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Every poker player has tried to bluff in a game in the hope of fooling the other players and winning the hand. Bluffing in poker is easy if you know how to maintain an emotionless face while you study your cards. That’s why the term ‘poker face’ is famous. But maintaining a poker face is not the only tactic used by poker players to bluff in a game. Bluffing is an integral part of poker and some players have honed it to an art. Learning to bluff in poker requires experience and knowing how your opponents play. You can surf the internet and read various strategies of bluffing in poker, but none of them will teach you what you can learn from experience.

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This video below provide good brief expanation on knowing when to bluff in poker.

A poker player has to pick the spots where they can bluff and pick up a few pots, but the art lies in picking the right spot to bluff. The best place to bluff in poker is when you are the last at the table. Your opponents have either folded or are ready to call. If you bluff and raise the pot they will probably fold and let you win the pot. If you bluff and win and show your cards against weak player, you will either frustrate the player to play worse or for your opponents to gang-up against you. It’s best never to get into such a situation. You also need to study how your opponents are playing. Study their emotions, the way they are placing their bets and then decide on a playing strategy. Don’t ever try to bluff on every hand that is dealt as you will soon get caught. If you are called and the players think you are bluffing but you turn out a strong or winning hand, the other players will back off. When you raise a bet they will generally fold as they will think that you are not bluffing. It’s easier to bluff on a low stakes table than on a high stakes table. You have to be a very good player to take your chances at bluffing in a high stake game.

In my experience I have always lost a few hands initially as I evaluate the strategy of the other players. Its only after I know how each player is playing I will take the risk of bluffing. The entire purpose of poker is to win some money and bluffing is a way of making that money in the live poker rooms.

A home loan mortgage finance application can be tricky, so it is important that you have all your personal and financial information ready before you meet with your mortgage broker.

Personal Information:

The first thing you need to do is prove who you are. Chances are your home loan lender is going to be advancing you many thousands for your property purchase, so they want to be sure you are who you say you are. You will need the obligatory 100 points of identification if you are going to secure a home loan or mortgage. You will need: Birth Certificate (certified if applying for first home owners grant) or Passport, drivers licence, Medicare card, credit card statements, maybe an account from a utilities provider with you current address, some other photo id and maybe a letter from your mum. You will also need to provide details of where you have lived for the last 5 years or so.

If you are buying car for rental purpose or self-use, then you can get it from Florida Title Loans. There is the requirement of providing the best loan amount to have the desired results. The repaying of the auto- car loan is according to the preference of the people.

Financial Information:

If you are an employee, you will need at least your last three payslips that clearly identify you and the amount you earn. A letter from your employer may also be useful here if they are willing. They will need to state your employment start date, gross income and condition of employment as a minimum. You may also be asked to provide your PAYG Payment Summary for individual non-business. If you have more than one employer get a statement from them all. If you are self employed you will need your last two years tax returns and assessments for yourself and any other tax entity you trade under. Self employed applicants may also be able to use Low Doc or No Doc options to certify their incomes.

You will also need at least 6 months of saving account statements to show your savings history, lenders think a solid savings history indicates that you will be able to make the sacrifices necessary to keep up the payments on a home mortgage. In some cases 6 months of credit card statements, including the most recent, showing their balance and limit. Personal loan details and statements showing repayment outstanding balance figures and payment history. Store account statements and details.

You will also need paperwork explaining any bad credit history you may have. It is best to get this stuff up front to avoid any delays with your application. Contact a credit reference supplier and find out if you have anything to worry about if you are not sure.

If you are buying a property you will need to supply a Contract of Sale. The front page of a Contract of sale is generally enough for most of the major lenders. If you are refinancing, you will need 12 months mortgage statements on the loan to be refinanced and a recent council rate notice. If you are building it will be best to supply a complete copy of your building contract including the specifications and plans.

That’s just about it. You will also need your notepad or diary to take notes from your mortgage broker interview. I suggest you print this Blog and use it as a reminder. Oh and tell your mum you love her and that you appreciated all the times she cleaned up after you!

There are not as many genuine outlets for freelance writers as you may think. Too often, the articles slip away into cyber-space without payment or official rejection, leaving the writer in the lurch with its copyright status. There is, however, a unique site called that encourages its writers to submit articles on any topic and allows the author to set the purchase price for the website’s buying clients and is highly recommended by Douglas Williams.

You may write on any topic and set your own sale price. Once the article is posted, your price tag will appear on the right-hand side. I have found many articles, of a general nature, to be priced between $3 and $5, and content which is technical, or specialized in some way, was tagged $10 and up. A submission does in no wise

guarantee a sale, but you have a good chance if you’re savvy enough to write about popular topics and can show you’re a skilled writer. Some articles are posted for $35 and up, but that may be a risky business move to sell it.

In addition to textual content, you may upload photography by itself or attached to an article. The more unique the photo, the more money you may get. Also, I noticed that candid images of people or animals in motion were priced higher than an image that was stationary.

The site has a category search link for topics such as travel, business, recreation, science, home, merchandise, etc. To give you an idea of how many articles you will need to turn a profit, check out some of the author profiles that will show you how many articles they have written and how many were sold. Case in point, an Australian author, G. Kavanagh, has written 402 articles and sold 64. By locating a reference who is similar to yourself, it will give you an idea of what to write and how to price it.

The editor claims a freelance writing staff of over 20,000, all bringing unique voices to the buying table. As an author, you may also choose which level of licensing you prefer for each article and may submit as many as you like. Articles that include travel with photos are likely a higher price tag than those without the pictures. But, if you don’t have photos, try using research on historical or fascinating facts about the place you visited. Another technique to get purchased is by increasing the length and relevant content. Poke around the site and see what you can find about the ratio of written to sold articles. The idea is to make your text stand out above the rest., by any means possible, even guerilla warfare if necessary.

Payment is made via PayPal and the company will send you an email each time your work has been purchased. The information-gathering process to sign up new writers is very basic, devoid of intrusive questioning. Just give them your name, email, register for PayPal and you’re done.

To be competitive in this arena, it seems the writer with better prices will get the deal. So, before building your content, it would be wise to use the “search” box for similar articles on that site and undercut your competition by a thread. Sounds dirty, but all’s fair in love, war, and writing.

Did you know that of every 100 people that start out to try and make money on-line only 10 or less might be able to succeed in doing that? Where did I get those statistics and why is that happening?

To answer that first question is rather easy for me. James Scholes has a marketing website that shows other people how to make money online. I show them how to market their own business and write articles for money among others. I also list the companies I personally deal with to make money and write an email newsletter to help my readers. I don’t “sell” anything, but I do accept advertising on my website. Through my efforts, I have discovered that even though I get hundreds of people signing up and receiving my newsletters, only 50% of them open the newsletters. I get very few people to unsubscribe but with only a 50% open rate that means they are not reading what I have to say. I have also found out that when I suggest a free program to join in order to make money and show proof that I have earned money using that method, I only see one or two people sign up. So statistic wise, many people are interested but very few follow through.

Why is there a reluctance to follow through on much of what I show people? That part comes down to the type of people that my website seems to attract. They are the type that wants to get going on earning money online but for some odd reason are reluctant to start or need someone to hold their hands every step of the way. It is a fact that those types of people will never be in charge of their own business because they lack the incentive to follow through on what they have started.

If you look at the business world around you offline then you will see the same thing. The type of people that have the incentive to make money will still be making money. People who wish they were earning money by having their own business or earning on-line will be just doing that – wishing. The bottom line is that only 10% of the population has the incentive to follow through on what they started. Of those who do manage to start making money online, some of them give up doing so in under a year, because to them the amount is not “worth their while.”

To make money online, it takes a person with perseverance, the will to go on, and a touch of creativity. Do you have all of that? If you do then you might just be in that minority.

No one hates a garage sale more than myself. Going is great, it is the having part that I laothe, having to drag everything you don’t want into your driveway at 6:00 AM, meanwhile the hardcore shoppers are looking into your garage long before you are ready to get started. These people are like vultures with cars driving around your house and waiting until it is time, and then they come in and they want everything for 5 cents! Your couch, your kids clothes, your old toaster, all 5 cents and they look at you like you are crazy if you don’t lower your price, letting you know very well that they don’t think anything you have is worth the money being charged.

Then you have the later stragglers, after you are tired and hat from being in your driveway for hours and here come the neighbors ready to be friendly and look around, but, when they pick up items and put them down or glance around and go home you wonder, “what’ wrong with MY stuff”.

Of course at the end of the day when you still have all your unsold items outside and have to carry it in and find places for everything again, here comes the people who really do want free stuff. They come to all the garage sales at the end in hopes that the owner will just hand everything over instead of dealing with it again. With availability of online course for fashion industries, Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews deliver the right and effective results. The chances of earning more income are high with online fashion learners. The revenue should be great to meet with the requirements of the person. The cracking of the best deal is done with fashion influencers.

No thank you ladies (and gentlemen)! I found the solution and it makes all the difference in the world. I started with ebay and was having a blast, I was selling shoes that didn’t even sell at the garage sale for a dollar on ebay for $18.00. That is just one example but a common one. Our post office is a half a block away so that made it very easy too. Every day I would walk around my house and look for things I didn’t need or want and put it on an auction and watch for a few days. Believe me, there is a buyer for everything! It became quite addictive to the point that I started going to garage sales and bought up items that I knew would sell on ebay and go home and sell them for alot more money.

After telling all of my friends about it I was informed of the I never heard of this and apparently am the only one who never knew of craigslist. It is totally free to post ads, you can include pictures so you don’t get lots of people trying to come to your house and look, and it is in every city so your listing is local and people just come pick up the item instead of you having to ship. This is awesome for those of you not close to the post office or if you are trying to sell furniture, I even gave away a pair of parakeets to a great home.

Craigslist is a whole underground world of people who buy and sell on there and also new or one timers. You can find a buyer for anything for babies or kids, people will buy your furniture, cars, anything. Unlike ebay where you start with a low price and wait to see how high it goes, craigslist I found that you can think about how much you want for your item and raise it higher before listing. I always over price my items from what I think they are worth and people always buy the stuff. Then if it doesn’t sell you can always go back and relist for a lower price. I suppose it proves the theory that one mans trash is another mans treasure. Everything sells for realistic prices instead of giving it away at garage sales.

Say no to garage sales and start earning the money you things are really worth!

If you don’t have enough savings in your account and still you are looking for options to arrange for the down payment of your new home then home loans are the one which you should consider.

  1. The first thing is to contact the loan officer. The officer will help you to calculate how much you need to raise from the external sources to finance your home.
  2. Discuss with the loan officer your present financial status, the savings that you have and the properties that you own, your current earnings, and your expenses. The offices looking into all such aspects will then calculate the amount that you need to have from the bank to make the down payment and then your monthly installments that you can afford along with meeting your expenses.
  3. Your credit score also play an important role. If you have a history of default or bankruptcy then the loan that you are applying will be lend to you by the bank at higher interest rates. Here the loan officer might suggest you to lay your property if any as collateral so that you can lower down the interest rates on your loan.
  4. The loan comes with different features.

• They may be with fixed rate of interest or with the variable or adjustable interest rates. In fixed rates, the interest that you are paying will remain fixed through the loan term while in the adjustable rates the interest can change within the term of loan depending upon the market conditions. The adjustable rate might sound lucrative in the initial stages when the rates are generally low but as the term progresses the rates may sore up. So you end up paying more.

• The bank provides you with the offset account which is attached to the transaction account. You use the money in this account to pay your loan but you can also use the account for other purposes.

• The loans provide you with portability features by which you can use this money for your new home in case you are planning to sell your home for which you took this loan. Just like Majestic Lake Financial, one of the reliable loan agencies in the market, you can get financial assistance from such companies through loan. They will help you achieve your dream and pursue whatever endeavor you want.

• If you have made some extra payments in your payment term then you can use the redraw feature by which you can redraw the payments that you made.

• There are split loans in which you pay fixed rate of interest for one part of the loan and for the other part you pay variable interest.

Also look around for online home loans provided by the banks. These are hassle free and more convenient than approaching the bank.

There are a lot of credible credit repair services out there, for instance, Blue Water Credit – Sacramento. Some charge a fee, some don’t charge a fee. And others claim to be free but have hidden charges. For the last three years, I have been researching this subject, and what I’ve found may surprise you.

The best free credit repair service is easy to find. You live with the person each day – YOU. You can do anything that any credit repair service can do, and there are no hidden charges. And, while some of these free credit repair services can sometimes make your credit worse, in the way of a black mark on your credit report, fixing your own credit avoids that.

You can find everything you need by visiting Dave Ramsey’s website at I’ve never had problems with my credit, but there was a time that I believed that debit and credit cards were okay. They are a fact of life, and everybody has them, right? Wrong. Dave Ramsey opened my eyes to a whole new way of living and helped me achieve freedom from debt. You can achieve that same freedom, with just a little hard work. And just think – it took you time to get into the debt that you are currently in, so it’s understandably going to take you some time to get back out.

So, to get started on your credit repair, gather up all of your bills. Contact your creditors and work out payment arrangements with them. Most creditors are pretty understanding. However, if you reach someone who isn’t willing to work with you, go up the chain to their supervisor, and keep going if you have to. These companies bank on you giving up with the first ‘no’ answer. Don’t give them that satisfaction. Fight them until you get what you want.

After you get your interest rates lowered and your payment dates arranged so that you can pay them in a timely manner, work out a budget. Make sure you know where all of your money is going. Then, you’ll want to get together an emergency fund of $1000. Put money away in a savings account until you reach the $1000 mark, then work on paying off your bills.

Start with the lowest bill first, and pay extra on that bill, while making minimum payments to all other bills. Once you have the smallest bill paid off, you can put that money to the next smallest bill, and continue until all bills are paid off.

So, before you choose a free credit repair service or a service that charges a fee, try to repair your credit on your own. If you take the initiative, you won’t need the assistance of an outside company. Good luck!

If you are searching for ways to make money online, then you are in the right place. I can show you some tactics that have not only worked for me but are working for others; and they can work for you too. Some people spend hours as they review ways to make some extra cash, only to find that it is not nearly as easy as Internet money-making program promoters make it look. We have all made some mistakes when it comes to this, and if you haven’t fallen for any of these traps; you can consider yourself lucky.

When I tell you that you can make money online, I mean it; you really can. The amount you make is going to depend on a few things. The tactics I mention here may not be right for you, but maybe you will give it a try and find some success. I can’t claim to know everything about money making strategies online, but I can tell you what has worked for me. First, you should think about what you enjoy doing. The best way to make some extra cash is by doing something you enjoy; it doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal.

One suggestion on how you can make money online is to write. If you enjoy putting words to paper and have a basic understanding of grammar, word usage, and a unique writing style all your own, then you can consider yourself in high demand. There are literally dozens of websites that you can provide original and unique content for and make money doing it. The pay depends on the level of skill, but even writers who are still building their writing skills can expect to make a few bucks for every original submission. If you think that this sounds like something you would enjoy then I would direct you to sites such as Guru, ODesk, and Yahoo Contributor Network; these sites offer different experiences and so you can choose to join one or all of them; decide for yourself which one is for you.

My next suggestion is more of a collage of information and ideas on how you can make money online, rather than just one idea. If you are a collector or like to yard sale, then you can have the beginnings of a successful online business. All you need to do is create a free seller account and list your items. There is a small listing fee for each item, but it’s not much. Not only is selling things online fun, but it can be financially rewarding as well. If you like the idea of selling online, you should also look into selling your old DVDs, CDs, and even books to re-buy websites such as or Both of these sites offer free shipping and PayPal payments; and if you are really clever, you can find ways to bring in cash even after you have rummaged your shelves. When you use these tactics, you shouldn’t expect to make a fortune, but if you put the time and effort into it; you might be surprised at what you can make.

Many people make money online these days by writing useful how-to articles in exchange for page view payments. Page view payments are made monthly based on the amount of website traffic your article attracts. Some revenue sharing websites split Google Adsense revenue with you on a 50/50 basis, while others pay a set amount of money to you each month. Using the right keywords in your web content is what makes your articles easy for readers to find, however, some people persistently use irrelevant keywords and phrases to draw web traffic to their pages to increase their page views and the amount of money they can earn online. There is nothing as annoying as arriving at a website to read an article based on your keyword search, and finding nothing except the keywords and phrases in list form, but no article. I recently came across a website like this, so I will give you an idea about what not to do to make money online.I will refer to the article of interest in these writings though, as “the article” since linking to it will only serve to fulfill the writer’s goal of getting traffic to his page that he clearly did not earn. One must assume this fellow is getting paid per page view rather than cashing a weekly check on his Friday lunch break.

Yesterday, my news blog sported an article about Bank of America and their plans to scrap overdraft charges. I found it interesting that the statement, while true, was not a good example of how things really are, and I pointed out some of those things you will need to do to keep from being lulled into a false sense of security.

Realizing there would be some lingering stink to follow this awesome news from one of our fumbling financial institutions, I ventured to Google’s current trend list this morning to see how far up the scale of popularity that particular topic was clinging. Of course, it was on the list, but nowhere near being in the top ten overnight search terms. The understanding of the article terms will be better after a person click here at the account. The posting of the information will be beneficial  for the person and writers. 

One word which was being sought though, was the word “grifter” which I will also use only once in this writing, and not in my tags, or I will be guilty of that which I am about to complain. Seeing the word, and not being familiar with it, I decided to click on an article to find out in what context it was being used. Since I was now familiar with the BoFa story, I chose a link about that to seek out my answer.

After arriving at the website, which incidentally is very well known and has an awesome reputation as a source of up-to-the-minute financial news, I read “the article” in it’s entirety only to find that “that search term” was not contained in the body of “the article” at all. Do not go to Google’s hot trends for breaking news and copy and paste nonsense keywords into your tags for the purpose of getting traffic.

There are several reasons not to use keywords in this manner; the first reason should be clear since you agreed that you understood Google’s terms of service (TOS) when you opened your Adsense account. If you don’t need your Google account anymore, go ahead with your plan and see how much money you can generate before they zonk you for being greedy. You will not only look stupid, you will be confirming it beyond doubt when the article you have spent time writing is a nonsensical mess of keywords that makes no sense to anyone except you and the Google Police.

Stuffing irrelevant keywords into your articles, or using keywords that have nothing at all to do with your subject will kill your credibility as a writer, and cause you to lose potential future revenue. Nobody will come back to your blog or website if the keywords they searched to get them there in the first place have no bearing on what you can offer them. Check your RSS feed stats too, and see how long it takes for everyone to unsubscribe.

If I visit your blog and see that you have deliberately sucked me in with useless keywords to get me onto your blog, there is a distinct possibility that I will tell on you for being an idiot. Although there is no law against stupidity, it will cause you some temporary grief and put a sparkle in my day.

If you plan to highlight keywords throughout your article with links that connect me back to Amazon, make sure the product you’re sending me to purchase is relevent to the word you used to get my attention. For example; if you highlight the word “writer” because that’s the field you consider yourself to be expert in, don’t hit me with a link to a sexy Rolex watch, because I haven’t learned, or earned that much from what you had to teach me, and because I am not the fool here, that would be you.

What is Presenteeism?

Dedicated employees will often espouse the virtues of always being at work, never taking a sick day or mental health day or having a perfect attendance rating on the job. This sounds like a great track record for a good employee to have, but what of an employee who shows up on the job when they are too sick to be functional?

A relatively new term in the business industry known as presenteeism, a play on the word absenteeism, has quickly become a corporate buzz word.

Presenteeism is not yet defined in the dictionary, but has quickly become part of the American lexicon. Essentially, presenteeism occurs when employees come to work when they really shouldn’t. While presenteeism can include employees who come to work shortly after giving birth; after the death of a relative, friend or close family member; with a debilitating injury, or with some other condition that causes the employee to function below standards – presenteeism most frequently refers to employees who show up to work while ill, instead of using a sick day.

Presenteeism also can be carried a bit further to the point where employees, feeling they need to make a good impression on the boss to advance their careers, come in early, work through lunches or stay late, even when there are no duties to perform.

It is true that sick pay and time employees take off from work does affect the bottom line for an employer, but new studies are showing that presenteeism is actually costing employers more in the end than if the employee had just called in sick.

Presenteeism can also affect the employee in a negative way too.

Let’s look at how presenteeism can affect an employee first, and then we’ll take a look at how presenteeism affects employers.

As an employee, absenteeism has been discouraged. We all pretty much know that if you miss too many days of work, your job can be in jeopardy. Additionally, when two or more employees are up for a promotion, it’s common knowledge that when work proficiency and all other things are equal, the employee who works a bit longer, bit harder, or goes that little extra mile is more likely to receive the promotion than one who only shows up to work during normal business hours.

However, employees who feel that they must work extra hours in order to get ahead, whether the work actually requires this additional time or not, might well be building up a resentment for having to work that extra time. This breeds negativity and contempt toward the employer and can potentially leave the employee with a bad attitude, feeling overworked and underappreciated, and in turn, the quality of the work may decline.

Additionally, the employee’s morale and personal emotional state is negatively affected. Employees who frequently feel they must work extra hours, come in when they are sick, work later, stay through lunches, etc., will often find themselves flustered and upset when the company has to follow certain rules and won’t make an exception for them. “But I stay late all the time, I work through my lunches, what do you mean I can’t have Friday off?”

For the employer, presenteeism can really hurt production of work, quality of work, and hurt the payroll too. One employee may need 8 hours to do a specific job while another employee may take only 4 hours to do the same job. The employee who works the longer hours might well be seen by others as the more dedicated employee, when the one who finished faster and had the same quality of work actually makes more money and uses less of the company’s resources than the other employee.

It’s really not fair when this happens, and the employee who can finish faster will soon realize they are not being fairly considered for working faster, so the work will slow, production decreases, and quality of the work might very well decrease too. This hurts the company overall. To avoid this, a company really needs to learn to reward and acknowledge employees for the output and work itself, and put less focus on the actual number of hours an employee works.

Now, let’s look at presenteeism as it pertains to working while sick. Yes, it costs the company money and time to have an employee call in sick. However, when an employee comes to work while sick, the quality of their work simply will not be as good as if they are not sick. When an employee is sick, they probably will take longer to perform their job duties too. In addition to this, an employee who is present at work while ill is much more likely to make mistakes – and we all know that correcting errors takes more time than actually slowing down and getting it right the first time.

Presenteeism can negatively impact the bottom line for employers when an employee comes to work sick, exposes the other employees to contagious illnesses, and thus causes other employees to become ill, miss work, or decrease their productivity too.

Many employers are learning that presenteeism doesn’t necessarily mean an employee is a better employee, more dedicated or a better performer – additionally, presenteeism can negatively impact the employer’s bottom line. A link of the website is provided on the website. The person can click to find out more about the presenteeism. The term has both the positive as well as negative aspect for the business.

Therefore, do what’s best for your company and yourself. If you are sick, take a sick day and allow yourself to recuperate. If you do not need to work extra hours to get the job done, then work the scheduled hours and don’t kill yourself. While the brownnosers of the world will win in the short term, your hard work and dedication will come through in the end, so take the time to take care of your health needs and mental health needs first, and be satisfied in knowing that taking a sick day when you really are sick actually is better for your company than going to work.