The corporate people prefer books as a promotional item because they are versatile and very effective. If you can convince the customer about the viability of books, and make it an excellent promotional item, they can prove as the best offer for promotion. The books are preferred because there is a variety of topic; the same can be created as well as customized. There are endless reasons for the choice of books in addition to it; custom Nalgene bottles are also a good option for promotions.

  • Low cost of promotion

There are a variety of formats in which a book can be delivered and also can reduce the cost of promotion. This helps to keep oneself in a budget. If a company opts for e-books, they are easy to deliver, and the shipping cost is also reduced.

  • The Logo or Message is visible

A book is portable and can be taken on buses, trains, planes, to the beaches or to anywhere people want to. With the book, they carry the sponsor’s logo, ad or messages that are visible everywhere.

  • Increases the velocity of purchase

If a company wants to offer a value-based reward to the customer, this can help improve the purchase. If members are there in promotional programs of the company, it helps to keep them motivated. If the company wants to proffer a push to the program, it can include “first book free”.

  • Involvement of Author

If companies organize events like book-signing by the author or any other activity involving author and let the people meet the author, it can help creating a lasting impact for promotion and companies can take advantage of the same. Another way can be arranging the appearance of the author at the company’s premises or a trade show also.