Day: October 31, 2019

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your home when you ate a beginner can be a difficult task. With thousands of available brands to choose with you can be confused at times on which one to go ahead with. Vacuum cleaner as well known by you is a device that cleans up the home and is built on a specific technique. It has a long history is available based on types. Initially, these were introduced in 1599 and in 1869, it came to be known as carpet cleaners. You cannot, however, mark one vacuum cleaner as the best one but you can surely choose from the top brands of the same.

Top vacuum cleaners

  • Eureka Forbes

It is an automatic handheld vacuum cleaner with powerful suction. It comes with three free dust bags and some advanced efficient to clean the sofa, floor, mats, carpets, and pillows.

  • Karcher WD

It is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner which makes it purpose clear to understand. It has a robust resistance container in it and a blower function. It is attractive and has a storage bin with amazing suction capacity.

  • Prezzo dyson v10

The prezzo dyson v10 has a soft roller cleaning head and is a perfect technology to clean your home. The direct cleaner directly plunges into the depth for cleaning your stuff. It comes with seven additional attachments. It is allergy-free.

  • Black and decker VH780

Comes with handy accessories to make the cleaning much easier. The blowing and inflating power is simpler. It is efficient and worth your money.

Choose the best from list

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner is important as it should be worth the money and ie, you invest in it. It should be able to clean the home in fewer efforts especially when you return home from work. So read the reviews before buying the cleaner.

Norelco is one of the top companies for shaving and personal care products in the world. There are several people who love Norelco because of it’s long lasting build quality, premium materials, and the best service in the long run. If you already have a Norelco electric shaver, it is great. But if you want to buy some essentials for a broken shaver, then here are the top 3 shopping tips.

  • Check for genuine parts 

we know that genuine parts do cost more but they are of much better quality than cheap local parts.

These cheap parts tend to stop working within a few months and then you’ll have to invest once again. Hence, always buy genuine Norelco parts because inspite of being expensive initially, they will provide brilliant service for many years.

  • Reputed vendor 

there is no shortage of fake items and products in the market. So don’t get duped such products. You need to choose a reputed vendor while purchasing genuine rasierer test parts. Licensed and popular sellers will never provide you with fake products because they have a reputation to look after. They will be a more reliable option to go for. Hence, do not buy raiserer parts from any shop or seller that is not very popular.


  • Check the variant 

before you go to buy trimmer and shaver parts, you need to know the complete name of the device. Check the features and then you will be able to get more desirable parts that matches with the model number. Do some research and then purchase the parts. You would not want to get stucked at the back.

These are some of the top things which you need to keep in mind while purchasing parts for your favourite Norelco Shaver and accessories.