Year: 2019

Songs are just the perfect companions for any mood, aren’t they? For example, if you are sad or tired because the daily workforce took a hard toll on you, guess who’s going to take care of your mood better than anyone? Well it’s music. From parties to programs, ceremonies to quality time to spend with one’s self, music is the one thing that lights up the situation every time. In contemporary times internet is available for everyone to access any song they want at any given point but it comes with a slight issue. In countries like India where facing problem with network unavailability is common, accessing the internet always seems pretty miraculous.

In that case downloading songs in mp3 format becomes a real lifesaver. There are various sites like tubidy mp3 download, where you can download your favorite songs absolutely safely. In this article we are going to talk about what to expect when downloading mp3 from a website and how to get the best service and quality at any given time and also we are going to provide a few safe and good website names for you. Here are a few websites that you can try

Tubidy mp3:

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The Internet is full of shady businesses. Therefore clicking or browsing anything that may contain any spam material can harm your PC or your mobile deeply. For that you should always consider downloading stuff from a reliable or credible website with good reviews that you can find with a little bit of research on the internet.

Pants On The Ground is the YouTube sensation of the moment, without question. But Pants On The Ground’s YouTube power is just the beginning. The hysteria over General Larry Platt’s song has spread into endless parodies, and even homage by Brett Favre. Nearly a week after the song debuted, its place in American Idol history is now assured. The Pants On The Ground YouTube video and all the parodies it has spawned may even rival the likes of William Hung and Adam Lambert.

Every year, during the American Idol audition phase, there is usually one breakout audition tape that becomes a water-cooler sensation. Of course, those auditions usually make it big for the wrong reasons, like with William Hung. But the sensation of Pants On the Ground has taken off because people like the tune and dances, not because they’re mocking it.

On YouTube, countless users have performed their own rendition of the song. Jimmy Fallon did a version of it as Neil Young, for some reason. On FOX, the original performance by Larry Platt is on every American Idol commercial. And even in the football world, the song has made its mark on the road to the Super Bowl.

After the Vikings slaughtered the Cowboys to reach the NFC title game, Brett Favre and company jumped around in the locked room, singing Pants On The Ground. Of course, this was performed in front of FOX cameras, giving the network another chance to profit off it.

The original Pants On The Ground YouTube success is technically nothing new. American Idol is a platform for not only singing success but for Internet fame and/or infamy. It gave Hung infamy and gave Adam Lambert his first big break when his ‘Mad World’ performance made the Internet rounds.

General Larry Platt is somewhere in between at the moment. No one’s mistaking him for a Lambert, or much of anything other than a novelty. But it is a novelty that people are embracing, rather than targeting for mockery – at least for now. Given that he is 62 years old, a notable civil rights activist, and someone who created an infectious beat, he is on the right side of Internet stardom.

The sensation of Pants On The Ground on YouTube, television and locker rooms have at least set the bar for American Idol. After being upstaged by Simon Cowell’s departure, and the late-night wars, Platt came just in time to get them back in the pop culture headlines. But now they have five months for the rest of Season Nine to top this – and Platt and his pants aren’t making it easy for them. You can watch pants on the grounds and many more sensations on youtube, also you can buy more youtube subscribers which is a really easy and useful tool in the promotion phase. With more subscribers, you get more views as well.

If you are on a tight budget for the up-coming holidays, here is a great idea for the ladies or teenagers in your family. You do not have to be too “craft minded” to complete this project. For nice read on bags you can click here. You get the best quality bags that you can gift to your loved ones. You can order them online and get the delivered wherever you want.

Purchase slightly used denim shorts or denim jeans at the local used clothing store or at a large yard sale. Most of the used denim jeans are priced from $3.00 to $5.00 or less if you find them at a garage or yard sale. Denim shorts ( any color) are easier to handle sewing up the legs than full length denim jeans as you would need to cut off the legs before sewing up the opening at the legs. But you can find some interesting designer denim jeans at local used clothing shops. Some that have the pockets already embroidered or embellished with studs and rhinestones so most of the work is already done for you in this respect.

Once purchased, turn them inside out and sew up the legs of the denim shorts ( use a denim fabric needle in your sewing machine as it is for heavier fabrics and will not break when you are sewing up the legs) -you can trim the edges to make a smoother sewing seam. Sometimes, I leave the fringe on the bottom of the legs to create a different look for the handbag.

Turn the denim shorts ( after sewing up the leg openings) right side out. Take a pair of old denim jeans -matching colors-cut a shoulder strap about 6 inches wide and sew both sides and trim the edges or you can sew up the strap on the wrong side and turn it right side out to make the shoulder strap handle. I hand sew the straps to either side (inside area) of the denim shorts. Other suggestions for the shoulder strap–use a belt and secure it to either side of the shorts, work with different fabrics and materials to create a unique shoulder strap for your personalized handbag.

You can make button holes in the strap-sew buttons to the inside of the denim shorts ( both sides) and button the strap on. I do not recommend using Velcro as this may not hold in place if the handbag is full of heavy items.

Use your imagination-you can find slightly used belts, scarves, fabric and other materials to thread thru the belt loops of the shorts. Use strips of colorful and

co-ordinating fabric and tie a bow in the front of the handbag. Match your child’s favorite outfit with pieces of fabric to make patches for the pockets and the sash to thread thru the belt loops. Your favorite football, basketball or baseball and soccer team colors can be incorporated into the making of your handbag. These handmade bags are big and roomy with comfortable shoulder straps.

The BIG BAG handbags have pockets on the outside for cell phones, keys, or the many other items that ladies and teens carry with them. They can be used for carrying books as the inside in large and roomy for many items. You can use the big bag for take -along, sewing, yarn projects, plastic canvas or embroidery projects to work on when you are waiting at doctor’s offices, etc.

The pockets can be embellished with rhinestones, studs and buttons. You can use acrylic paints to paint your designs on the pockets or leg area of the handbag, embroider designs or sew on patches to personalize the handbag. Cartoon character patches, iron on patches and other items like this are easy to find in your local sewing center.

The best thing about this project? It does not cost a lot of money, will not put a strain your budget that you have planned for the holidays and you have a gift that you handmade yourself to wrap and give to any female on your gift giving list this year. These handbags are durable and washable and they have many, many uses.

So, It’s Your 15th Wedding Anniversary and you would like to find a unique present that incorporates the traditional gift material of crystal? Here’s five sparkling ideas that reflect what her love has meant to you these last fifteen years.

1.Crystal Vase With Flowers

Flowers are a standard for any occasion where you want her to know that you’ve been thinking about her. Make it more special by displaying them in a beautiful vase!

2.Crystal Picture Frame

Another way to make every year special, slip in a wedding photo or recent favorite of the two of you! As in other years, you can also get one that holds two so you can display a memento of this night also.

Note that picture frames are classic birthday gifts as well. If it’s her birthday and you miss buying one, take advantage of GiftTree birthday gifts delivered today.

3.Crystal Goblets

Have a set customized that are reminiscent of your wedding day set. You can add the date, years together etc. to immortalize your marriage.

4.Crystals With A Whole Pampering Package

What women doesn’t like to be pampered? There are beautiful sets that offer healing crystals for everything from relaxation to energizing. Throw in her favorite bath salts and candles and you have a personalized gift basket. In fact, with a little searching, you can even find a crystal container to put it all in!

5.Crystal Pendent With A Laser Picture Or Inscription

Another custom option, there are companies that offer to do laser inscriptions inside crystal pendents. From simple dedications to outlines of photo’s, you are sure to find one that pleases her!

Now that you have all your unique 15th wedding anniversary gifts made from the traditional material of crystal, it’s time to give them to her in an equally special manner. You can just wrap them all and present them to her but a more romantic way would be to display them for her.

First, purchase a simple lace table cloth and a few crystal candle holders. Choose candles in your wedding colors for an even more personalized look. Put the flowers in the middle of the table and light the candles on either side. Place the other gifts around it to complete your table “centerpiece”.

Cook her a romantic dinner at home and just enjoy being alone with each other like you use to in your dating days. Even if you want to give her a big night out, save it for the next day. (Two nights of surprises will definitely blow her away!) Excuse yourself at dessert to make the last of the preparations. Run the two of you a bath (don’t forget the flower petals sprinkled on top- you can go with the traditional roses, your wedding flowers etc) and light a bunch of candles.

After your bath, have her wait while you light all the candles in your bedroom. Make sure that there is champagne or wine on ice next to the bed with your new goblets. Have massage oils etc, within easy reach. It will take her breath away when you lead her in.

When thinking of unique 15th wedding anniversary gifts to give your wife, go back to the basics. There is nothing else that will make her eyes shine more than the feeling, that she use to get, of when you were first in love. Take her back to those days, for just one night, and it is guaranteed to give her that old sparkle once again!

Turn onto the backstreets of my town home neighborhood, and the beauty of the Old World style homes will pleasantly surprise you. The community is small, and the landscaping is fresh and well-maintained. The neighborhood looks like a dream.

Move in and you will have a rude awakening from that dream. Town homes and condominiums are supposed to be that nice middle ground for homeowners who do not want to rent but also not have the hassle of landscape and other outside maintenance. Unfortunately, not all homeowners or renters in our community have the same goal of a pleasant neighborhood. You can see Kopar at Newton with best locality and community. You can buy or rent yourself your dream house as well. With a long list of best option you are just one click away.

As I am sure this is a universal issue, here are a few tips for learning to be a good neighbor in a town home or condominium community.

Be Cognizant of the Rules

Whether you own or rent in a community, always be sure you know and understand the community rules. The policies are in place for a reason: so that many different people of many different backgrounds can come together in a peaceful, pleasant neighborhood. If you own a unit in a community but rent it out, be sure your renters understand the rules. You will be the one responsible should your renters not follow the policies.

Be Careful about Parking Issues

Most communities, like mine, have a policy regarding parking. You should park only in your own driveway (you would be surprised how many people feel they can park in another’s drive). Many people use their garage as a storage shed and park wherever they want. Or families have too many vehicles for their home. Be courteous to your neighbors and work on getting your vehicles into the proper places. Depending on your neighborhood’s rules, stick with your own driveway and garage. Do not use or overuse extra parking places designed for guests.

Another reason you should always park in designated places is that if you park in a mailbox, mail may not be delivered. It has happened in my neighborhood. An across-the-street neighbor parked her car in front of my mailbox and I saw the postman make a wide arc around the car and my mailbox. Thanks to her, I did not get my mail that day. Postal workers are not required to get out of their trucks to deliver mail to boxes that are parked in. (I checked!)

Do not park on narrow streets where emergency vehicles cannot pass. In my neighborhood, for example, we have streets wide enough or two vehicles to pass, but no more. If someone is parked on the curb, you have to let the other car pass before you can get around. Unfortunately, one night an ambulance was called to a home in the back of the community. The ambulance could not pass through one street because two cars were parked, one on either side of the road, and did not leave enough room for even one car to pass. Seconds matter when there is an emergency.

Parking issues can also cost you a lot of money. What would happen if a fire engine could not get through? Imagine how much of a building would burn before a fire truck could get through.

Be Courteous to your Neighbors

Garbage day is the bane of most communities. Inevitably, speaking as someone who is on the board of directors for my homeowner’s association, we get complaints about those who never take their trash cans back in after garbage pickup. Or garbage is taken out too early and a windstorm sends the trash all over the neighborhood. Rule of thumb (and again, check your own association’s policies): Do not bring your trash to the curb until the night before/day of garbage pick up. Take your trash can in as soon as possible after garbage pick up. Also do not make an enemy of your neighbor by not properly securing your trash and wind up with garbage all over the yards.

Dogs are another big problem in communities. Yes, they are cute and lovable but also work. Be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your dog- even if it is in your own yard. When you are sharing walls and yard space, no one wants to look at dog waste. Many people choose to not have a dog and will resent having to clean up dog waste from their own yards.

Also, keep your pet on a leash whenever it is outdoors. My daughter was nearly bitten while playing in on our own patio. The dog from across the street, not on a leash, came running over barking, trying to “protect” its turf. In a small community like a condo or town home neighborhood, you have to be extra careful about your pets.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

I have always liked that line from Robert Frost’s poem: “good fences make good neighbors.” In a town home community, we need those fences both in the literal as well as the metaphorical sense. If you are able and wish to, sometimes a good solid fence will help keep the neighborhood peace. But if not, use a metaphorical one. Keep your things in your space. If you have shared space, such as a front patio or a rear yard, keep your side neat and tidy. When in doubt, ask your neighbor. It is far better to open a line of communication than to go ahead and cause a rift. Take criticism or requests seriously and be open to them. We had a neighbor ask us to take down our birdfeeder. It was shared space so we did. It is far easier to politely comply than to fight for our right to do something. It was his right to look out at that yard as much as it was ours.

If worse comes to worst, go to your association board. The reason they exist is to keep things running smoothly in the neighborhood. Or better yet, get involved! I mentioned I am a part of my homeowner’s association. Out of nearly 200 homes, only 4 people ran for a 3 places on the Board of Directors. For two years the same 3 directors and 3 other committee members have served with no other offers of help. Get involved in your community and you will find it can be a better place to live.

Since your bed is a place where you spend a great deal of your time, it’s only natural that something may spill and stain your mattress at some point. Some common mattress stains come from drink and food spills, human or pet urine, and older mattresses may even have mildew stains. Remember, you can only flip the mattress over once before the problem is back. Try some of these simple spot remedies to remove stubborn stains from your mattress.

General Stains

For most general stains or unknown stains, use a citrus based cleaning product. This cleaning product should not contain any bleach as it will take the color out of the fabric. Allow the product to soak into the stain for about 10 minutes. Use an old rag and blot the area to absorb the liquid. Allow the area to dry and the stain should be gone! Place a dryer sheet under the sheet to remove any odors and give your mattress a fresh scent.

Mold  & Mildew Stains

Removing mold and mildew stains from a mattress can be very difficult. If they have been lingering on the mattress for a long period of time and soak deep into the bed, it can be almost impossible. Begin by finding the source of the problem. What caused the mold or mildew to appear in the first place? The most common reason is moisturize in the air. This problem can be fixed by placing a humidifier, air conditioner, or heater to remove the dampness from the air.

Another option to removing mold and mildew from mattresses is to allow the captain’s bed to soak in the sun. Scrap off any excess mold or mildew from the outside of the mattress and get a strong vacuum to remove any surface mold. Lay the mattress upright against the house or shed in direct sunlight. Allow the mattress to stay in the sun for about 3 to 4 hours. This will help to dry out the mattress and freshen the fabric.

Urine Stains

Human and pet stains are a very common source of mattress stains. Not only can urine stains discolor the fabric and cause bacteria to grow, but it can also cause a lingering odor. It’s best to get to the stain when it first occurs as it’s not penetrated into the fabric as much.

Begin by blotting up any excess urine on the surface of the mattress. Next, spray a cleaning product that is made for odor removal on soiled stains. Allow the stain to soak in the product for about 10 minutes. Blot up any excess product and allow the area to dry.

Another way to remove urine stains from a mattress is to saturate it with vinegar. Blot out the excess and allow the area to dry. Next, cover the area with baking soda to help neutralize the odor. Leave the baking soda on the area overnight and vacuum up the spot the next morning.

Food and Drink Stains

Food and drink stains may be able to be cleaned, but unfortunately, darker stains may leave a permanent colored surface stain. Remove the under stain by using a citrus product and allow it to sit on the area for 10 minutes. Use a cloth to push down on the stain and blot up the excess. Follow this by spraying vinegar on the stain. Repeat the process by blotting the area. Each time this is repeated, the color and stain should lift.


If you are looking for some easy home remedies to remove stains, consider some of the above. Some stains can be stubborn and down right difficult to remove. The most effective stain remover techniques I have used have worked well for my mattress.

Relationships survive on communication. And interaction and intimacy are essential for any relationship, whether at its early stage or after eight years of marriage. Life, career, goals, family, needs, everything will come and go.

And everything is only bearable once you have your loved one by your side, happy and satisfied. Frequent dates make sure the communication flows between you two remains intact and brings you closer.

Time Management

  • Maintaining a family and looking after kids can be very tiresome, but it is crucial to have time for your partner and execute fun date ideas with them.
  • It is essential that as a couple, you should occasionally go out for dates without your children, to spend quality time with each other and relive the glorious days of love and carelessness.

Example of A Healthy Relationship

  • Children always learn from their parents. They will soon start dating themselves.
  • While growing up, it is important for them to witness a healthy, loving relationship, for their development.


  • Intimacy is an absolute necessity. Irrespective of the lives you have habituated yourselves with, frequent doses of intimacy are required.
  • It can be something simple as a movie night, or something classy as a gondola ride in San Diego.


  • Priority is one of the most critical things in a relationship. If you can’t prioritize your partner over everything else, it might just go southward.
  • It is important that married partners, even if they are parents, prioritize themselves, take their break and enjoy time together.

The purpose of this series has been to show that an HIV diagnosis is not the end of life. For many people it is truly a beginning. People are living relatively healthy lives with normal life spans. At the beginning of this epidemic in 1981, having an AIDS diagnosis literally meant that you were being diagnosed with a terminal illness and most patients would have very little time to live. In 1981, an AIDS diagnosis meant loss of dignity, rapid decline of health, and an eventual death that was neither proud nor peaceful. With the introductions of ARV’s, antiretroviral medications, life became very, very different for people living with HIV. Nearly 30 years ago, this diagnosis meant that you were dying from AIDS; now it simply means you are living with HIV, a chronic, but manageable illness. It means that life will change, but not necessarily in a negative way.

You should check out hiv prevention research org to learn more about how you can prevent yourself from getting this virus. The website provides you with all the necessary details and precautions that you should take. It is also important that you accept someone suffering from this virus.

The most important part in any HIV patients’ prognosis is how they cope with their illness. I’ve been saying throughout the series to “get over it”. That’s great advice; but once you get over it, the job isn’t finished. Get over it, and then find a way to move past it. Find a way to support the cause; that’s a wonderful way to gain some empowerment. Being proactive isn’t for everyone, but anyone suffering from HIV has a great opportunity to reach people, to give HIV a face. People in general aren’t as scared today as they once were. That’s both good and bad. It’s good in that there are fewer stigmas, at least in populations of younger people. It’s bad, because with less fear, there is less care to keep from contracting the virus in the first place. There is less fear because young people today don’t remember the days when half a dozen of a person’s friends would die each week. They don’t remember when you would get this diagnosis and think about the horrors you had already witnessed. Think how much of a difference could be made if HIV became more than just a paragraph in a text book. Everyone with HIV has a story. Sharing those stories could make the difference for thousands of young people who may otherwise go on to become infected with an incurable virus.

A person must educate themselves once they receive an HIV diagnosis. They are their own best advocate. Anyone who is HIV+ must know how to best live a healthy life, small changes they can make to be healthier, and they should keep up with publications to keep up-to-date with new treatments and new research. Doctors are just people, just like the patients are, and a patient shouldn’t be completely dependent on a doctor to make every decision concerning their health.

Become comfortable with who you are. Get over it, and then move on. Find your own way. Do something positive; if not for the cause, than for yourself. Remember: I am not dying from AIDS. I am living with HIV.

Cloud computing has seen a massive boom in the past few years. A Forbes report suggests that by 2020 the market for cloud computing will hit $411 billion of the total market share. Multinational corporations, along with the mid-level companies and start-ups are switching to cloud computing because of its economic costs, reliability, and security. One has to agree that choosing cloud services is much cheaper than maintaining physical servers. The process of hosting has never been easier. But cloud computing has a lot to offer and there is plentiful to choose from. So, the question is, big data servers or dedicated hosting?

Understanding big data is a bit different than the concept of regular cloud computing. To put things in simple terms, big data is simply an enormous amount of data that exceeds the bandwidth capabilities of a system. Big data servers, also known as NoSQL or NewSQL databases are platforms that manage unstructured data, generally from a few disparate sources. On the other hand, dedicated hosting is the process of hosting to a dedicated server that is entirely leased by the company. dedicated servers are fast and efficient because they come with an IT team dedicated to maintaining your server. Due to the server not being shared to keep up any other website you will get unlimited uptime with little to no downtime. The leading dedicated server provider is windows dedicated server.

Big data is a comparatively new concept that is still in its developmental stage. Whether it’s the most commonly used Big Data Analytics, or NoSQL and Cassandra, these are new technologies that come with a lot of bugs and other maturity problems. The choice of cloud hosting depends on your business size, prospects, and future big data projects. However, big data is a relatively new technology with a lot of promise for the future which might open a lot of avenues for your company.

It might be an extremely difficult or overwhelming task for you to learn English if you haven’t tried before. Learning English is definitely not included in academics hence you have to make a different time window through which you can learn it easily. But what if you are overburdened with your classes and other activities that you cannot consider going to the English learning classes? It is to you are surprised that you can learn English through the comprehensive online courses available for free.

Why should you opt for this solution?

The online classes for English teaching of the platform are extensively designed so that individuals can grasp the most out of it. Also, it will help you boost your career in the possible segments and you can also utilize it to expand your overall social circle. They also offer the most accurate English course including the most essential library for vocabulary and phrases which will be helpful to you in the long run.

A large number of platforms confuse the student personal and professional learning ultimately you will get to learn both of them under their organized online course.

An expert level online English course

To have a complete command over English all you need is an active internet connection, lots of curiosity and desire to adapt the learning. As a reputable platform, they also conduct  หลักสูตรภาษาไทยสำหรับชาวต่างชาติ. They also believe in teaching in a fantastic manner through which you can get real-time experience with the learning. Their structure for providing comprehensive learning also offers-

  • Detailed pronunciation and language understanding practice
  • You will get to learn about maximum vocabulary
  • You will be able to develop strong grammar, reading and writing skills
  • Better facilitation with communication
  • you can also dropout and proceed at any time frame without any hassle