will also like to make woodworking your hobby. If you already have woodworking as your hobby, you would be glad to know that you can convert your hobby into a profession. Yes! You can make money out of woodworking. All you need is the finest of equipment to work with, in the woods. Handicrafts and homemade wooden items have come a long way since time immemorial. Industries who have used woodworking machinery, have crafted such handicraft items.

With the right set of skills and the right passion to carve out something beautiful from a piece of wood, will pave way for an excellent earning opportunity.

Business Products

Some of the products that can get you started are listed below

  • Personalized bookshelves –True that internet is all over today, however, it has failed to replace the essence of books. Hence, the demand for bookshelves is still the same. How about creating a bookshelf that will captivate the reader? You can personalize the bookshelf according to their requirements, such as designing cartoon characters for a child, artistic designs living rooms, multi-functional use or plain bookshelves for offices.
  • Device stands – Wood is considered to be strong enough to carry an item inside it. If an exquisite carving is made out of the wood, it would just add to its beauty. Its strong and efficient qualities make it possible to emerge as a display stand. It can be used as a key holder, jewellery holder, watch holder, tablet holder and mobile phone charging docks.
  • Picture frames – They are the new photographs of today. Wooden frames with refined carvings beautify the photographs on it. The wooden frames are available portraits, commercial establishments, corporate gifts and wooden digital frames. This kind of picture frame adds to the charm and cool look of the entire frame including the photograph.

Woodworking is a hobby that can be turned into an in-demand profession. You just need the right knowledge to make yourself in the handicraft industry.