Day: November 7, 2020

With the passage of time, more and more people are choosing to live in shipping container homes. In many ways, it is there a way of saving building costs and effort, along with preserving their ecological surrounding.

But despite what they think, are container homes environmentally beneficial and sustainable? Find out below!

Believe it or not, but the process of using concrete and cement can be very toxic for the environment. But when you look to construct your home using left-over shipping containers (which in other words also means recycling), there is no need for concrete or cement. As a result, you put less stress on your ecological surrounding.

By using shipping containers for your home plan and stacking them up side by side to achieve more floors or dimensions, you are saving space and a lot of relevant resources.

Furthermore, if you are using shipping containers for your home construction, you can also use other things to reduce carbon footprints. You can use wooden shingles which either come from sustainable sources or is recycled to cover up the exterior walls- particularly if you live in a sunny climate. Contrarily, you can choose to add some greenery like large plants, bushes, or trees to shade your home from the sun’s harsh rays.

How to Make It More Sustainable?

Truth be told, container homes are not sustainable. But they can be made to be sustainable.

They come with lots of pesticides and chemicals which you have to remove properly. They come with a lead-based paint coat to withstand salty water, and that can be toxic for your health. That’s why you will either have to remove the paint completely and apply a safer coat or pick a new container rather than a used one for your home construction.

Although the walls are structurally strong, the roof isn’t. That’s why will need to construct an additional roof over it. Plus, anywhere you plan to cut, reinforcements will be needed.You will need to weld together where the container joins to create a larger room.

These are some ways by which you can make container homes more sustainable. And for this, proper research is the key to success in constructing your own shipping crate residence.

Also, enlist help from a professional builder to help you through the whole construction part.