“Jesus loves you!”… so what?

Don’t let the title misguide you.

I desire to grow deeper in my knowledge of the Gospel. I long for God to enlighten my eyes and give me the clarity to see more and more each day the love and sacrifice that went into the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

But I never, ever want to become familiar with the gospel.

I’ll be honest, whenever I hear “Jesus loves you”, my initial response is at many times apathy. I have heard it so many times… so many times. I grew up in a culture saturated with the mere intellectual knowledge of Jesus, and have heard lines like these thousands of times during my lifetime:

“Jesus loves you”
“Jesus died for you”
“He did it all for you”
“God is for you”
“God has a plan for your life”

I hate clichés. And sadly, in my mind I classified many of these truths into the cliché category. I couldn’t help cringing at them whenever I heard them, mostly because of their overuse. I have a feeling many people can empathize with me on this.

Granted, until two years ago I didn’t understand in the slightest the enormity of what Jesus has done. I was spiritually dead and could care less about anything that had to do with God. But even now, as a regenerated, born-again Christian, I often find myself “hard of hearing” when I hear these beautiful truths spoken.

I need to refresh my heart before the Lord daily, reminding myself of the reality of Jesus Christ.

Jesus was a real person. Everything He experienced was very real.

I know Jesus suffered a grotesque and torturous death, but I think many times I fail to connect this historical truth to my present perception of reality. I know that He was crucified, but don’t really think about Him being really crucified. I don’t think about Him being nailed upon splintery wood after being severely beaten. I don’t think about the shock and pain His body must have been in after having flesh repeatedly torn from his back, buttocks, and legs. I don’t think about what was going through His mind as the full weight of His body pulled against the nails He was suspended from. I don’t think about how desperate He must have been to get a brief gasp of air…having to muster up the strength to push himself just high enough to open his lungs to inhale, using the nails in his wrists as leverage.

I don’t ever ponder on the fact that ALL Jesus had known for eternity was the love and joy of His Father. And because of me, Jesus experienced His Father turning His face away from Him for the very first time… allowing death to consume Him.

If eternal death is what I deserve, then eternal death is what Jesus felt on that day.

If the holy hatred of God is what I deserve, the holy hatred of God is what Jesus felt that day.

If the unquenchable fire of God is what I deserve, the unquenchable fire of God is what Jesus felt that day.

This is the gospel. I don’t want to live a day in my life where this is familiar to me.

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7 thoughts on ““Jesus loves you!”… so what?

  1. @Matt us Catholics rarely say “Jesus love me” we know He does nor do we say “Jesus loves you” because we know that too. ;) . I get what you are saying about being too familiar with the Gospel. I never want to get to the point in my life where sin stops embarrassing me


  2. I was only saying to the Lord this morning, the easter story has lost its impact on me, it`s become to be to familier, its like reading the same story from a book over and over again, i want it to come alive again to me. I have been a Christian for over 30 years and i find reading the Bible, praying, going to church, its become a duty,going through the motions, and i don`t know what to do about it, you can`t fabricate zeal and such, you`ve either got it or you haven`t. I am just being honest, and i“m sure i am not alone in feeling this way. It`s not easy saying these things because i know the kind of response i will get.


    • God honours your honesty. He desires for you to experience Him as the living God and if we ask anything of God that is according to His Will He will grant it to you.

      Be blessed.


  3. Excellently spoken. A phrase comes to mind after reading your thoughts, it is this and I do feel it fits: “Familiarity breeds contempt”. Too often those phrases are spoken in order to escape the responsibility of “showing” and “living” in His Love towards others by God’s given Grace in our lives. Whenever we try to reach others in our flesh it becomes redundant. Jesus always walked and lived in and by the Spirit of God. And all He did was done by permission from God the Father. Nothing was accomplished of His own will.

    I know when the Lord came and revealed His Truth to me in my room, and I met Him face to face, without any contact from another human being it turned my life upside down. And 34 years later, I’m still coming to terms with how much my fleshly heart likes to “rule and reign”. The more I die to my striving to “be” like Jesus, the more Jesus can come and fill me up with Himself.

    Religiousness and traditions retard the growth of the Lord’s Spirit within us, we must learn by Grace to die to ALL things that pertain to our Flesh. And our Lord is the only one who can get us there, Even pretending to die to all things, can still have fleshly desires and pride filled reasoning for it.

    Grace to you and in His Eternal Love, a brother in Jesus Christ.


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