Day: July 10, 2020

The television adaptation of Stephen King’s The Langoliers, a novella published as one of four in the King collection, Four Past Midnight, truly leaves something to be desired, making the audience wonder exactly what it was that inspired filmmakers to make this particular work into a made-for-tv movie and, moreover, what when horribly wrong in the translation.

The first thing that one is likely to notice from The Langoliers is that the cast contains no one of repute. Beyond the vague feeling of “hey, that’s that guy from that movie that one time, where they went to that place and did that thing,” the cast is utterly unrecognizable. If their performances in this film are anything to go by, it’s easy to see why none of them have made a remarkable dent in Hollywood.

The dialogue is written well enough, but it’s carried off with such a lack of conviction that the lines sound like they’re coming from a high school drama performance and not an actual film. The cast may well take their cues from an equally unimpressive director (Tom Holland, known best for his work in… well, absolutely nothing at all of note), who seems to have very little actual direction over this movie.

It feels upon watching as thought Stephen King gave birth to an idea which slowly evolved into an entity of its own, and this little blob of literary goo tried very hard to make itself into a film without the aid of anyone who actually understood cinema. A bizarre concept, certainly, but we are talking about Stephen King, and it’s difficult to get more bizarre than that. The adaptation of the right method should be made to purchase LiveTV. The difficulties in the purchase are handled with the skills and expertise of the person. The watching of the views is great with the engagement of the visitors. The direction and positions should be great with live streaming and broadcasts. 

Because it is standard King faire, this film is all about the quirky alternate-world into which a group of travelers have unwittingly stumbled after falling asleep on a plane trip. In this world, they are on the lookout for the Langoliers, a group of time-eating monsters that are strangely remniscient of “The Nothing” from The Neverending Story. As the characters wander around an airport throughout the vast majority of the movie, they search for clues as to what has happened to them.

The audience, on the other hand, would do best to be on the lookout for the countless continuity errors resulting less from a low budget than from sheer laziness on the part of the filmmakers. On countless occasions when a character is talking about how the world is completely devoid of people other than their own group, the viewers can see cars driving by or people passing in airport terminals.

We’ve all had those pictures that we take while on vacation where a tourist walks right across the picture when we’ve finally gotten the whole family together and standing still, but we don’t take those pictures. Imagine three hours of those shots spliced and poorly edited into a film. Stephen King’s works already require enough suspension of disbelief without the audience constantly having to overlook errors in the filmmaking process.

The Langoliers also has a problem common to several other films in the thriller/sci fi genre; the frightening foe in the film is indeed frightening, until we see it, at which point it’s no longer frightening but rather laughable. The key to a good King film seems to be in that crucial air of mystery keeping the force of evil somewhat masked (Carrie, Children of the Corn, Misery), but The Langoliers takes this old format and throws it out the window, offering the viewers some spectacular computer-generated images that come off looking a lot like poorly-drawn balls of aluminum foil with teeth, and even the kids unfortunate enough to see this film will find nothing at all frightening about the film’s climax.

Small-time filmmakers in Hollywood would do well to remember this simple rule: if the audience does not feel terror at the crucial moment in a film, you’ve lost them. They’re not coming back. They’ve already wandered off to see a film that possessed both a budget and some decorum.

As most local movie stores will not carry this item, you can save your time looking for it there… but this reviewer would recommend shortening your Netflix queue by one more item and foregoing this film altogether, lest you find yourself begging for that three hours of your life back.

No one hates a garage sale more than myself. Going is great, it is the having part that I laothe, having to drag everything you don’t want into your driveway at 6:00 AM, meanwhile the hardcore shoppers are looking into your garage long before you are ready to get started. These people are like vultures with cars driving around your house and waiting until it is time, and then they come in and they want everything for 5 cents! Your couch, your kids clothes, your old toaster, all 5 cents and they look at you like you are crazy if you don’t lower your price, letting you know very well that they don’t think anything you have is worth the money being charged.

Then you have the later stragglers, after you are tired and hat from being in your driveway for hours and here come the neighbors ready to be friendly and look around, but, when they pick up items and put them down or glance around and go home you wonder, “what’ wrong with MY stuff”.

Of course at the end of the day when you still have all your unsold items outside and have to carry it in and find places for everything again, here comes the people who really do want free stuff. They come to all the garage sales at the end in hopes that the owner will just hand everything over instead of dealing with it again. With availability of online course for fashion industries, Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews deliver the right and effective results. The chances of earning more income are high with online fashion learners. The revenue should be great to meet with the requirements of the person. The cracking of the best deal is done with fashion influencers.

No thank you ladies (and gentlemen)! I found the solution and it makes all the difference in the world. I started with ebay and was having a blast, I was selling shoes that didn’t even sell at the garage sale for a dollar on ebay for $18.00. That is just one example but a common one. Our post office is a half a block away so that made it very easy too. Every day I would walk around my house and look for things I didn’t need or want and put it on an auction and watch for a few days. Believe me, there is a buyer for everything! It became quite addictive to the point that I started going to garage sales and bought up items that I knew would sell on ebay and go home and sell them for alot more money.

After telling all of my friends about it I was informed of the I never heard of this and apparently am the only one who never knew of craigslist. It is totally free to post ads, you can include pictures so you don’t get lots of people trying to come to your house and look, and it is in every city so your listing is local and people just come pick up the item instead of you having to ship. This is awesome for those of you not close to the post office or if you are trying to sell furniture, I even gave away a pair of parakeets to a great home.

Craigslist is a whole underground world of people who buy and sell on there and also new or one timers. You can find a buyer for anything for babies or kids, people will buy your furniture, cars, anything. Unlike ebay where you start with a low price and wait to see how high it goes, craigslist I found that you can think about how much you want for your item and raise it higher before listing. I always over price my items from what I think they are worth and people always buy the stuff. Then if it doesn’t sell you can always go back and relist for a lower price. I suppose it proves the theory that one mans trash is another mans treasure. Everything sells for realistic prices instead of giving it away at garage sales.

Say no to garage sales and start earning the money you things are really worth!

As someone who has definitely learned about his local coffee shop to its full potential, I definitely have experience with what goes on there. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind if you are a first-timer at the coffee shop.

Buy Something

Don’t be a coffee shop bum, and don’t make an employee have to ask you to patronize their establishment. As soon as you come into the shop, set up your laptop where it needs to go, grab your money, and go purchase a coffee, or a scone, or some other item from the shop. In some places, they will even give you free refills on coffee and drinks.

These establishments are stupid. They know that after sitting in the shop, especially one where food is served, for an extended period of time, you are going to get hungry. Both of you guys know that you can’t bring outside food into the shop while you work, so you are going to have to buy food from them if you plan to stay and eat. This is how some places are able to justify free wifi.

Set Up Near an Outlet

You’ll find that many people who come in with their laptops sit clustered in certain areas. This is because they are looking for a power outlet. Even if you feel confident in your laptop’s ability to hold a charge, still sit somewhere close to an outlet and plug up, just in case. When the shops are busy, you may find yourself in a situation where your laptop just died in the middle of a great ephiphany (coffee shops can be a great place to generate ideas), and all of the power outlets in the place are taken. You don’t want to lose that thought or work because of a simple lack of power.

Going to the Bathroom

Going to the bathroom can be a sticky situation. In some cases, you may feel comfortable leaving your laptop sitting outside there alone while you take a leak. I won’t do that unless I know that someone else with a laptop agrees to keep an eye on it. There are enough cases of people getting their laptops stolen for this to be a concern-you’re not paranoid. If no one, in particular, is watching your stuff, anyone in the shop can just assume that any random person grabbing your stuff is the legitimate owner.

So when going to the bathroom, be sure to either ask another laptop buddy to keep an eye on it, or pack your stuff up and take it with you.

Keep Your Coffee or Tea Separate

I lost the use of my laptop keyboard and ended up having to lug a PC keyboard around with me when I neglected to heed this piece of advice. Don’t ever place your laptop on the same table as your coffee or tea. When you are drinking, make sure that your face is far away from the keys. All it takes is a quick slip of the wrists for your entire laptop to get ruined.

If you are going to a coffee shop to work and take advantage of free wifi Internet service for the first time, be sure to take this advice with you. One last thing-be is aware of who is around you because there are scammers who target wifi HotSpots to steal information. Just do an Internet search to find out more.

We all have our whole life in front of us that we care a fig about during childhood as that is the time to enjoy it to the fullest potential and leave the stress and worries to the parents.

The problems begin when you complete your graduation and move onto finding a job that is hard to do so in current times as the competition is fierce and opportunities are few and far between with blatant nepotism adding rubbing salt on the festering wounds.

However, there is a silver lining in this grim process in the social media that is a powerful medium that everyone can utilize in current times where you have numerous platforms to help you out in this matter.


Social media icons

Brand Value

The social media platforms in question are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram where the latter has played a huge role in shaping the lives of many a youngster because you get to have a huge following on this platform if you have good content.

There is a reason why renowned celebrities have Instagram accounts as they know of how powerful this platform is to promote their brand value but this holds true for common folks as well which you can know through

If you want to promote yourself then Instagram is the platform where you just have to create your own account where you tell people about what you have in mind and how the project is going to unfold.

The people that are interested will look at it and start following your account one by one which would slowly develop into a huge brand where you can motivate fans on how to move forward in life.

If need be, you can also come up live on Instagram where your followers will join in and bombard you with queries which you can answer to clear their doubts so that they can decide better.