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There are many small businesses in today’s world that are either based out of the owner’s home or out of a small business location. As your business grows or issues of a personal nature occur for the owner, the need to move or relocate your business may become necessary. Years ago, due to family changes, I had to move my business which was opened in Oregon and relocate and start new in Florida. While the move of inventory and supplies was one thing, the laws on business structure varied within each state, and I had to make numerous changes in order to get my business back up and running in the new location. I have learned that when moving a business, there are many factors that will come in to play before and after you move.

The first things you will have to take into consideration are where you are moving your business; is it going to be somewhere within the same city, the same state, or will you be starting up your business in a completely different state. If you are moving out of your current city limits or even out of state, the first thing you will need to find out is if the new location’s business laws and regulations are different then your current location. You could run into possible issues such as some state laws do not allow certain businesses to be home-based. I had owned a home-based gift basket business in Oregon, which was within the state business regulations, however, when moving to Florida, I learned that being home-based and offering prepackaged food was not allowed, so I had to find a retail location for my business.

If you are moving to a different city or state, you will also have to look into the different business licenses you will be required to obtain. Some states require only a state business registration, while others require both a state license and a city permit. Knowing what you need to obtain ahead of time will make for a much smoother transition to your new business location and allow for your business to open its doors much sooner.

Another thing to consider is if your business will still be able to provide services for your already established clients, or if you will essentially be starting fresh at your new location. If you operate a business where your physical location is not important (i.e. an internet based business or the ability to ship your products) and you will be able to retain your current customers, you should start making customers aware of your impending move with as much advanced notice as possible, especially if you are going to have to close business operations while you relocate. Adding a message to your website and marketing material advising customers of your new location and possible temporary closure should be done as soon as you become aware of the move. Giving this notice to customers and clients shows them that regardless of the move, you still appreciate their business and would like to keep them as customers after settling into your new business location.

If, however, the move of your business will no longer allow you to provide for your current clients, letting them know as soon as possible that you will no longer be open is a good idea. If there is another business in your old location that offers the same products or services you do, you may consider talking to that business owner and seeing if they would be interested in paying you for either your client list or a referral payment to you for any clients you refer to them. Even though you will no longer be able to provide services to your old customers, this will still show them that you did value them as customers, and who knows, maybe they know someone in the area you are moving to and can refer them to you.

Moving my business actually proved to be very beneficial in the long run, but had I known some of these issues ahead of time, it would have made the transition run a lot smoother. Moving a business can be very stressful in so many ways, but knowing these important issues and tips can make the transition so much easier and get you back on the road to a successful business in your new location.

To conclude, business, be it big or small, is not so simple and can become a headache for inexperienced people so youngsters are advised against treading on this path as you will need to work out innovative solutions at every step whenever it comes to solving out problems which are generally complicated in nature.

In this day and age legal services are used widely as we go about our day to day business. If you own your own business, you may find legal issues very confusing and may find it frustrating when it comes to taking care of legal matters. Having access to necessary legal forms that are needed for basic legal transactions and requests is essential.

There are ways you can get these forms and the necessary information for very little cost. The internet has many resources that will give you access to legal forms. With a little research these services are easy to locate.

You may also opt for a prepaid legal service if you require more in depth service than just access to legal forms. Prepaid legal service can also advise you on basic legal matters and many prepaid legal service have a fee schedule for service that are more complicated and may not be covered by your normal monthly fee.

A third option for legal documents is a software package called MyAttorney. This software contains a collection of over 1,000 legal documents. Some of the documents included with MyAttorney are credit disputes, transcript requests, insurance documents, up-to-date letters, contracts and many other worksheets that are valid in all 50 states. There is one exception and that is the estate documents not being legal in Louisiana. Baltimore accident lawyers are proven to be really reliable and professional due to MyAttorney.

This software contains many disclaimers stating that these legal forms are not a substitute for legal representation or advice. This company will not cover your expenses if these forms get you in trouble. If you do not have some type of legal knowledge this may not be the option you will want to use for your legal service, but on the other hand if you are looking for simple forms this is a good solution for your needs.

This software not only lets you customize the forms it prompts you to set up personal and business profiles and uses the data to help execute documents more quickly. During your profile setup, you will also be asked questions and a list of documents you likely to need will be generated.

A wizard will walk you through the process, asking you for different variables. You will also have the option of saving customized forms for future use. It is easy to edit any mistake you have made, while on the other hand altering data that shouldn’t be altered is difficult.

This package also contains a few other goodies, such as, FAQ legal questions and a financial decision calculator. This is one of the easiest ways to have legal documents at your fingertips and if you have a small business or a home business, MyAttorney is a must.

MyAttorney retails for $39.95 and can be purchased from MySoftware at 800-325-0834 or This software package is well worth the small cost for all the information that it offers.

Bitcoin is a digital currency and is away from the government’s or bank’s control, meaning it’s authorized by the decentralized system. Since the coinage is completely virtual, there are several ways of procuring it. It can be bought online, exchanged for goods and services, bought or sold at Exchanges, and it can also be obtained through a process called Bitcoin Mining.

  1. Bitcoin Mining: All that is involved in it

It is a process performed by supremely powerful computers that solve intricate math questions that require sophisticated computers for solving, since the difficulty level of these problems is so high it’s considered hitting the jackpot or something as close to finding gold while mining. When the computers solve these questions, they create a new Bitcoin code and the entire process of Bitcoin mining makes the network more stable and secure as it leads to verification of the transaction information.

  1. Eligibility for Bitcoin Mining

Obtaining bitcoins isn’t as simple as answering a few questions on a survey and earning from them. For the completion of the process, miners must confirm the 1-megabyte worth of transactions using previously owned Bitcoins. Then comes the challenge of solving the complex maths question using powerful computers which are also called ‘proof of work,’ the rate at which the solutions for these problems are released makes it very difficult for anyone to be able to win, it’s a wager. One computer is sufficient to compete with the ‘mining pools,’ which is a team of miners who join their computing power and divide the mined coin amongst the members. After this, a new block is added to the already growing blockchain. It is intentionally made difficult for miners to keep the network of blocks steady.

  1. Conclusion

The entire process of Bitcoin mining is challenging, intriguing, rewarding, and safe. It is a fool-proof method used by bitcoin to distribute the coins and sustain the network in a guaranteed way.

With the advancement of technology, a lot of things have been digitalized, and one of them is the currency. Now modern currency, better known as a digital currency, is available in the market, and a lot of investors are attracted to it. The most popular and the first digital currency ever introduced in the market is bitcoin. Bitcoin is based on a unique blockchain network and is controlled and managed by the users only as there is no administrative institution or agency which controls bitcoin. Bitcoin has various aspects, and if you are planning to trade with bitcoin trader, you must learn about all its aspects and understand them properly.

What are the vital aspects related to bitcoin trading?

Bitcoin exchanges

Bitcoin exchanges are placed where users can exchange their bitcoin for any fiat currency. Some of the exchanges also allow the users to exchanges bitcoin for other types of digital currencies in the market. The bitcoin exchanges also earn form these transactions as they take about 1% of the value of the transaction being made by the user. These exchanges promote the liquidity of bitcoin as it allows it to be exchanged for other currencies. The price of bitcoins changes frequently, and these exchanges help the users to make a profit from those fluctuations.

Private keys

A unique private key is given to every bitcoin user as the account can be accessed using that key only. No matter how many accounts a user holds, he will be given a unique key for each account. Key is required to make any transaction from the account as, without a key, no one can access your account. Private keys promote the security of bitcoin transactions, but you must be careful in handling it as if you lose the key, all your currency in the account will be blocked, which cannot be recovered.

Technology amazes me sometimes and how easy companies are making things now helps even the most basic user gain the ability to do some really cool stuff. With the MyBook World Edition NAS Server users can now share files easily over the internet. This hard drive is the newest way to backup and share files on a network. The MyBook World Edition simply connects to the network and then you setup a list of users who you want to share the files and when ever there is an update to the shares they users are notified.

However, you must find the right gaming server and purchase now if you need some for your PC games. Thing is, this drive is helpful for saving and sharing some of your game files to your friends.

The drive is designed well; it is sharp and attractive and looks just like the other MyBook external hard drives, except this one is white instead of black. It has the two blue LED’s on the front one shows the amount of storage left and the other shows activity on the drive. To get it going all you need to do is plug in your Ethernet cable and the power cable and turn it on and then install the software that comes with the drive and you will be ready to go.

The MyBook World Edition NAS Server is a simple way to put files out on the network and allow users access to come in and view or edit the files. The catch is you must install the MioNet software on the computer that has the drive attached and then also all of the computers that you want to gain access to the drive. This is good because then only users who you want to view and edit the files will be able to. This is a much cleaner way to share a NAS server than most other companies’ offer, which most of them have you open ports on your router and setup DNS stuff which is very complicated and can be a pain.

The MyBook NAS Server is dead simple to setup and easy to use. Once you install the MioNet software then when ever you update the MioNet users (people with accounts) get an update from MioNet letting them know there was an update to a share on the drive. The other users just get an email with a link to the share so they can go and access it. Pretty darn simple and probably the easiest to setup of the NAS servers on the market right now.

So easy setup and easy sharing of files, is there any downfalls to the MyBook World Edition NAS Server? Of course there are small flaws to every product and the MyBook isn’t exempt from them. Two major things that might be potential problems for users of the MyBook, one is the limited file times you can share for a list of them go to this website ( Some of the most popular file formats that users want to share are on that list and it might be an issue you want to consider before you go buy one of these.

The other major downfall to the MyBook NAS Server is its performance; it is slow compared to most hard drives. It will take time to transfer files to or from your computer to the NAS Server. I would estimate about 30 to 45 minutes for a 5GB file to be written or read from the drive. If you want easy access and setup then this is the right drive for you, but you will have to deal with slow read and write times. The MyBook NAS Server is by far the easiest NAS Server to setup but with the good comes the bad and here it is in the form of slow performance.

On the upside the bad isn’t all that bad if you have the time and aren’t worried about the slow transfers this might be the perfect drive for you, not everyone needs blazing speed. The MyBook NAS also is relatively cheap; you can get a 500GB model for about $380 bucks. It also comes with a three year warranty which is pretty generous; I guess that Western Digital believes in this drive so you can probably trust it with your data.

Whenever the topic of cryptocurrency is brought up, the feedback on the market for cryptocurrency being down for the past few months or even years is almost a sure response. The argument that cryptocurrency has not tangible and real value and people have finally realized this is a common explanation being given for the cryptocurrency market being on the red. But is it really the reason why?

There was a time before when everyone wanted to invest in Bitcoin, especially when it reached almost $20,000 in value last 2017. This Bitcoin Revolution review explained how trading Bitcoin in platforms has become convenient for the traders and general users, and detailing the potential profits an individual can make in trading Bitcoin. However, the past couple of months has not been kind to Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, with plummeting market value and decreasing confidence of investors in the digital currencies.

But what has really caused the cryptocurrency market to go down, and is there any chance for recovery? Here are some of the reasons why the Crypto Market is down:

Profit in crypto market has become less straight forward

Before, one can easily profit in cryptocurrency mining and trading buy getting in and buying when its low, and getting out and selling when the value is high. Recently however, this classic “buy low, sell high” strategy has become not quite effective as before. The increase in the number of Bitcoin mining companies and the competition it brought with it has made earning Bitcoins much more difficult, which directly affects its value in the market.

This, however, doesn’t mean that cryptocurrency is on its way to a definite decline, as there is still a number of opportunities for Bitcoin and its blockchain technology that we have not explored yet.

Cryptocurrency’s lack of liquidity has delayed widespread adoption

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is now known for its liquidity, in fact it’s one of the common criticisms thrown at it by people. This lack of liquidity has ramifications in price stability and investor confidence. This has caused a reluctance of businesses and investors to make a widespread adoption of cryptocurrency.

What is Presenteeism?

Dedicated employees will often espouse the virtues of always being at work, never taking a sick day or mental health day or having a perfect attendance rating on the job. This sounds like a great track record for a good employee to have, but what of an employee who shows up on the job when they are too sick to be functional?

A relatively new term in the business industry known as presenteeism, a play on the word absenteeism, has quickly become a corporate buzz word.

Presenteeism is not yet defined in the dictionary, but has quickly become part of the American lexicon. Essentially, presenteeism occurs when employees come to work when they really shouldn’t. While presenteeism can include employees who come to work shortly after giving birth; after the death of a relative, friend or close family member; with a debilitating injury, or with some other condition that causes the employee to function below standards – presenteeism most frequently refers to employees who show up to work while ill, instead of using a sick day.

Presenteeism also can be carried a bit further to the point where employees, feeling they need to make a good impression on the boss to advance their careers, come in early, work through lunches or stay late, even when there are no duties to perform.

It is true that sick pay and time employees take off from work does affect the bottom line for an employer, but new studies are showing that presenteeism is actually costing employers more in the end than if the employee had just called in sick.

Presenteeism can also affect the employee in a negative way too.

Let’s look at how presenteeism can affect an employee first, and then we’ll take a look at how presenteeism affects employers.

As an employee, absenteeism has been discouraged. We all pretty much know that if you miss too many days of work, your job can be in jeopardy. Additionally, when two or more employees are up for a promotion, it’s common knowledge that when work proficiency and all other things are equal, the employee who works a bit longer, bit harder, or goes that little extra mile is more likely to receive the promotion than one who only shows up to work during normal business hours.

However, employees who feel that they must work extra hours in order to get ahead, whether the work actually requires this additional time or not, might well be building up a resentment for having to work that extra time. This breeds negativity and contempt toward the employer and can potentially leave the employee with a bad attitude, feeling overworked and underappreciated, and in turn, the quality of the work may decline.

Additionally, the employee’s morale and personal emotional state is negatively affected. Employees who frequently feel they must work extra hours, come in when they are sick, work later, stay through lunches, etc., will often find themselves flustered and upset when the company has to follow certain rules and won’t make an exception for them. “But I stay late all the time, I work through my lunches, what do you mean I can’t have Friday off?”

For the employer, presenteeism can really hurt production of work, quality of work, and hurt the payroll too. One employee may need 8 hours to do a specific job while another employee may take only 4 hours to do the same job. The employee who works the longer hours might well be seen by others as the more dedicated employee, when the one who finished faster and had the same quality of work actually makes more money and uses less of the company’s resources than the other employee.

It’s really not fair when this happens, and the employee who can finish faster will soon realize they are not being fairly considered for working faster, so the work will slow, production decreases, and quality of the work might very well decrease too. This hurts the company overall. To avoid this, a company really needs to learn to reward and acknowledge employees for the output and work itself, and put less focus on the actual number of hours an employee works.

Now, let’s look at presenteeism as it pertains to working while sick. Yes, it costs the company money and time to have an employee call in sick. However, when an employee comes to work while sick, the quality of their work simply will not be as good as if they are not sick. When an employee is sick, they probably will take longer to perform their job duties too. In addition to this, an employee who is present at work while ill is much more likely to make mistakes – and we all know that correcting errors takes more time than actually slowing down and getting it right the first time.

Presenteeism can negatively impact the bottom line for employers when an employee comes to work sick, exposes the other employees to contagious illnesses, and thus causes other employees to become ill, miss work, or decrease their productivity too.

Many employers are learning that presenteeism doesn’t necessarily mean an employee is a better employee, more dedicated or a better performer – additionally, presenteeism can negatively impact the employer’s bottom line. A link of the website is provided on the website. The person can click to find out more about the presenteeism. The term has both the positive as well as negative aspect for the business.

Therefore, do what’s best for your company and yourself. If you are sick, take a sick day and allow yourself to recuperate. If you do not need to work extra hours to get the job done, then work the scheduled hours and don’t kill yourself. While the brownnosers of the world will win in the short term, your hard work and dedication will come through in the end, so take the time to take care of your health needs and mental health needs first, and be satisfied in knowing that taking a sick day when you really are sick actually is better for your company than going to work.

Inventory and Purchase Order Financing in Canada are two of the key elements of Asset based lending and financing. What do Canadian business owners and financial managers need to know about this type of financing?

Inventory financing is unique – we say that simply because unless you are working with a specialized lender most financiers, bankers, etc do not understand inventory – naturally if you don’t understand something it is difficult to lend against, which limits financing of course !

You need to work with a lender who will take the time, and already has the expertise to assess the critical element of your inventory, which is very simply what is it worth on an ongoing basis. As a business owner looking for additional working capital and cash flow you want to maximize the amount of financing you can extract from inventory. Your inventory and receivables are huge components of your on going working capital needs.  As we all know that government money lenders require more time for the accomplishment of the whole process, so preferably you should asked private money lender to lend you money over the least interest amount.

What are some of those key elements in inventory financing? They are as follows – first of all you want to always ensure that you don’t enter into an inventory finance facility that requires your to store product at a third party warehouse . That becomes cumbersome and adds some additional cost to your facility.

When we discuss client inventory financing needs we also try to ensure they are bundled into an asset based facility that includes accounts receivable – this certainly is not necessarily required, but simply makes the entire ‘ cash conversion cycle ‘ run more smoothly . As you know your cash conversion cycle is simply the ongoing process by which cash becomes inventory which becomes receivables which becomes cash again!

When you establish a solid inventory financing facility you simply are maximizing working capital on an ongoing basis by having pre negotiated a maximum loan to value of your inventory – What do we mean by this and how does it work? Well simply explained its putting in place a facility, which, as an example, allows you to draw down on a certain per cent age of your inventory on hand. You simply provide a list of your inventory, as an example, on a monthly basis, and draw funds against that summary listing. A quick simple example – lets say you are selling shoes to Big Box retailers, and you have 400, 00.000 of shoes on hand every month to satisfy customer needs. If your inventory financing facility is margined at a pre agreed upon 60%, (as an example) you can draw on working capital $4000.000/00X .60 = $240.000.00.

In many circumstances we run into your firm either had no or limited inventory financing, so you have just created 240k or additional working capital for your firm.

Let’s discuss Purchase order financing also! It’s a case of drawing working capital out of orders from customers who are deemed sound. You use the funds to satisfy those orders, gain additional revenue, and increase your overall competitive presence.

P.O. Financing is a gap or bridge financing allowing you to take on larger orders/contracts… With your suppliers paid you can convert inventory into receivables and start the process all over again.

. Your suppliers are paid in advance by the p.o. financier, which frees up your working capital. Key requirements of a good P.O. Financing facility are good reputable customers, PO financing facilities of 100k and up, and your ability to demonstrate you can offer the P.O. as collateral. In some cases insured receivables might make sense also

Not everyone knows about or understands these two types of financings; speak to an expert who has credibility and experience to maximize your use of this type of financing.

When giving an extra-special titanium ring jewelry gift, there are really only two options to choose from: a custom design or a designer design. If you’re a recipient, then you might react differently to each type of design (a designer design could show that you man made a thoughtful and stylish investment whereas a custom design could get a creative way to share your love).

Whether you’re giving a titanium ring in the near future, or planning to receive a titanium ring in the near future, here are some things to think about when it comes to making the right choice:

Find a Trusted Supplier

It is always essential that if you are purchasing an expensive gift, you find the right supplier. It doesn’t matter whether you are customizing your titanium ring or buying a pre-made titanium ring, you need to be able to trust that the quality and craftsmanship of the ring is top-notch.

Overall Look and Feel

The look and feel of the titanium ring is perhaps the most important consideration that you must make when choosing the right titanium ring for your needs. Some designer titanium rings have intricate designs that are loaded with meaning, such as traditional Celtic designs that relate back to ancient Irish folklore and culture.

If you were to choose a customized titanium ring design, chances are good that you would get the kind of specific style that you are looking for as well as the personalized meaning that the style might have to you and your sweetheart.

Before making your decision about designer titanium rings or customized titanium rings, it’s always beneficial to browse through the titanium ring options that are already out there and readily available. Browsing can help you get ideas and you never know when one of those ideas will lead to inspiration or when a particular titanium ring will jump out at you and become irresistible.

Consider the Meaning

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a titanium ring that you expect to last forever (such as a titanium engagement ring) is the meaning behind the design. If you decide to create a custom design, then you will be able to infuse the titanium ring with symbolism that is important to you and your significant other.

However, if you choose a designer style ring, then the design may already have symbolism. For example, a classic three stone ring might symbolize your past, present, and future with someone. The meaning of the design to you and your partner is perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to get a ring in the first place. Therefore, start a dialog about what kind of symbolism you might want in your new titanium ring. Together, you can come to a mutual understanding of what the ring means to the two of you. That understanding will likely help you make your purchasing choice. The choice of the person will be influenced through the reviews available at the site The customers can share their feedback at the site.

The finest of the finest options can be discovered in the modern world, allowing you to have the reliability of the networks and data. Keeping your data private over the internet is the primary thing to be practiced for you surely. Additionally, if you are operating an online-based business through an open network, then you need to get VPN services as soon as possible.

However, if you operate your data through androids, then you might be pondering about which one is a better option for you of VPN services to go along with. To know more about the secured data network of the VPN for androids in 2019, then continue reading the article mentioned below.

The finest VPN network for androids in 2019

Here, presenting you the top-rated options for VPN networks for androids, you can decide in between them that is the better option for you. So let us get started with the listing of the top VPN networks for androids.

  1.  Surfshark: This convenient option allows you to have better access to the internet. It also provides you the required privacy and safeguards your network connection. It also offers you a better speedy network allowing the page to take lesser time to load through the interface.
  2.  Hotspot shield: those looking for the fastest VPN servers that can optimally work for androids is the hotspot shield that is also the top options for the VPN networks. You can get unlimited access to the VPN network by using this particular network.
  3. Tor guard: you might find the name of the network bizarre, however; the services are more convenient in this case. You can acquire the benefit of the 50% discount with TorGuard coupon code multiple benefits. It would be many options for you to have direct access to the network using this particular network.