3 Properties To Look For In Illuminated Signs

Are you buying a LED illuminated sign soon but are unsure of what to look for before buying? We got you covered below. This article will discuss some of the properties you should look for in Valguskastid and illuminated signs, like the features to look for, and what after purchase services to expect. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. The display’s pixel pitch

Pixel pitch refers to the proximity of two pixels, which is consistent in a LED display. Pixel pitch has an effect on vision; a higher pitch will result in greater visibility of distant images. However, it will distort the picture when the screen is viewed closely. The ideal viewing distance for interior LED displays is 1.5 meters. Meanwhile, outdoor LED Valguskastid generally has 4 meters of ideal viewing distance.

  1. Resolution

On the other hand, resolution refers to the color, the sharpness of the picture, and the display’s quality. In most cases, the cost of a LED display is mainly determined by its resolution. You should choose an illuminated sign that features a good enough resolution for either indoor or outdoor viewing or else, the picture will seem deformed, unattractive, and unprofessional.

  1. Maintenance cost

Since LED display features electronic parts for their lights, they need repairs and maintenance in case something goes wrong. When purchasing a LED display, check that the provider offers simple servicing and maintenance for their product. Inquire about the repair center’s availability, technical support staff, the availability of parts and accessory replacement, and servicing prices. 

The maintenance costs are another critical aspect of the company’s marketing strategy and should be kept as low as possible while meeting a quality standard. Buying an illuminated sign is very expensive and as such, must be covered for many years with regular maintenance.