5 Best Cross-Language Apps You May Check Out Today

Nowadays artificial intelligence has made it possible to easily translate from one language to another. Times have changed and human translators are slowly being replaced by virtual language translating assistants. These are available as devices as well as apps.

On a similar note, nowadays there are also a lot of translating apps and devices using text-to-voice technology (If you dig this, you can browse for informational articles on the very topic) and different voice avatars that make speech synthesis more realistic. That said, having a translating device at your disposal could seem convenient while traveling to a different country. However, such devices can be slightly on the costlier side.

If a muama enence translator is out of your budget at the moment, you may want to check out the below cross-language apps. These are easily available in the app store of your phone and can be installed for quick use.

  1. Google Translate

Albeit the most popular choice among the masses, Google Translate makes life easy in several ways. It is available not only on Android, but also on iOS and web platform. It supports 103 different languages and also has a Word Lens feature. You need to just point at a text or sign in a foreign language with the camera lens of your phone, and Google will translate the meaning to your target language.

  1. TextGrabber

This app is extremely useful when trying to interpret text written in a foreign language. All you need to do is point your smartphone’s camera on the piece of foreign text before you, and the app will translate it into your preferred language.

  1. Microsoft Translator

This is extremely versatile and supported on both Android and iOS platforms. It is available in both enterprise and consumer versions. It can convert text and speech to respective translated forms. This is even available as a smart watch app.

  1. iTranslate Voice 3

This supports over 40 languages and is a fantastic speech translator. It helps in direct voice-to-voice communication.

  1. SayHi

This app covers around 90 different languages and dialects. It requires one to speak into the device, and the app then translates and transcribes the spoken message which can both be seen and heard. You can even choose the speed of translation with this.