ATA Bankrupt: How Does This Affect Air Travelers?

ATA has officially filed for bankrupt and stopped all flights. The cause of the ATA bankruptcy was reported as being from the cancellation of contracts from the military and soaring gas prices. The ATA airlines are not the only ones who have filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy within this year as reported by Cheap Flights.

With the up rise in fuel prices and airlines filing bankruptcy, it has made it hard on a lot of people who want to travel. There was a time when people were scared to fly and not flying is no longer the problem, purchasing the tickets seem to be what scares them the most. The services of the bankruptcy lawyer san diego will be applicable for all the economies of the world. The charges should be charged as per the funds available with the business person. 

Once you purchase tickets from an airline like ATA and they file bankrupt, it can be almost impossible to get your money back. There has been tips on getting your money back that have been circling around the internet and the news. Some of these tips are for you to contact your credit card company if you paid by credit card. If you happen to have paid by check or cash, you will need to file a claim on the company to try and get your money back.

If you try to go directly to the ATA airlines to seek a refund, you might be greeted with an empty building since they laid off all of their employees.

Since I live in Oklahoma and my dad recently moved to Arizona, the cheapest way for us to visit one another is by airplane. With the soaring fuel prices and airlines filing bankruptcy, it has made the cost of tickets rise. With the rise in airline tickets, we have searched the web for cheaper rates and discounts that will help us when we travel.

One tip that I found to be of use is to pre-purchase your airline ticket at least six months in advance. Most companies will give you a discount for pre-purchasing your ticket and this might even save you a hundred dollars or more.

Always try to make your flights for off season dates. If you travel during the on season which is during the holidays, the tickets will usually go up and seats become less available.

If you do end up making your flight with an airline company that has filed bankrupt, try to not panic and follow the tips that are listed above to try to get a refund.

I usually try to keep up with the financial situation of the airline before and after purchasing my ticket. Sometimes this is not always possible especially if they are like ATA and have an unexpected turn of events that leaves them filing for bankruptcy with hardly any notice to the employees or customers.

These tips will help to insure that you can get the most out of a flight without it costing you as much and they will help you to know what to do if you do get caught with a ticket that is no longer good to use.