Day: January 22, 2020

The market is filled with best waterproof tents that you can get yourself for your camping trips. But there are times when you go out on a trip and you do not have a waterproof tent and you do not have a budget to get one. Here we are with some easy and budget friendly tips that you can follow in order to make your tent waterproof.

There are a few simple steps that you need to follow in order to make your tent waterproof. Although, every tent that you find in the market comes with some kind of coating that prevents moisture from entering the tent, however, over time this waterproof coating fades away.

  • In order to restore the waterproof coating of your tent, you can start the process by picking up a warm and sunny day.
  • You can start by cleaning all the parts of the tent carefully and let them dry.
  • Meanwhile, you can seal all the seams that are there.
  • You can get a urethane coating spray from the market recoat your tent with that along with that you should refresh the durable water repellent coating as well.
  • Lastly, you let all the part and after the assembly of the parts, you have a waterproof tent in your budget.

It is recommended that you follow the above procedure in order to reproof your tent as soon as you see the DWR coating getting off the tent surface. Although this coating is going to last for a long time, there is no harm in checking it out at regular intervals of time.

Re-sealing the seams is another important and vital aspect of making your tent waterproof and more durable. You can start re-sealing the whole tent on a warm day as you re-proof your tent. You start by inspecting the whole tent from the inside and locate the parts that need the repair. You will start by sealing the seams from the inside of the tent and the underside of the flysheet.

After all this, you should clean the seams with the help of rubbing alcohol and a soft piece of cloth. It is important that you follow all of your instructions when you are assembling the product.

With all this, you will be ready with your own waterproof tent in no time.

The results of professional teeth whitening are a bright and attractive smile. Discoloration or stains dull your smile, but whiter teeth reinstate this lost dimension.

Another obvious reason is better oral health that can enhance your gum’s overall health. There are some less obvious benefits of professionally whitened teeth.

Strong and thorough whitening

  • A professional session at the dental clinic can offer whiter, better and even results.
  • To address severe discoloration, thorough whitening is needed.
  • DIY or OTC whitening outstrips are fine for light stains only.

Speed and reliable

  • Teeth get whitened in an hour without any need for a follow-up session/s.
  • Results are reliable and last long if suggested oral hygiene is adhered to.

Customized treatments

  • OTC whitening treatment is not versatile. The whitening needs and preferences differ from one person to another.
  • Professional whitening treatment can be tailored to suit everyone’s needs and expectations.

Safe treatment

  • OTC whitening products can cause gum tissue damages and root sensitivity to certain drinks and food.
  • Whitening treatment at a dental clinic is more comfortable and safer because a certified dentist is monitoring and performing the procedure.
  • The dentist adjusts the whitening agent’s concentration and amount. Gums and other mouthparts get covered or protected.

Good grooming

  • Bright and white teeth hint that you have great grooming habits.
  • It even prompts that you take care of your appearance and smile.

A bright smile means mental brightness

According to a study, people having healthy gums have great mental capacity than the ones struggling with gum disease.

Support your self-confidence with healthy and white teeth!