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Just as many who venture out to Hollywood for fame and fortune to this day, Edward D. Wood Jr. had similar aspirations. Wood idolized classic horror film actor Bela Lugosi and director/actor Orson Welles. Attempting to achieve his own stardom as a director, he fell short and became consumed by alcoholism, dying at 54 in 1978.

Until the release of Tim Burton’s film, Ed Wood, in 1994 Wood’s films barely qualified for cult film status. But after the film’s release in theaters, titles such as Glen or Glenda (1953), Bride of the Monster (1955) and Plan 9 from Outer Space, (1959) started to come in demand. People wanted to know just how bad the “worst director of all time” really was.

While Burton elected only to allude to Wood’s ’60s and ’70s ventures into the world of low-brow cinema and all-out smut. The more modern re-releases of such films as Orgy of the Dead (1965) and Pretty Models All in A Row (1969) on DVD gives those curious enough to watch a glimpse into Wood’s inner psyche – a psyche best represented in the recently released Necromania by Fleshbot Films.

Long claimed to be one of Wood’s “lost” smut films and only available in multi-generational bootlegs in its soft-core version, Fleshbot released Necromania (1971) on DVD with both its hardcore (Hot! Hot! Hot!) and soft-core (Hot!) versions intact.

While his soft-core flicks that he wrote and co-directed with A.C. Stephen (Stephen Apostolof) were more prominent and have become easier to find (Fugitive Girls, Snow Bunnies and Class Reunion), Necromania seemed to be lost forever until prints of the film were discovered in an old warehouse.

While the majority of sex in Wood’s directed movies and the ones he did with Stephen were simulated, there’s no mistaking that the sex seen in Necromania is the real deal. While other films even leading up to the mid-’70s had sex scenes spliced in after production to increase their peepshow life, Wood pulled no punches and dared to demonstrate humans in their most carnal state of mind even though other directors, such as his contemporary A.C. Stephen, were very cautious of sexual depictions in their films.

Necromania is the story of Danny and Shirley who go to see the mysterious sex therapist Madame Heles because their sex life is stuck in the proverbial rut. Supposedly Maila Nurmi, the actress who portrayed Vampira and starred in Plan 9, was originally asked to play the part of Madame Heles, but declined because she felt it would be detrimental to her already floundering career. This from the woman who appeared in a film called Sex Kittens Go to College(1960).

Even the cast declined to be credited in the film. However, future ’70s hardcore porn actress Rene Bond (pre-breast implants) is prominent throughout the film portraying Shirley, and Bond’s longtime boyfriend Ric Lutze appears as Danny. Bond also starred in several collaborations between Stephen and Wood, making her a Wood favorite.

Two camera operators had to be hired, as one refused to film any of the hardcore shots, and even Wood opted to use the pseudonym Don Miller in the opening credits under primewire whose requirements is to shoot a fantastic sequence of the movie.

From the very beginning, the viewer is faced with the mystery of Who exactly is Madame Heles? We get an idea from the painted skulls, stuffed timber wolf and inverted cross hanging over a well-polished casket.

But her lingerie-clad minion only replies to the inquisitive couple that all shall be revealed at midnight. And so the rest of the film tends to follow typical porn flick fare in that each person involved somehow manages to end up with their clothes off and have sex with someone else introduced in the film.

Wood explores concepts of lesbianism, oral stimulation, partner swapping and even orgies, which are all themes on par with ’70s porn, yet Wood goes on to do something fans of his “work” claim is one of his most redeeming qualities. Wood includes a lesson of morality interwoven into one of the scenes. Since Danny is at the retreat to see Heles for shortcomings of his own, Heles’ minion brings forth the proposition that being adequate is all in the eye of the beholder and that some things happen for a reason.

Subtext and dialogue are things Wood has always been known for throughout his more serious sci-fi works, and his sense of humor is something that carried over into his other works of smut.

In Necromania Wood is given the luxury, if even for the first time, of having actors and actresses who seemingly have some grasp on the concept of acting. Even though dialogue is sparse, “Necromania” doesn’t have the structure of a typical ’70s porn flick.

The film isn’t entirely structured around each sex scene, but more so each scene seems to be a step to the final level of sexual experience the film has to offer. In this way, the viewer can’t help but keep watching to see what happens next, which is another factor Wood’s films possessed: Either to keep watching to see how bad it could possibly get, or to see how it all ends up.

While some of the close-ups and pans are a little shaky in the establishing shots, there’s still something about this movie that saves it from the garbage can. Perhaps it’s the cheesiness of the early ’70s décor, the classic hairstyles or the fact that people still had hair “down there” that adds a great deal of charm to this lost disasterpiece.

For those with a taste for cheesy ’70s porn, this is a worthwhile venture, or perhaps even for the tried and true Wood fan who is over the age of 18.

For others there will be no wonder as to why Wood died poor and lacking the recognition he may or may not have deserved had he been born much earlier or much later than he had been.

As a testimony to the man, we are left with his child-like wonder at the universe in his early sci-fi features. Yet we are also left with his very adult-like fascination with the occult and the sensuous female form in the dark introspective journey known as Necromania.

Crossword is a game in which you have to fill up various blanks to win the game. A question will be asked from you, and the answer will be of one word. You have to find the word in the puzzle and write it down on the board. It is known as crossword because it can be written diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. You can use word cookies cheats so that you can clear up the level on which you got stuck.  

The game can be downloaded on the mobile device, and thus, there are lots of puzzles games in the app store. You can download all of them if you want to experience the best puzzles in the world.  

Which is the best crossword game for mobile phones, and why?

Word cookies are one of the best games you can go for. It is because it is one of the oldest games in which you will get a lot of questions to be played on. It will be very beneficial for your health too because those questions will be going to increase your general knowledge. If you know the answers to the question, then you should write it down on the board. On the other hand, if you do not know the answers, then you can find it out on the internet.

How is a puzzle game good for mental health? 

Improvement in mind can be made by solving various riddles or by playing various puzzle games. This is the topmost reason for people playing word cookies like puzzle games.  You can get them easily on the app store, or you can play it online. You will get to enhance your problem-solving skills easily by playing the games on your device.  

Putting up a website is not that easy as you may think, you will need to have a best web hosting provider that will be compatible with your website. The important things you should take note in order to choose the best website are as follows.

Customer Support

Customer Support services must be 24/7 to guarantee that the web host you choose can be reached anytime whether via email, telephone or live chat. Some hosts advertised their number but when you call them it is no longer available, and when raising a query via email, you will be waiting for 3 to 5 days for their replies. Testing them to call at night is also a wonderful idea to ensure that some customer service representative will be ready to answer your concerns. Thus, it will give you a good indication of expectation with this web hosting company.

Hosting Plan Features

Review the features with in every detail that are being offered by the web hosting provider. It’s best not to assume all the features you expect when selecting a host. If you find that there is a particular feature that is lacking, then try to inquire by sending an email or call their hotline if that feature is available.


Looking for an affordable web hosting providers is a nice idea however this is not always the best option. Maybe for the ones who are just starting the business, this may be considered. But remember that some of these cheap web host providers result into having a poor service being rendered. For you to choose properly, review and compare about their pricing plans that web hosting companies provide. Make a comparison accordingly so that you would not regret the decision on choosing the best web hosting company.


The key role of reliability is very important when choosing a host provider. The availability of you website will be dependent if your chosen provider is reliable or not. If a web hosting company is stable for 5 years or more, this is a good sign for reliability factor. However, there are some that are still reliable even though they are just new to this industry of web hosting. Also, carefully review and investigate behind every company’s history and the up-time percentage they listed on their website.

To sum it up, try to research, review and investigate behind a web hosting company’s history, their clients and all the features being offered. You must be 100% sure that you won’t regret the web hosting provider you have chosen. Read feedbacks when necessary. Don’t be lured with the web hosting company’s promises and attractive marketing styles. Dig deeper by knowing what they can really offer to you so you can choose the best one.

The aforementioned tips sum up only the basics of this vast subject but to understand it better you will have to dig deeper into the topic which can be done easily through online discussions with experts which many people do so and discuss the cheapest hosting solutions and get hands on experience in this matter.

Nowadays, there are several advertisements about skin creams and other beauty products that can be seen in magazines, newspapers, and TV commercials and even online. It may be true that there are different methods that people can use in order to take good care of their skin and give nutrition for it. However, not every method is effective. In this article, we are going to go through some facts about one of the common used product for skin nutrition – skin creams. Hence, we will know in this article whether or not skin creams are really effective.

According to experts, most of the anti-aging and beauty skin creams focus on compounds named pentapeptides. These compounds are described as small groups of long chain amino acids that perform as the messengers of chemical throughout our body. If you are pond of using skin creams, you must be aware that most of the popular brands in the market are Klein Becker, Olay, Strivectic-SD, Principal Secret Reclaim Line and Wrinkle Relax by DDF. Although there are no mere studies or research that support the effectiveness of these products, experts and doctors stress that there is an ample science behind the technology of pentapeptide. 

Moreover, there is a research about pentapeptides claiming that the compounds are capable of healing wounds. Relatively, our bodies produce more collagen when there is a great presence of peptides and as part of the natural response of our body. And since collage is helpful in making our skin healthy, the research claims that most of the skin cream products in the market are effective and helpful in making our skin healthier. Curaderm BEC5 is a natural topical cream which has proven its power to wide variety of users. Hence, you may want to consider this product for a healthier skin. 

I’m not what you’d call a hardcore gamer, not even a gamer for that matter. I’m the woman that moans, whines and shouts at her husband to get his backside of the sofa as I attempt to peel away the XBOX control from his hands.

That is…until I downloaded the World of Warcraft trial.

I had decided it would be a good idea to see what all the fuss was about. After all, I’d given my friend enough grief about him being a gaming geek and thought it would be best to try it before I continued to mock him further.

I didn’t expect to find the game so addictive that I actually ended up paying the monthly subscription. I downloaded the game which, all in all, took around eight hours and my computer is above average. I didn’t realize just how much effort had been put into the thing. Even down to the minor details, the game is perfected immaculately.

In comparison with direct competitor Final Fantasy, WOW takes the lead in every sense of the word. I could not find any fault with the game whatsoever. Sure you get the odd nutball who thinks your character looks hot and that it would be cool if you would agree to date his online character, at first this a little creepy but you learn to avoid the hardcore weirdoes.

The game itself is simple, you complete tasks and work your way through the different levels until you reach elite status. There are endless tasks and if you get stuck on one of them you can move on to the next until you’re a little stronger or find someone else to help you.

There are various characters available for you to choose from and they are fully customizable to suit your preferences. You can also choose whether or not you want to be a ‘baddy’ or a ‘goodie’ (Horde or Alliance).

There are, I have noticed, some rather strange sites that sell WOW gold for real money! What surprises me more is that people will actually pay for it!

I don’t entirely know why World of Warcraft is so addictive but I know that for a non-gamer it has me hooked with the endless adventures available. You can also upgrade the package you already have installed because Blizzard is constantly releasing new ‘patches’ for the game and add-ons to unlock new features and abilities.

Your character will develop skills and abilities based on his/her kind. For instance, Rogue’s can develop pickpocket and stealth skills because they are viewed as sneaky breeds.

A night elf will develop skills and abilities which are more magically focused and you can build up the strength levels as you play.

The sheer amount of space this game holds is unreal. You can travel throughout the countries by Griffin, train and many other means that I have yet to discover. It’s fun to meet people from other countries and as bizarre as this may sound the topic of conversation between me, a girl from Leeds, a guy from Norway and another guy from Massachusetts was politics. We got in rather deep about completely irrelevant stuff and they were only too happy to help me understand more complex parts of the game that I was yet to accomplish.

They have cool features on there that allows you to buy and sell items that you have picked up or require and cannot find using the auction house in each town/city. You can leave your valuables in a safe in the bank and they will hold anything of value, not just gold. There are post boxes everywhere that enable you to send and receive mail amongst other players so if they want to send you an item or money they can do it easily.

Hunter characters can train pets which is quite amusing at times and very useful for defeating stronger enemies. You can set the game to any mode you want, for instance, you can have straight role-played or PVP (player vs. player) which is quite scary if you’re relatively new!

I would say if you haven’t played the game but want to see what the fascination is then gone for it. It doesn’t cost anything for 30 days and you might actually enjoy it. I absolutely love it and to my dear friend that suffered months of intolerable abuse from me, I apologize, you were right all along. For those that are already into Worlds of Warcraft, they can check 2048 cupcakes unblocked for more amazing games with interactive gameplay and awesome adventure stuff. 


I’m not an advocate to say the least but we all have opinions and at some point we are all eager to join a cause that will make a difference in our lives.

Voting is the very first place to raise our voices. Voting is the medium to the building blocks of our future as a whole. Today we have ‘social media’. Social media has become that avenue where we can ALL make a difference. We can stand out from the crowd and raise our voices on the issues that touch our lives in more ways than one.

Utilizing social media to start a revolution as the advocate that has a cause. Make sure that your cause is worthy enough to gain the attention it needs to make a rumble within the social networking walls of our society.

Fight the power! What is your story? What are you trying to convey to those you want to reach out to? If you can articulate what you want to say, you can convince people to join your cause. Think of a strong and empowering name for your cause. The name should represent who you are, and what your cause is all about. Social networking sites are plentiful. Choose the one that best fits your needs, this should be the one that you have the most connections.

Create a page and or a group. People are visual creatures. Provide photos and videos so that your group can gain the right kind of people to help your cause grow. Allowing a place where people can connect and conversate is a great way to get people involved. As the administrator of your group and or page make sure you can delegate who can connect with your group and what kind of comments they can share. Be careful and mindful of opening your group up to hackers that may be against your cause.

As the numbers begin to grow think about creating a personalized website away from the social networking site. This will give your cause a home of its own. More information can be offered and you can begin connecting with those that are not a part of the social networking site.

Now you can research and gain the support you need for your cause. Reach out to political parties of your interest. Your local and state congressman, senates, city officials and church home. Hold events, charitable functions to create more exposure, inviting the local media down and or video taping the event and hosting those videos on your site. It is also necessary to get instagram followers fast free. This will allow you to establish a wide variety of audiences for your cause.

Exposure is the key. Becoming an advocate and fighting for a cause you strongly believe in takes hard work and dedication. If more of us stepped out of our comfort zones to fight for something we believe in, the world could begin to be a better place.

With women in the working world now, it’s more convenient than ever to take the family out to eat when dinner time rolls around. However, the cost of a “Night Out” can strain a family’s budget, even in a two-income family!

Eat dinner out and everyone can choose what they want from the menu. There are no groceries to shop for, dishes to wash, and no kitchen clean up afterward. The only problem with eating out is… the bill. Depending on the restaurant you visit and your family’s appetites, the bill could easily top fifty dollars or more to feed your hungry brood! But, don’t be alarmed. You can still afford to take your family out to eat at a restaurant as long as you’re a frugal consumer. A “frugal” consumer follows these tips in order to make their family’s eating out experiences affordable, and fun, at the same time!

Tip 1 – Use Coupons, Coupons, Coupons,

Money-saving coupons for a variety of restaurants can be found in many places. Check your local newspaper, in the coupon section of your phone book, inside fliers that come in the mail, and at the restaurants your family visits. Of course, the best coupons you can use to save big on are ones that offer free food. The most popular of these is the “Buy One, Get One Free” type. If you buy a sandwich, for example, you can get a second sandwich of equal value for free. And who can’t use free food? These coupons also offer free entrees, desserts, et cetera.

Getting coupons online is also these days. You can download these printable coupons from websites like that offer you some of the best deals that are there in the market. This way not only you save money but all the hassle of going through newspaper and magazines as well. 

You should also take a look at “Entertainment Coupon Books”. These books are usually sold in the fall of the year. They cost around twenty dollars, which may sound a little steep. But the coupons inside can save you a couple hundred dollars or more! If you’re not sure whether “Entertainment Coupon Books” are sold in your area of the country, check with your local

chamber of commerce office.

Tip 2 – Eat Dinner At an Earlier Time

Most sit-down restaurants include “Lunch Specials” on their menus. These specials are always a good value for your money. The only requirement is that you must eat your meal at certain times. Times vary, but they can extend up to four o’clock in the afternoon. The difference in price between a lunch special and an evening meal is always several dollars! So, in order to take advantage of this money-saver, get the family together and eat dinner out earlier before the prices go up!

Tip 3 – Share an Order and Save Money…and Calories!

How many times have you ordered a spaghetti dinner and received a platter full of pasta that was piled high? Restaurants are usually generous in their portions. So generous, in fact, that you have to let your belt out a notch just to finish your meal! And, if you’re watching your waistline, a portion of food can often be too big and contain too many calories!

You can save money and stay on your diet at the same time if you just order one meal and share it with a member of your family. Many restaurants will give you one meal with an extra plate and silverware if you just ask! Not only will this tip save you money, but it will also save your waistline!

Tip 4 – Find Restaurants That Serve Buffets

A buffet-style meal is the best of all worlds come together. You can eat a variety of foods for one price. And, that one price is usually pretty reasonable. No one goes away hungry from a buffet table! You can choose from hot foods, cold foods, appetizers, salads, and desserts.

Another money-saver with a buffet-style meal is that, since you and your family serve yourselves, there’s no need to tip a waitress or a waiter. Also, sometimes, kids are allowed to eat for free!

This classic black-and-white film is still in demand at Netflix by fans of Jimmy Stewart and especially by those who love a good mystery story. Based on a true story, the title, Call Northside 777, refers to an ad placed by an elderly cleaning lady who offers a reward for information concerning a cop killing eleven years ago during Prohibition in 1932. Tillie Wiecek’s son Frank, played by Richard Conte, was accused of the murder and is serving a 99-year prison term although he claimed all along that he was innocent of the crime. If you do not have a subscription to Netflix then another option for you to watch this movie is 123 movies. You can watch this movie for free there along with several other classics. 

J. McNeal, a reporter for the Chicago Times, is given the assignment by his editor Brian Kelly, played by Lee J. Cobb, to contact Tillie Wiecek to determine whether her story is newsworthy. McNeal initially feels that Frank Wiecek is guilty and that he is wasting his time bringing himself up to date on the case. After interviewing Tillie Wiecek, as well as Frank’s ex-wife and Frank himself, McNeal has a sense that Frank may be telling the truth. Frank had begged his wife Helen to divorce him and to start a new life for herself and their young boy, to which she reluctantly complied.

The audience soon realizes how far technology has taken us since the days of Prohibition. Lie detector machines are much more sophisticated today than the way in which they were portrayed in this film. McNeal makes use of a miniature camera to photograph old newspapers, reports, and pictures of the case that are still extant in police files. The final break in the case comes from McNeal’s efforts to have a newspaper photograph enlarged in the Police Lab. Today, it would be a simple procedure; at that time, it was not always possible to accomplish.

Frank Wiencek’s conviction was based on a key witness’ story that Frank was the cop killer. Wanda Skutnik initially identified Frank as the perpetrator of the killing which happened at Wanda’s delicatessen. She later changed her story when she viewed Frank in a police line-up and stated that Frank was not the man at her store. It is then revealed to the audience that Wanda’s so-called delicatessen was actually a speakeasy and that the police threatened to close her down if she did not finger Frank as the killer.

McNeal’s dogged determination to find the truth hinges on a newspaper photograph that has a newsboy in the background holding his stack of papers. The date on the newspaper is so significant that it has the ability to free a man imprisoned for 11 years for a crime he did not commit. We witness the tension of the photographer and the reporter as the picture is developed before our eyes with the date plainly enlarged in an old-fashioned bath given to negatives sixty years ago. That is why classic movies are still so much in demand. Fans love to view the primitive methods that crime fighters used compared to the technology of today. Jimmy Stewart did an excellent job in this film; it is easy to see why his fan-base was so huge.

Buying a property is not an easy job. In fact it’s a very tough job and the toughness is increasing day by day as the rules and regulations are becoming harder and harder. Theses days, the world market are undergoing great loss. Either its US or England all is experiencing a major setback. Real estate is also not far behind. You must have seen that construction work of many buildings has been left alone. Can you guess what the reason behind this is? Yes the main reason is bad economy. Not only you but the whole world is suffering from bad economy. One feels thrice before selling their house sine the prices are going down and down daily. The problem is what should they do? The answer is very difficult but renting the property is not so bad option. I will explain you about how to rent a property.

You must have gone through the rental process and hence you must know that renting is a very risky job. Yes it really is. Can you imagine what you will do when the person whom you have rented your house refuses to release your house? You will certainly be in great trouble if you have not signed a contract.

It was not older than yesterday that I came across one of the deal like this. I took the person who was in need to the owner of the house. Everything was fine but I hesitated on one point. The person wanted to pay the advance which was half of the monthly rental. But I stopped him from doing so. The reason was simple that he should sign a contract first and after that only he will be allowed to pay advance or even full money. Do you believe this is harsh or useless? My dear friend, I assure you that it’s must to sign the contract. If you will not do so then you will be the victim sometime later.

Once you have signed the contract, the next step is to fix the rental amount. You should look all the things like: the cost of electricity, water tax, value of the house. I assure you that you will be required to do some research as far as deciding the rent is concerned. To help you on this aspect, you can consult with a condo management Naples or any other real estate or property professionals. 

Once you have fixed the rental amount you next step should be to talk to your real estate agents. You should really take his guidance throughout the process. You must know that he is a professional and knows more than you.

I have told you some of the steps. I will really insist you that whenever you again try to rent out your house you should follow following points and you will see that you will always be in profit.

If you would like the opportunity to observe underwater sea life without all the complicated equipment needed for scuba diving, then snorkeling might be your sport. Snorkeling is a fun recreational sport that does not require any special certification. The Hawaiian Islands are ideal for snorkeling, and Kauai in particular has some great snorkeling spots throughout the island. This is a guide to snorkeling on the island of Kauai. 

There are a number or snorkel rental shops throughout the island if you decided to leave your own gear at home. If you are not into renting gear, you can buy gear relatively inexpensively at some of the big box stores on Kauai. 

If you have never snorkeled before, there are two outfits that offer guided snorkeling tours. Aloha Kauai Tours offers their SeaFun Guided Snorkel tour for about $80. They pick you up and take you to a safe snorkeling location and provide drinks and snacks. Seafun Snorkel tours are one of the best on the island; they can help anyone enjoy snorkeling. At the Princeville Hotel, Hanalei Watersports also offers guided snorkel tours for $45. 

The north shore of Kauai has some great snorkeling beaches, but the snorkeling here is seasonal. The best times to snorkel on the north shore of Kauai is from May till September. Ke’e Beach is great for snorkeling, tons of fish, clear waters and turtles. Tunnels is another beach on the north shore that is great for snorkeling. The ocean is a rainbow of colors and truly amazing. Make sure you bring your waterproof camera. 

The east shore also has some great beaches for snorkeling, as long as the seas are calm. Lydgate State Park is one of the best snorkeling parks on the island. The beach features bolder protected pools that allow for relatively calm water perfect for snorkelingNukoli’i Beach Park can also be a good place for snorkeling, but only when the waters are calm. 

On the south shore of Kauai Po’ipu Beach Park is a great place for snorkeling, especially when the north shore is swelling with waves, Po’ipu is calm like a swimming pool. Kiahuna Beach, which is right in front of the Sheraton Hotel, is one of the most user-friendly beaches on the island and is nice for snorkelingLawa’i Beach is calm and good place for beginner snorkelers, except when the tide is high.


The seas on the west side of Kauai are a little less predictable and there are few protected swimming areas, and therefore know known safe snorkeling beaches. 

If you want to swim with the fishes, get your mask, snorkel and fins, and get in the water. Kauai has some of the most beautiful fish in the entire world. This guide to snorkeling on Kauai will help get you started. 

In conclusion, snorkeling is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by one and all and is one that every swimmer in existence has tried it out atleast once in his/her lifetime because they all have found it to be far more adventurous than scuba diving, which can be considered its parent organization and what better place than Kauai to unleash the swimmer inside you. So grab onto some of the best full-face snorkeling masks and take the plunge into the deep waters of the sea.